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September 05, 2007by Bob Parks

September 4, 2007
Opening Monologue

You know, folks, I was so hoping when I was in Hawaii last week that when Larry Craig announced he was quitting the Senate, that instead he had come to the microphone and said, “I am announcing today that I intend to switch parties and become a Democrat.”

Let’s go to the sound bites. The real point about this, I think, has been missed and that’s because, of course, I have been gone. Since I am back, I will make the real point. I want to review some audio sound bites of this first, a montage. The Drive-By Media just loved talking about the details of gay bathroom sex when there wasn’t any gay bathroom sex.

LOTHIAN: It’s not the primary function of public parks, restrooms and rest areas, but for men in search of anonymous same sex partners, they are popular destinations.

TWEKSBURY: A thrill to the hunt, to the excitement of sex in a public place.

PINSKY: People can genuinely get up and say, “I’m not gay, but I’m still one of these people that have sex with men.”

KING: They’re not gay, but they have sex with men?

KELLY: Tapping a foot, which apparently, this is lingo.

CARVILLE: He’s not gay, but he’s a man having sex with a man.

SHUSTER: (Reading transcript) “Craig tapped his toes several times and moved his foot closer to my foot. I moved my foot up and down slowly. Craig moved his right foot so that it touched the side of my left foot, which was within my stall area.”

MATTHEWS: This man used leg signals, hand signals.

CARLSON: I have been bothered in men’s rooms.

ATKINSON: He peered through the crack of the door and used hand signals to indicate he wanted sex.

KING: Why men’s rooms?

RUSH: (Laughing.) That’s Larry King, “Why men’s rooms?” That’s where the men are, Larry. Don’t make me laugh. Anyway, that’s the montage. So Larry Craig, we got all the details of gay bathroom sex of which there was none in this scandal. Let’s go to Senator Craig himself. This is August 28th. This is in Boise, Idaho. He held a press conference, a portion of his comments here.

CRAIG: While I was not involved in any inappropriate conduct at the Minneapolis airport or anywhere else, I chose to plead guilty to a lesser charge in hopes of making it go away. Let me be clear. I am not gay. I never have been gay.

RUSH: All right, so the Republicans threw Larry Craig under the bus, and you know who was driving the bus, Mitt Romney.

ROMNEY: I think we’ve all heard the story about Bill Clinton and the fact that he let us down in his personal conduct with a White House intern, and that strikes me as another one of these extraordinary acts of falling short of what America would expect of elected officials, particularly one who should be held to a higher standard.

RUSH: This is a guy that was supporting Mitt Romney. Just throw him under the bus like that. This is pandering. This is pandering to the Christian right. This is pandering to values voters out there. It insults them to go this way. Tom DeLay was on PMSNBC last Thursday, and he had this exchange with the reporterette Contessa Brewer. Basically, she said to start it off, “The Republicans have also had a very strong message about morals,” and this is where I want to take this. But DeLay will set it up here. Contessa Brewer, the reason I’m going to play this bite is because she is going to make the point that I’m going to expand upon after this bite is played. She said, “The Republicans have also had a very strong message about morals. They like to announce they take the moral high road on many issues yet earlier you had Republican David Vitter who was linked to a prostitution ring and last year you had Mark Foley, Bob Ney and you, yourself, still facing charges of money laundering and conspiring to launder money. So the question is, if you’re going announce you take the moral high road, do you have to stop living in glass houses?”

DELAY: Well, Contessa, you’ve just exhibited the double standard in the media.

BREWER: And how is that?

DELAY: Well, you’ve just listed a bunch of Republicans, but you didn’t list one Democrat. I mean, the fact that William Jefferson was caught with $90,000 of marked bills in his freezer and –

BREWER: But we have — congressman, pardon the interruption, but — but that is a story that we have covered over and over again. No, actually it doesn’t upset me. But because the Republicans — here’s the problem –

DELAY: No, here’s the problem –

BREWER: It’s the hypocrisy. If people live in glass houses, they shouldn’t throw stones.

DELAY: Contessa, if you’ll let me finish.

BREWER: Go ahead.

DELAY: The problem is, the media has a double standard.

RUSH: She said it, and the fascinating aspect of this to me, which I’ve pointed out, I’ve been pointing this out countless times on this program for many, many years, and she says, “It’s the hypocrisy.” The left in this country, folks, has made it a point to go after the hypocrisy of conservatives and Republicans, not really the behavior. If they go after the behavior, they have to condemn the behavior on their side of the aisle. The whole point of the left is to have no standards, because if you have no standards, you can’t be held to any standards. If the left established standards that it wanted to adhere to, then it would have to jettison the supporters that come from the pervert ranks of the Democrat Party, the depraved, the gutter dwellers out there, they are all Democrats, and they are Democrats because the Democrats will not judge them.

