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May 16, 2005by Bob Parks

One of the constants in the world is the notion of the “big mouth.” Some people open it out of reflex and have to go through much public anguish when the anticipated repercussions occur. Some people just like to start trouble. Put a big mouth and troublemaker together and we have a fairly volatile mix.

I’ve had to re-write this several times within the last few hours. I hope most of this is up-to-date, so here we go….

Newsweek Makes News… Again
A major news publication printed facts not professionally corroborated (see Journalism 1.01) that was seemingly meant to embarrass the Bush Administration. Irrational people went off, people are dead, and all we have are lame apologies.

May 9 – Newsweek report claims Guantanamo interrogators desecrated the Koran.

What surprises us nowadays? A Newsweek story comes out and one paragraph alleges an Army interrogator at Guantanamo Bay defied Cuban plumbing physics and defiled the Koran by flushing pages down the toilet. This is the same Newsweek, by the way, that sat on the “Monica” story because they wanted to make damn sure all the facts were in order before they released accusations that may damage the reputation of a sitting president. Matt Drudge subsequently scooped Newsweek. Would they have sat on that story if George Bush were Bill Clinton? I wouldn’t bet on it.

At that time, Newsweek investigative reporter Michael Isikoff claimed to be independent. Don’t ever buy that bullshit again.

Let’s not forget the cause and effect here. The mainstream media will attempt to paint the Islamic fanatics as innocent victims of a terrible misunderstanding and mistake.

What’s even more telling is the days of violence spread around the Muslim world because of this “claim.” Are we going to get an apology from the Muslim world for their calls to jihad and “Death to America?” Are these fanatics capable of admitting they were wrong to burn our flag… again?

May 10 – 2,000 students demonstrate in Jalalabad, Afghanistan. State Department condemns desecration if true and says Pentagon has started investigation.

We’re starting to see a troubling pattern concerning our mainstream media. As I’ve told some of you before, my first journalism job was more than 15 years ago with the Guam Tribune. My editor’s first words to me were “It’s the job of the media to report the news, not incite it.”

“People are dead because of what this son of a bitch said. How could he be credible now?”

  • Pentagon spokesman Lawrence DiRita

One reason so many of us complain about liberal indoctrination in schools is that they produce activists, for instance in journalism, that want to “make a difference” instead of just reporting the damn news. One would think the media would’ve learnt a lesson from the CBS/Mary Mapes/Dan Rather/Bush National Guard forged document-but-“true” story.

May 11 – Four killed in Afghanistan after police open fire on demonstrators. Government and aid agency offices in Kabul attacked.

Now I will give Newsweek a bit of credit. Once they found out they made a mistake, they said so. Contrition is not the trait of the average American liberal or Islamic fanatic. Dan Rather, Mary Mapes, and those other producers might be working at CBS today had they had the decency to admit they screwed up.

“We regret that we got any part of our story wrong, and extend our sympathies to victims of the violence and to the U.S. soldiers caught in its midst.”

  • Newsweek Editor Mark Whitaker

So are we surprised with the growing amount of unreliable stories coming from our mainstream media? No. Was Newsweek stupid enough to quote a detainee? Maybe. Did some liberal who got into the profession not to report news but “make a difference” get sucked in? Probably.

Now according to some Islamic clerics, we’re the soulless infidels that are summarily marked for execution. Even though we are all to be killed, we should still show respect to our executioners. Remember that we’re dealing with people who believe Newsweek. You know, “backwards.”

Can you imagine how the world would be making fun of the United States if we collectively took to the streets and killed each other because someone reportedly flushed a Bible down the toilet? I guess we’re considered more mature.

It’s politically incorrect but what else do you call people who routinely take to the streets when something in the world happens they disagree with? College students riot in some countries while ours have simple hissyfits when they’re told they may get into trouble for downloading songs in their dorm rooms. In fact, I can’t think of one thing our wussy kids would risk life and limb to protest, at least without free beer.

May 12 – Three more die in Afghan demonstrations. Hundreds march in major Pakistan cities. Saudi Arabia calls on US to investigate claims. Condoleezza Rice urges end to violence and says report is being investigated.

Reportedly, a protester complained that the “the Holy Koran was defiled by the dirtiest of hands, by American hands,” while others burnt American and Israeli flags.

Well, that quoted protester looks the fool. Will the United States demand Muslims apologize for the increased tension to our troops around their Middle East playground? Will we demand the fanatics apologize for the dozens dead and hundred or so injured because they overreacted to a news story that even if true, wasn’t worth the loss of life?

Of course not, because they’re too damn proud to admit their wrong. Not just in this situation, but in the very way they’ve allowed their religion to be hijacked and perverted by some into a theology of hate.

