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May 30, 2005by Bob Parks

There are some professions that are quite noble. There are some professions that I would have to ask, “why would you want to do that?”

My father was a teacher and could deal with kids. He was blessed at teaching during a time when parents and kids, for the most part, respected teachers. That’s not to say they don’t respect them now; parents are just too quick to side with their own little darlings even when they know they’re probably guilty of the infraction du jour. What makes things worse is that when their kids do act up, instead of taking them by the ear on the way to a well-deserved butt whuppin’, some parents will blindly defend them.

Kids are thereby empowered when they witness their sucker parents sticking up for them. Columbine notwithstanding, kids are getting worse.

The first of our recent examples is one you may have seen on your television news broadcasts. Pardon my mistrust of the liberal kid-lovin’ media, but the school bus driver who went off looks as if he’s bullying poor defenseless kids. However, like the Rodney King tape, what was left off the video package tells the rest of the story…

“AP — May 23, 2005, PUNTA GORDA, Fla. — The mother of two boys whose fight with a substitute school bus driver was captured on videotape has questioned why the boys are charged with a felony while the driver faces a less serious charge. Sherri Shaw said Monday that she’s not satisfied with the punishment facing driver Albert Taylor. He has been charged with misdemeanor battery and could spend a year in jail if convicted.”

Now if all she saw was the ten-second clip, one might agree with her query. However, I’d be willing to bet she’s had many opportunities to view the whole tape, thus rendering that query into the category of a blatant, fraudulent denial. And should her little darlings get off with a slap on the wrist, they’ll know they can be unruly whenever they want and their chump of a parent will blindly defend them.

“According to Charlotte County sheriff’s reports, the fight happened Tuesday when Taylor tried to put a seat belt on Hendershot, who refused to wear it.”

Maybe it was a different time, but if an adult told me to do something when I was a kid, I might blow him off behind his back, but I would never verbally refuse him to his face.

“He then told Hendershot to sit up front, but the boy refused. When Taylor walked to the back of the bus, Dickinson got in his way and cursed at him.”

That’s not surprising, as we’ve heard of kids who’ll get in your face on the street. Today’s kids will not only curse at you, physically threaten you, but their boneheaded parents will still defend them. No wonder these incidents are reaching pandemic levels, and I haven’t even begun to talk about gangs….

“Taylor then slapped Dickinson and grabbed his throat, the video shows. Dickinson is seen pushing and punching the 66-year-old bus driver.”

Sorry, but if I refused, cursed, and appeared to physically threaten an adult, I’d be luck if my throat is all that man would grab. After hearing of the incident, my dad would have grabbed me by the throat as well and whupped my butt in front of Mr. Taylor.

Then again, I would never have brought it to that point.

“The boys’ father, David Shaw, said the older teen felt he was protecting his younger brother. The father acknowledged that the boys could have been calmer, but said the punishment doesn’t fit the crime.”

How else does one punish battery, misdemeanor or otherwise? A time out? A trip to the boy’s “quiet place”…?

And we have this gem from Massachusetts…

“May 26, 2005 – Boston Globe — Three male teenagers at a Methuen school have been charged with indecently assaulting a 14-year-old female classmate aboard a public school bus Monday afternoon, police said.”

Pardon me but how does one “decently” assault? Grope as long as the hands were on the outside of her clothing? The choice of words used by journalists continues to astonish me.

Sorry about the distraction….

“The male students — ages 13, 14, and 15 — allegedly groped the girl on the bus ride home after school, and the girl’s parents reported the episode after she arrived home about 3 p.m., said Methuen Police Lieutenant Michael J. Wnek. The girl suffered no serious physical injuries, he said.”

It amazes me what these kids think they can get away with in a public place. No sense of shame, or heaven forbid, placing themselves in the unfortunate position of that girl. No, as usual it’s all about them and I shudder to think what those boys might have done to her if they weren’t on an occupied school bus.

“All three suspects were questioned and charged with indecent assault and battery on a person 14 years or older, a sex crime in Massachusetts. If found guilty, the accused teenagers could face up to five years in prison and would have to register as sex offenders, police said.”

Now this story is fairly recent and the parents will have a lot of time to tell us, via family spokespersons and neighbors next door, how wonderful these kids are and try to convince us that this was an isolated incident. These “children” no doubt are waiting for their parents to ask public questions like “How do you know it was my kids? Did YOU see them do this? Who are YOU to judge them?”

If we let these punks off with a slap on the wrist, what do we say to the parents of the next girl? Will it be groping next time or rape and murder?

And if those kids on the bus got so bad, would you just tell them to get the hell off…?

