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June 10, 2005by Bob Parks

Was flipping through the channels last weekend and guess who I saw on C-SPAN? It was Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, schmoozing and pressing the flesh at a New Hampshire Republican Women’s event.

This partially bugs me and partially, I could care less.

It bugs me because last year I met and worked with many good Republican candidates who were left swinging in the wind by the Mass GOP. Our state party, at least this is how it looked, took donations meant to help candidates, and funneled most of that money to our good governor for his future presidential dream. It looked that way as insignificant money trickled down to candidates only after it was already too late. Donor lists were seemingly withheld, thus making fundraising even that more difficult for everyone except Romney.

It takes a lot to be a candidate for office, if you think about it. You stick your neck out for public scrutiny; your ideas, your actions, are all exposed. I know several candidates who ended up spending their own personal money since our state party was apparently directed to hoard resources for ol’ Mitt.

Our good governor couldn’t take the time to get out and campaign for state Republicans except the handful or less that he thought had a chance of winning. Convoluted thinking since if he’d taken the time to campaign for them, it might have increased their chances.

FYI: Massachusetts Republicans are currently in the super-minority. It would be an understatement to say our state party is ineffective, so why would anyone in their right mind give them money or time?

My request to anyone who wishes to donate to the Massachusetts Republican Party would be to instead donate directly to the candidate of your choice. That way, the person running in your area will receive the needed support, instead of paying for Romney’s plane tickets and lodging while he gallivants around the country in his lofty quest to be the next leader of the free world.

Why I could care less about his run for president is because he doesn’t have a shot in hell at winning. If you watched his C-SPAN performance, he came off as phony. His fake smile, his laugh, and his speaking French to one woman there with all the gay mannerisms will really go over big in the Heartland. I and several other Republicans will enjoy watching him and his presidential ambition crash and burn.

I think all of us can remember at one point being stabbed in the back by politicians we voted for, and Mitt Romney has been no different. I don’t trust phonies like Romney. Never did, never will. No matter whose side they’re on.

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