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March 12, 2005by Bob Parks

It’s always been about common sense, not meanness as alleged, when several recent incidents prove the point in some ways more serious than others. It’s time to remind those who will be spending the next few weeks asking the same old agenda driven questions, there are some of us who’ll offer up some of the same old agenda driven answers: points we’ve been making for years and have been hammered for.

The murder of a judge, court recorder, and deputy Friday morning in Atlanta might have never happened if two issues were addressed years ago, without the politically correct remedy that some saw as the ticking time bomb it turned out to be.

1. There are some jobs women can do.

2. There are jobs women shouldn’t.

I’m sure I’m inviting a Larry Summers response, but someone has to say it.

In deference to the feminist Army Sergeant First Class (apparently only skimming my last column) who proceeded to e-mail me numerous long tirades about how women can perform in combat areas as good as any man of which I partially agree, on government time, I contend that if combat go hand-to-hand the average man would defeat his female counterpart. And maybe worse….

That’s not being mean or sexist. In the real world, there are very few G.I. Janes and Sonya Blades.

Reportedly after suspected rapist… let’s start there. A rapist. This is a dangerous man who has no regard for anyone but himself. He obviously has no respect for women.

Superior Court Judge Rowland Barnes and prosecutors asked for additional security from rape suspect Brian Nichols after he set off alarms by having “sharp objects” hidden in his shoes. One would think this might be a tip-off and taken it a bit more seriously. Nichols was reportedly in the fourth day of his retrial for rape, sodomy, burglary, and false imprisonment. If convicted this time, he was going away all day.

A few years ago while going to a supermarket in Los Angeles, I saw the biggest cop I’ve ever seen in my life. This guy was easily 6’5″ and must have weighed a lean 275 pounds. I might cry if I had to go hand-to-hand with him. Surely benevolent monsters like this are available for special situations in Atlanta.

The additional security request seems to have fallen through the cracks as a lone female officer escorted Nichols to court that morning.

According to the Associated Press, “Nichols got the semiautomatic pistol by overpowering the female deputy while he was being led down a corridor in the Fulton County Courthouse….” Seeing how prisoners aren’t allowed to be shackled in the courtroom (obviously a rule not written by conservatives), Nichols had to be uncuffed. Looking at a long jail term, what did he have to lose and… look who’s between him and one last way out?

Nichols shot Deputy Cynthia Hall in the face, then went into the courtroom and shot and killed both the judge and court reporter Julie Brandau. He later shot and killed another deputy outside.

The questions will be asked of why the requested security was not honored. The question I have is when we will accept the fact that women shouldn’t have to be put into unreasonable situations just to appease a feminist agenda. Deputy Hall, with all due respect, shouldn’t have been in that situation in the first place, let alone… alone.

The argument of the breakdown of society is only being reinforced when judges, their staff, and families are being targeted. How much do we really need to look multicultural and Third World? It’s especially disheartening when people are hurt and killed for the most stupid of reasons.

Certain prisoners require special treatment. Dangerous criminals are best kept under control by someone who can beat his ass if need be. As much as Amnesty International would disagree, I’m sure those in the courtroom Friday would have thought it justified if a big deputy beat the crap out of Nichols if he even looked at the pistol the wrong way. The female deputy could not.

Political correctness never seems to take into account the possibility of hand-to-hand combat and that some women might not be man enough to fight for their lives.

How hard it that to understand?

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