Anyone remember our psychological warfare tactic of playing a song over and over to weaken the resolve of an enemy? I suggest we play that awful, narcissistic Lindsay Lohan song “Rumors” over and over again throughout the Middle East until their heads explode.

Fox Looking Like An Ass… Again
Some liberal apologists will cite this a cultural faux pas; I call it a well-coordinated sample of the kind of racism Mexicans and its activists are capable of while crying about the hostility some endure during their illegal stay here in America. Whether it’s their overused but effective labels of “gringo” and “punta”, some Latinos have more than shown their true motives through the words they use. Some of the racist speech comes straight from the top….

“There is no doubt that Mexicans, filled with dignity, willingness and ability to work are doing jobs that not even blacks want to do there in the United States.”

  • Mexican President Vicente Fox in a speech to a group of Texas business people meeting in Mexico.

There are some toilets that Mexicans will clean blacks won’t? There are white kids blacks won’t take care of that Mexicans will? There are cars blacks won’t wash but Mexicans will? There are lawns blacks won’t trim that Mexicans will? There is trash blacks won’t dump that Mexicans will? Is THAT the kind of Mexican “dignity” we’re talking about here, El Presidente?

Now what the hell does that mean? What have American blacks done to Mexicans outside of letting them take over our hood because they’re much better at breeding than we are? Been to South Central lately? It’s pretty brown in the “black community.”

By the way, the next time you flip through the television channels, take a quick peek at Telemundo, Univision or the like. It won’t take long to notice that the Mexican broadcast hierarchy doesn’t care much for brown Mexicans. Despite my experience in Southern California, I’ve never seen so many white, wealthy, Euro-looking, blonde Mexicans as ones seen on their own television. That says something about what they think about their own people, let alone American blacks.

Let me take this opportunity to tell you and your countrymen and women what this black American has to say about your assertion….

It’s obvious to all that because you and your government cronies are too damn lazy, graft-ridden, and selfish to take care of your own people, but you use the United States and its porous border as a safety valve to get rid of the poor and uneducated you’ve created. Also you get the bonus of having American dollars coming back home to relatives via the cheap labor performed here. By the way, no self-respecting businessman would send unprotected money to Mexico any other way, which may be one reason your economy sucks.

Fox recently said tougher measures against immigrants do not represent “the road we should be building between friends and partners.”

And we should let a hypocrite loser like Fox snub his nose against our sovereign border as he places the Mexican military on his southern one to keep Central American “friends and partners” out.

Not today, Vinny.

Stabbed In The Back… Again
Like this isn’t typical of the United States government:

“U.S. Border Patrol agents have been ordered not to arrest illegal aliens along the section of the Arizona border where protesters patrolled last month because an increase in apprehensions there would prove the effectiveness of Minuteman volunteers.”

  • Jerry Seper, Washington Times

Now we wouldn’t want to make some D.C. pencil pushers and bean counters look bad by having silver-haired retirees doing what the multi-billion dollar Border Patrol couldn’t. Can’t have gutless politicians afraid of being called racists by illegal constituents. The Minutemen have proven catching those who are willing to cha-cha-cha across our border in broad daylight IS possible. I’m sure some heads are rolling, and we all know what rolls downhill….

“More than a dozen agents, all of whom asked not to be identified for fear of retribution, said orders relayed by Border Patrol supervisors at the Naco, Ariz., station made it clear that arrests were “not to go up” along the 23-mile section of border that the volunteers monitored to protest illegal immigration.”

So we have Vicente Fox dictating to us how to conduct our national security from the vantagepoint of being head of a country nobody has any economic or strategic use for. We also have some idiot within our own government telling Border Patrol agents to let illegals in. That’s one son-of-a-bitch who, when we find out who he is, needs to be fired in a very, very public manner.

“The Naco supervisors blamed the volunteers for unnecessarily tripping sensors, disturbing draglines and interfering with the normal operations of the agents. They said that their impact on illegals was “negligible” and that civilians should leave immigration enforcement “to the professionals.”

That’s a slap in the face to every border agent ever injured or killed by an illegal evading arrest, and every American citizen or cop killed by an illegal like Raul Garcia-Gomez who probably high-tailed it back to Mexico because they won’t extradite one of their own for possible execution here. That’s a slap in the face to every taxpayer who finances illegals using our schools, hospitals, and social safety nets.

“Several field agents credited the volunteers with cutting the flow of illegal aliens in the targeted Naco area, saying the number of apprehended illegals dropped from an average of 500 a day to less than 15 a day.”

Next stop California, and it’s about time!

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