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March 03, 2005by Bob Parks

Papa’s Got A Brand New Blog
Thanks to Mike LaSalle at Men’s News Daily, I’ve been given a great opportunity to join the ranks of the bloggers. The only real difference is that unlike traditional blogs where readers can immediately respond and add to the page, I’d like to keep things civilized. Please email me and I’ll respond as I did before.

Also, please check in periodically as I’ll update this blog, unlike before when I’d send out formal columns, whenever something deserves notice or pisses me off.

Does Summers Deserve An Apology?

Don’t hold your breath.

First of all, I don’t believe in apologies in the world of politics. Apologies tend to be demanded to humiliate and if you think about, anyone can apologize just to make someone shut up and not really mean it.

Harvard President Larry Summers got in hot water when he publicly stated that there were “innate” differences between all the sexes that keep some women from reaching higher levels in the sciences. But unless Summers was a blithering idiot, he wouldn’t have made such a statement guaranteed to rile rabid college women’s studies holdovers lest he have some info to back it up.

Apparently, he did.

“Among people who do the research, it’s not so controversial. There are lots and lots of studies that show that mens’ and womens’ brains are different.”
– Richard J. Haier, Professor of Psychology, Pediatrics Department, UCLA Medical School

One would think professors who claim to invite critical thinking of issues would be open to investigating some of these studies. However, true to form, liberal professors are some of the most intolerant people on college campii and the very hysterical responses that ensued were typical and laughable, complete with one female MIT professor claiming to feeling ill and close to fainting after hearing Summers’ remarks.

“I think it’s an outrage that certain questions – that real, important questions – can’t be raised in an academic atmosphere, that research that’s well-known can’t be presented without some sort of hysterical response.”
– Linda S. Gottfredson, a psychologist at the University of Delaware

Couldn’t have said it better myself. Betcha’ Gottfredson is going to get a few dirty looks in the faculty lounge….

More Voter “Disenfranchisement
The liberal mantra, aimed at who they consider helpless and inferior, was that evil Republicans did everything they could to stop minorities from voting. We’re just too stupid to vote without their guidance and protection.

Check out some of the following instances of documented, not speculative, instances of voter intimidation and disenfranchisement… performed by the benevolent left.

For example in Washington state, Democrat Christine Gregoire assumed the office of governor, while a judge has granted Republican Dino Rossi (the man declared the Election Day victor) his day in court.

According to published reports, “Rossi’s initial 261-vote margin dropped to 42 following a state-required machine-run recount. In late December, following a Democratic Party-paid hand recount, Gregoire “won” by 129 votes.”

Unlike the Democrats who make charges without physical evidence to back it up, the Republicans are making their case.

* The person in charge of King County ballot integrity, a Democratic political appointee, can’t explain why there are 1,800 more votes “cast” than there are people who actually voted.

* More than 100 provisional ballots were tossed into the election machines before they were certified as legitimate.

* An estimated 1,109 convicted felons — all inegible to vote — illegally cast ballots in the election. Of these, 884 were in heavily Democratic King County.

And there was those shenanigans in Wisconsin….

* In Milwaukee, five Democratic campaign staffers, including Sowande Omokunde, the son of Rep. Gwen Moore, and Michael Pratt, the son of former acting mayor Marvin Pratt, will stand trial on felony charges of criminal damage to property, for slashing the tires of GOP get-out-the-vote vans.

* The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel found a discrepancy of 7,000 more ballots cast than there were records of people having actually voted. Curiously, the city has refused to let the paper examine questionable same-day voter-registration cards.

And there was Philadelphia (what else is new)…

Philadelphia voting machines were found to have votes already tabulated — before any votes were legally cast! Rep. Curt Weldon, a Republican who represents suburbs outside of Philadelphia discovered and videotaped members of the proto-Angry groups Move and America Coming Together collecting absentee ballots from prison inmates and taking them to the local Board of Elections.

While some Pennsylvania convicts have the right to vote, third parties are not permitted to collect and forward absentee ballots. So MoveOn and ACT were breaking the law.”

What’s hilarious about this is that despite the blatant cheating and silence from the “mainstream” media, most of those Democrats still lost.

Life is still fair after all.

Mo’ Money, Mo’ Money
The record labels are at it again. Since the majority of “artists” and executives are mostly liberal, it’s a good time to throw their anti-capitalist crap back in their faces.

“Some leading music labels are in talks with online retailers to raise wholesale prices for digital music downloads in an attempt to capitalise on burgeoning demand for legal online music. The moves, which suggest the labels want a bigger slice of the fledgling market’s spoils, has angered Steve Jobs, the Apple Computer chief executive behind the iTunes online music store. But music executives expressed caution about their ability to push through unilateral price increases. Among the biggest groups, Universal Music and Sony BMG are known to be particularly reluctant to disrupt the market for downloads.”
– Times of London,

Okay, the record companies sued welfare moms because their kids were downloading songs “illegally.” They came up with a system that enabled them to get paid per song. People are paying for their songs and yet it’s not enough. Time to jack up the rates.

As I wrote in a previous column, the record business still doesn’t get it. I know younger readers will take offense to this, but a lot of today’s music is of questionable quality and not worth plopping down the bucks to buy a CD. When “artists” themselves steal hooks from the true artists who WROTE music some decades ago, loop the hooks and then add profanity-laced, juvenile, over-sexed lyrics, rapped by people who can’t sing, the labels still wonder why sales are down and people only want to buy one or two songs off of a lame album.

In our “American Idol” age where the act of “paying dues” has been virtually eliminated by venues where one can become a sensation overnight, the music business has lost the ability to truly create a superstar. There are no “event” albums any more. There are very few artists, if any today, that are breaking any new ground musically. “AI” winners lack the career longevity since most aren’t trained, experienced singers prior to their stint in front of Randy, Paula, and Simon.

Some record labels fear that a boost in prices for downloads will drive people back to the free underground services.

You think?

Just for yuks, next time your scroll through the channels, stop at MTV and put the closed captioning on. If the printed lyrics look and read as juvenile as I read them, then that’s what the labels should be centering on as to why their sales are still down. Boosting download prices are a kiss of death.

Just my opinion.

Having It Both Ways
You can’t can’t call liberals intolerant and be so yourself. Are we still not clear on this issue?

I was taught the Bible said that God loves everyone. Now while there are those who can twist the meaning of a bubblegum wrapper, I believe that he (she, it…) truly does.

So when Alan Keyes reportedly disowned his daughter because she publicly came out, he has given more ammo to conservative detractors.

“When the leading Republican and rightwing pundit Alan Keyes was asked what he thought of Mary Cheney, the lesbian daughter of the US vice-president, he called her ‘a selfish hedonist’. If his own daughter came out as a lesbian, said Mr Keyes, he would say the same thing.“So when Mr Keyes’ only daughter, Maya Marcel-Keyes, declared herself a “liberal queer” at a public rally he lived up to his word. Her parents turned her out of their house, broke off all communication and stopped paying her university tuition fees.
– The Guardian

During my short time on this Earth, I’ve met people of all stripes. How can we as conservatives claim the “moral high-ground” when we discriminate in the name of the Lord? Would Jesus break off ties with someone who claimed to be gay?

At some point, conservatives are going to have to come to grips with the fact that some queers vote Republican. There was a time when black people were said to have no souls and couldn’t be true Christians. The same religious intolerance is the very reason we now have a War on Terror.

Some of us may not agree with the homosexual lobby, and the liberal wing’s tactics deserve the scruitiny it receives. But if we are truly the inclusive, then it’s high time we acted like it.

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