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June 20, 2005by Bob Parks

Purely a rhetorical question….

A lot of people are making much of Illinois Senator Dick Durbin’s comparison of our treatment of Iraqi insurgents at Gitmo with the treatment of prisoners and civilians under the “care” of the Nazis and Soviets. Some Democrats want to shut down the detention camp altogether.

One question: when we capture a terrorist, where should we question and hold them? Maybe a battered woman’s center from the way liberals act like we should pity them. I wonder if Senator Joe Biden, taking a page out of the liberal handbook, would be willing to sit down in a cell with a few terrorists, shoot the shit, and find out why they hate us? Next time he goes to Iraq on a photo-op, I wonder if he’d have the guts to go off on his own and hang out with Abu Musab al-Zarqawi’s pals since we are the bad guys, and the insurgents are the ones that deserve his concern and protection from us.

Around a year ago, I wrote a column where I argued what some of our anti-war activists and the Iraqi insurgents and terrorists had in common. With all that’s been reported recently about prisoner abuse and the American people’s “lack” stomach for this war, I’d like to amend the points made previously.

Now while no one wants to see prisoners abused, let’s try and put this in perspective, shall we?

We give the detainees three meals a day said to conform to that required by their religious beliefs, as well as medical care that probably far surpasses that which they receive on their side of the line. I’d be willing to bet those insurgents are less apt to provide hamburgers and hot dogs to those they’ll later put under the knife and behead in their own twisted version of reality television.

American policy unofficially grants prisoners their good book. Again, any liberal anti-war types believe Bibles would be passed out to American soldiers or civilians should they be in the custody of the terrorists? I’ve read stories of Bible desecration by Palestinian terrorists. Where is “Democracy Now!” and the ACLU?

I’ve always contended liberals like Bill Clinton, who once wrote that he “loathed” the military, really could care less about our young people in harm’s way while they wear the uniform. The statements they continually make about supporting the troops while opposing the war makes as much sense as their macabre joy in posting the number of war soldiers and civilians on billboards. Recently their collective voices are demanding to show as many pictures of war dead as often as possible.

Remember this the next time you see a rainbow with the word “peace” on it.

Liberals also love to make heroes of deserters who flee to Canada. This is also equally as insulting to the men and women who are risking their lives to free a people, when we hear the whining of selfish cowards who complain they only joined the military to get money for college; not go to war. In the future, I would hope it’s understood that the words “Army”, “Air Force”, “Navy” and “Marines” means your job is to defend our country and our allies. Signing a contract means you may later have to go somewhere and kill people who’ll want to kill you first. If you only joined the military so you could get something out of it, then take your ass to Canada if they’ll have you.

I’ll take it upon myself to say we don’t want you.

And with all due respect to those who’ve lost a child in this war, I can’t say I could ever come close to knowing what they’re going through. But I respectfully request that some keep their faces off the television.

To use the death of your brave child to bash the president in time of war is an insult to your kids who went there because they felt it was their calling. They wanted to be part of something greater than themselves and were willing to give up their careers, and even their lives. The Pat Tillmans of the world and the hundreds in our armed forces who’ve died to free people they don’t even know show nobility far greater than any parent who opportunistically blames George W. Bush for the death of their child.

I won’t waste our time rehashing for those who still insist the United States was rushed into war because of weapons of mass destruction that didn’t exist in the first place. I’ve previously cited quotes from several Democrat policymakers who said years before we entered Iraq that they knew Saddam was a threat. They claimed they knew he had those weapons, would use them on our neighbors, and us and we would eventually have to take him out.

Despite the failed stalling tactics by liberals and their friends in the United Nations, our young men and women did through deeds what liberals only talk about. And now they have the nerve to criticize those there on the ground who show more balls than Senators Biden, Durbin, Ted Kennedy, and Robert Byrd will ever have.

I, like many other reasonable people, would love to see all our troops come home later today. Unfortunately, the terrorists cannot be allowed to have say in the timetable. When some American liberals publicly use isolated incidents to alter our military policy, they usually end up seeing things with the same eyes as the enemy.

If you liberals out there are all insulted, too bad.

Take an honest (if possible) look at your own words and deeds and tell us all why we should accept your positions as presented? That is, if you don’t think you’d be betraying the other side while doing so….

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