“May 14, 2004 – Washington Post — About three dozen elementary students were kicked off a Prince George’s County school bus and left at a street corner short of their destination Thursday by a driver who was apparently fed up with an on-board disturbance, a schools spokesman said yesterday.”

“Fed up” with arguing kids. Now if this was the first day of school, I might understand the charge of overreacting, but it’s May! This could have been going on for not only the last eight months, but for years. I personally couldn’t be paid enough to drive little darlings who morph into demons once they step onto the school bus.

I would rather starve….

“John White said the bus was carrying 48 students from Melwood Elementary — an Upper Marlboro school for kindergartners through sixth-graders — after it let out at 1:55 p.m. The driver, he said, was a substitute on the route but a regular bus operator for the school system.

“The driver dropped off 11 students at their usual destinations at the first two stops, in a route heading northeast from the school along Woodyard Road. Then, for reasons still unclear, the driver took umbrage at a disturbance on the bus and ordered the remaining riders to get out at Brooklee and Cheryl Drives in a residential neighborhood three miles from the school.”

“Reasons still unclear”…? Oh, I guess we should all want to be in a confined, moving space with someone else’s riotous kids. Sorry. I have no sympathy. I can imagine a bus with 37 screaming tykes. I’d tell them to get the hell off, too.

“Unfortunately,” White said, “they were stranded there.”

He should have dropped them off in the hood. You know, give those crusty-nosed little punks something real to be scared about.

“The children were eventually picked up by parents and another school bus that was dispatched in response to the incident. It was unclear how long the students had to wait, but White said the second bus was sent rapidly from a nearby lot. The children were still in tears, Chanda Adkisson, the mother of two boys who were on the bus said, when she arrived at the day-care center where they were waiting.”

The kids were crying…? Good. Maybe they’ll think twice before acting the fool on the school bus again not knowing if the next driver might drop them off in the middle of the dump.

“Suella Woodard, a special education teacher at Melwood, said she had some sympathy for the driver because it is difficult to be a substitute — teacher or driver — in the face of unruly students. But, she said, ‘That wasn’t the way to handle that. You can’t just leave them stranded. You can’t do that,’ she said.”

Yes you can….

“Parents are at work, and they are expecting their children to be left at the stop where they are supposed to be.”

Mr. White and Ms. Woodard, the driver proved that you COULD strand them. Nobody is paid enough to have to deal with a busload of demented kids. Although I don’t endorse the practice for obvious reasons, I can understand his reaching a breaking point. He could have easily lost it and driven into a tree at 87 mph.

So if the parents are truly concerned about this kind of thing happening again, they should take the time to make sure their kids are quiet and respectful while being transported to and from school.

How much is that to ask…?

Bonus Coverage

How many times have we seen clowns like Salon’s Neal Gabler on “Fox News Watch” lose his mind when anyone mentions the notion of liberal bias anywhere? Of course, to people like Neal, it’s assumed that “normal” people share the same beliefs he does.

Many students have emailed me about, and I’ve publicly responded to, the subject of liberal indoctrination in academia. I personally have no problem with kids being introduced to a healthy dose of liberal curricula, as long as it’s balanced with an equal dosage of conservative opinion. That, after all, is what education is supposed to be about, right? Tossing ideas out there and having the students use their brains and come to some logical conclusions, right?

So if all is presented in a fair manner, how could this have happened…?

“AP — May 26, 2005 — Most Mesa Ridge High School students got yearbooks with a black mark under one student’s picture, covering up a phrase that has caught the Secret Service’s interest. After about 100 yearbooks were distributed earlier this month, somebody complained about the caption, which reads ‘Most likely to assassinate President Bush.'”

Now, to be fair, such an idea of tolerance could have come from that student’s parents and not just a teacher. We all can remember the many times conservatives have been lectured by the left on being “tolerant” and “inclusive.” They continually deride us, and call us “narrow minded.” Yet they’re usually the ones who continue to fantasize about our impending deaths, whether they be slow and painful, or quick and messy.

And it doesn’t matter who they are; whether they are the average college protester or an NPR reporterette; I can only imagine the screech if a conservative publicly called for the death of a liberal president.

Oh, and those same liberals should be reminded on the hour of Nina Totenberg’s quote when they bitch about conservative interference with public television.

“’They kind of ruined our yearbook,’ said Christina Tredway, who just graduated from the school.”

Poor little Christina, I’m sure, was introduced to the Secret Service’s way of dealing with the prank, and the ruination of a school yearbook was probably the last of their worries.

Despite the fact that a school official assured the public future editions of the yearbook “will be triple-checked before printing”, it’s much too late to do reality checks on intolerant liberal teachers and parents who would think killing President Bush is a joke worth telling in front of a kid.

Imagine how many kids there are out there who weren’t stupid enough to put their thoughts in print….

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