Now, in the case of Larry Craig here, the impression is being left that he was forced to resign over being gay, and he wasn’t. He wasn’t outed. There’s a blogger at the Washington Post that’s all happy today because, “I got Craig. I outed Craig.” Was he outed? Has Larry Craig been outed? He has not been outed. In fact, he resigned because of the heat that he received for pleading to a misdemeanor for disorderly conduct. Everybody else seems to be filling in the blanks here with their own agendas. Now, remember, as I said moments ago, my friends, the aim of the left is to aim straight for the hypocrisy of conservatives and Republicans, not the behavior. In this case, they need the behavior of Larry Craig in order to hit the hypocrisy. We’ve had to deal with this before. Everybody out there that I’ve been watching this morning is making the argument that I made some time ago, and that is that the left’s position seems to be that since they have no moral standards, they can’t be held to any moral standards. Moreover, since we, on the right, do believe in moral standards, they say we must live perfect lives, which, of course, is not possible because nobody’s perfect. That’s what original sin is all about. Original sin exempts this. Nobody can live a perfect life.

So the left seems to want to zero-in and discredit virtually everyone who exhibits a failed lifestyle regardless their values. Of course, this is nonsensical because it’s not possible. That’s what they’re trying to do. We conservatives understand this as well. This is why we seek to limit the power of the elites, a handful of imperfect people who ride into power and want to determine what everybody can and can’t do. Democrats, everything they do is perfect because there are no standards that they adhere to. There are no rights. There are no wrongs. There’s no good or bad. Nothing applies to them. They are perfect. Liberalism is the standard, and it’s a standard that says everything goes. But they go even further. If one or a group of people who belong to the party of family values fails to live up to a high standard, then the entire party and movement is condemned. That is the tactic they’re employing here. The truth is that when they take this position on the left, they expose the idiocy of their views. The bottom line is this. We all ought not strive to be more perfect because we are imperfect. We ought not strive to be good and moral because we can’t be. That’s what their philosophy is. You shouldn’t try to be perfect because you can’t. You shouldn’t try to exude any morality because you can’t. What kind of philosophy is that? Therefore, if Larry Craig had been a Democrat and liberal, there would be no supposed hypocrisy because Democrats and liberals have no moral standards. If he would have changed parties, why, he’d be in great shape today.

This is the logic of the left, and it’s studied and it is purposeful. They need this position to defend the reprobates amongst themselves. I don’t need to name the reprobates. Why do they defend felons? Why are they trying to get felons the right to vote again? I have some friends in town today that went out to buy some shoes and some dresses, some ladies in town that I know. Do you know that there is not a law in this town to prevent the owner of the store from cutting a little peeping hole in a dressing room and staring at them as they take their clothes off? There’s not. As long as he doesn’t film anything, as long as he doesn’t tape anything, take any pictures, it’s okay for anybody in the store to check out these unsuspecting women anywhere in New York City. So the local council said, “This is not good. We need a law to stop this.” The New York Civil Liberties Union is opposing the law, saying, “Well, who gets to sit in judgment of who looking through a peephole is behaving in a lewd manner?”

So here you have a classic illusion of what we’re talking about. The left simply cannot allow laws to determine what is good or bad because they need the exemption. They need to be able to support and get the support of the perverts and the winos, the reprobates of American culture. They can’t do that if they come up with a political philosophy that condemns that behavior. For example, if you oppose the left’s agenda and one of the items on the agenda is expanding this idiotic hate crimes agenda to homosexuals where you receive more jail time for what you think when you commit a crime, if it happens to be against a homosexual you can add jail time to it because you must have been thinking bigoted thoughts of homophobia, and that’s on the left’s agenda. If you oppose that and so forth, you are mean-spirited, you are a bigot and are promoting a wedge issue and deserve no pity whatsoever. It’s very convenient for the left here. The point being that you are to be judged on how you support the left’s agenda. If you support the left’s agenda then you get away with anything and they will not condemn you. We saw this in the Clinton administration, folks. You had Bill Clinton accused of rape. He was accused of sexual abuse in the oval orifice, all these other things, and the left-wing so-called women’s groups are either silent or found ways to defend him.

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