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Double-speak refers to language that deliberately distorts or reverses the meaning of words. Such is the case in the following article on enacting “get-tough” prosecution policies in British Columbia. But instead of using the accurate term, “short-changing due process,” the article uses the sanitized phrase, “fast-tracking.” George Orwell would be impressed.

Fast-track Domestic Violence Cases: B.C. Panel

June 1, 2010

B.C. children’s representative Mary Ellen Turpel-Lafond says it’s time to act on domestic violence in the province, following a report released Tuesday recommending courses of action. (CBC)
A B.C. panel has issued 19 recommendations for preventing domestic violence deaths, in a report released on Tuesday.

The panel, formed in response to a grisly murder-suicide in B.C. in 2007, recommends fast-tracking cases through the courts and flagging those at high risk of serious harm or death.

The panel also called for more consistency and better sharing of information between government agencies when dealing with domestic violence.

Panel recommendations:

Better collaboration among domestic violence responders.
Standardizing the investigative approach that police use across B.C.
Training and resources that ensure a timely, appropriate response regardless of cultural, language or other perceived barriers.
More co-ordination within the judicial system.
Better sharing of relevant information among government ministries and collaborating agencies.
The need to engage community members aware of domestic violence situations to better support partners in prevention and response.

B.C. Attorney General Mike de Jong said on Tuesday that authorities must have a standard definition of domestic violence….


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