June is Domestic Violence Against Men Awareness Month

Domestic Violence Against Men Awareness Month

By Tamipepperman

June, Domestic Violence Against Men Awareness Month

So often, the male of our species has been displaced, replaced, sidelined to the fringe of society, never to be a statistic, unless it is conducive to Policy and design, an afterthought, using aforethought and planning to vilify all men, all boys, in the Hegel “game” of revenue creation using such fallacy as VAWA, and the term Feminism, which is only but a Political tool of gender division and conquest…

Quietly puppeted, in shadows, alone, silently and seemingly forsaken by all, when in actuality Domestic Violence Against men is so pervasive as to shatter the illusion IN statistics by merely the action of be-ing, creating a relativity that cannot be denied, doubted, or ignored by other human beings.

Sadly, we all know such a male victim. We rarely know of a female victim, because in reality, they are not there…female victims of domestic violence cannot be denied, as they do exist, however, they do not exist as per the illusion of VAWA, or the presentation through Hegemony, in fallacy and created statistics using trending compilation “studies” (via social media, people SPEAK of certain keywords “female victim, rape, male perpetrator, Domestic Violence, Domestic Violence Shelter”, therefore based on generated “hits” a Consensus Reality is created for the populous, regurgitated through Politically driven media, to insure that Federal Funds are constant.

I can say with certainty that male victims of domestic violence will never see such grand funding programs, shelters, centers, and laws that will otherwise protect them from the onslaught of domestic violence. I can also say with certainty that neither do, nor have female victims of domestic violence, because this system, this Political design is not intended to help anyone.

Six thousand dollars, per month, per female victim of domestic violence is allotted via Federal Funds (a tax base, already paid into by “we the people” through variant taxes, fees, and other scams perpetrated against each and every Citizen)…FIVE HUNDRED dollars, per month, per female victim actually reaches a victim of domestic violence.

We ask why? Where does this money go?

We all wonder why, if assault is already illegal, why there is need for such a thing as VAWA…males themselves, ask why other males are not standing up for the rights of female victims, for children, not realizing that most males are exactly the same, they do stand up, however, there are not that many female/child victims.

What VAWA does is pinpoint Policy, directing funds, where they are most beneficial to Political design. First, and foremost, the reason for VAWA itself, and the reason that VAWA dropped assault in the second degree, down to assault in the FOURTH degree (dropping assault from a Felony, down to a Misdemeanor)is due to that Six grand in funding, which can only go out to the Prosecuting Attorney/District Attorney if there is a crime of domestic violence…therefore, most assault crimes, are going to be delegated under the VAWA standard, since everyone needs to have their hands in the pot during this most critical time of “victimization” (by whom?).

This six grand, consented to by the People themselves, to insure the safety of all victims everywhere, especially women and children. We protect our own.

Most often, that six grand goes no further, due to mandatory arrest laws, and pieces of paper known as restraining orders, all that has to happen now is the Prosecution of the alleged perpetrator of abuse…IF this is real, there is no protection to the victim, because this is now fourth degree, and misdemeanor assault, and the victim will be further victimized by “catch and release” and be protected by nothing other than a piece of paper.

If this is a false allegation, that is okay too, because with loads of coercion brought on by the Prosecution and any entity acting on their behalf, sometimes in the form of intimidation using various tactics, such as Child Protection, and the court itself, the falsely accused usually ends up pleading or entering “no contest” just to finally be able to breath again.

Most females are not using the shelter system that is set up, because they do not need them, and they already know they are safer on the outside, than to be initiated Inside of one of the most horrific places on the face of this earth. Female perpetrated rape of other females is epidemic within the shelter system, but heck, they could probably afford to combat such an issue if the Prosecuting Attorney were more forthright with the funds they are pilfering.


I ask you all, again this year to recognize male victims of domestic violence, share with them that they are not alone, be a shoulder to cry on, be a warm hug or a soft, soothing voice during their time of need, as usually they are not only victims of domestic violence at the hands of a once beloved, they are most likely falsely accused of this very crime, without solace, no where to turn, nowhere to go, vilified and sidelined to the fringes of society.

Realize that only we can stop this, by stripping away the funding and the fallacy of VAWA, questioning your legislatures when they proffer up their false and misleading statistics, asking your community members to rely and adhere to their own relativity which is the ONLY authority that should be known, since this IS actuality, truth, and the REAL presentation of the ultimate statistical source.

Continue to fight against the onslaught of Hegemony against our men, and fathers battered, false flagged, and so often falsely accused. Continue to stand up for males in such circumstance, and realize that one day, via such enlightenment our voice will be heard, as one.

And always remember, the Domestic Violence SURVEY is exactly as it appears on its face…a survey, sent ONLY to domestic violence SHELTERS…there are currently THREE DV shelters specific to male victims in the United States, and each and every year, when you hear those words ring out across the Hegemonic media “One in four females are victims of domestic violence”…and you feel the urge to do something to STOP such a horrifying thing from occurring…remember, “one in four females AT A DOMESTIC VIOLENCE SHELTER, are victims of domestic violence…and MALES AND FEMALES are EQUALLY victims of domestic violence each and every year….

I was going to present a bunch of statistics, but I will simply place the links to them for others to read at their leisure, as they are quite interesting, and of course, none of them are conducive to Politics, and will not garner funds for either males or females, since sadly, they only contain TRUTH.


Martin S. Fiebert
Department of Psychology
California State University, Long Beach

Last updated: November 2009


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Source: http://tamipepperman.wordpress.com/2010/06/01/domestic-violence-against-men-awareness-month/

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