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Yesterday we launched the “Adopt-a-Politician: Clean up Washington!” campaign, listing 20 Senators and Representatives we are targeting for defeat on November 2. Every one of these lawmakers has been unsympathetic to our repeated requests to reform the Violence Against Women Act.

And one politico is the undisputed champion in terms of her long-standing, unwavering, and dogmatic support for anti-family domestic violence laws: Senator Barbara Boxer of California. That makes Ms. Boxer the numero uno target for our Adopt-a-Politician campaign.

These are 10 reasons why we must remove Barbara Boxer from office in November:

1. Barbara Boxer is a committed gender feminist.
2. As a member of the House of Representatives, Barbara Boxer sponsored the original Violence Against Women Act. In 2004, she bragged:
“Nearly 14 years ago, the two of us first introduced the Violence Against Women Act – Joe Biden in the Senate and Barbara Boxer in the House. That landmark legislation has been an enormous success in reducing crimes against women, changing attitudes about violence against women, and establishing a zero tolerance policy.” (http://boxer.senate.gov/en/press/releases/021004.cfm)
3. In 2010, she was an original co-sponsor of the International Violence Against Women Act (S. 2982).
4. Boxer sponsored the Domestic Violence Identification and Referral Act, which would have provided funding to schools for health professionals who work to prevent domestic violence. (http://boxer.senate.gov/en/press/updates/093008.cfm)
5. She introduced the Boxer Amendment on Rights of Saudi Women in 2005 that ignored domestic violence against men. (http://boxer.senate.gov/en/press/releases/030305.cfm)
6. In 2009 she co-sponsored the Mikulski-Harkin-Boxer Amendment to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act: “The Mikulski amendment addresses this critical issue by requiring that all health plans cover… screenings for domestic violence, annual women’s health screenings, and family planning services.” (http://boxer.senate.gov/en/press/updates/120909.cfm)
7. Boxer has never acknowledged the existence of male victims of violence. For example, this September 30, 2008 press release was worded to completely ignore the existence of male victims: “Domestic violence affects all of us and can strike anyone regardless of race, age, sexual orientation, religion, socioeconomic status or education level.” (http://boxer.senate.gov/en/press/updates/093008.cfm)
8. Boxer has been a tireless advocate for California domestic violence programs to receive VAWA funds (see, for example: http://boxer.senate.gov/en/press/releases/111605l.cfm , http://boxer.senate.gov/en/press/releases/121907p.cfm , http://boxer.senate.gov/en/press/releases/062708d.cfm, and http://boxer.senate.gov/en/issues-legislation/upload/cjs.pdf)
9. Barbara Boxer speaks like a female-supremacist. At a February 4, 2010 press conference, she claimed chauvinistically: “Women are engines of peace and prosperity.” (http://vitalvoicesonline.org/blog/2010/02/04/international-violence-against-women-act-introduced-to-congress/)
10. On her web contact page, Boxer lists “Women’s Issues” on her list of topics, but not “Men’s Issues:” https://boxer.senate.gov/en/contact/policycomments.cfm

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