How Life Works (Without Padding)

How Life Works (Without Padding)
Or rather, how life used to work, back when I was a kid who rode into a parked car while reading on my bicycle. Note to self back then: “Hey, stupid, don’t do that again!”

ThinkBannedThoughts blogs about how the state, these days, is “protecting” kids by denuding the playgrounds:

I was admiring the VERY TALL twisty slide in the center of the playground when the director of the school mentioned that they might have to take it down this year. The platform is 8 inches too tall for a preschool setting according to the new state safety regulations.

The slide has been there for ten years. Not one parent has ever complained and no children have been injured, but that doesn’t matter. Then came the worse news, the small merry-go-round which has been part of the school since it opened 25 years ago is also under attack by the state. Merry go rounds are also inappropriate for preschool aged children.

For this one the director was fighting back. She’d had all the parents, and all the former parents, and all the hopeful incoming parents write to the state asking them to reconsider. After all the merry-go-round was as old as the school and again, in all those 25 years it had never been the subject of a single parent complaint or serious child injury.

Let’s take a quick poll here – raise your hand if you got to slide on tall steep slides as a child.

OK, good, looks like most of you.

Now raise your hand if you got to use a merry-go-round when you were a kid.

Again, most of you.

Raise your hand if you suffered a serious injury because of one of these objects. Now, keep your hand up if it was because you were doing something delightfully dangerous and a little stupid on it. I didn’t see any hands go down there. Last one, keep your hand up if you learned from this accident and were a little more careful the next time you tried that same slightly stupid trick…

Just when you think our government’s the stupidest, there’s the UK, pulling up in the lead.

A pet shop owner has been fined and forced to undergo electronic monitoring for selling a goldfish to a 14-year-old — get this, in a pet shop sting! (The law prohibits selling to anyone under 16. Yes, this is a law.)

preschool via Free Range Kids

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