Minerco Inc.


Minerco, Inc. is a high-end brand management and holding company having specialization in the multiple segments, like beverages (The Herbal Collection™ and VitaminFIZZ®), entertainment (Fuse Live Events) and related subsidiaries. Minerco is always looking for the new opportunities for expansion of the portfolio for the new and the established companies. The databases and capital of the company are known to provide the best exposure to the preeminent brands in the industry. The entertainment industry leads to generate, produce and promote the prime entertainment segments, like festivals, live events, and concerts. Fuse Live has become a name in the entertainment industry and has progressed in the last few years with its best results.

The company made an announcement in Feb 2018 for signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for acquiring Priwen Systems, Inc. which is a cryptocurrency Mining and Technology company. The company has been making efforts for acquiring the assets fitting in the business model for increasing revenues of the company. It will certainly have an impact on the shareholder value of the company. Priwen is by far the first target for acquisition by Minerco. The company has got progress in technology and crypto-mining industry. It is well positioned to hold a great position in the market. Minerco will help the company to grow its business in a short span of time. The growth will be expected from the mining, software, hardware and expert consulting services to the miners all over the globe.

The exponential growth of Priwen in association with Minerco will help in generating better revenues for the company. The crypto-mining industry is very interesting and there are prospects to grow with the company’s vision and auxiliary technologies. Minerco is an innovative company and works at the best pace to get towards the vision of the management and the team. There are fruitful results anticipated with the far-sighted plans of the company. Mr. V. Scott Vanis is the CEO of Minerco and he was quite sure about the positive results for the company by the acquisition of Priwen Systems Inc. It is one of the best markets for growth and the company has proven results in the young market to increase the value of shareholders.

Minerco can build a strong investor confidence by growing in its respective industry. The segment of entertainment is wide and there is a huge scope for the company to increase its scope worldwide. The 52- week the high value of the company is $ 23.47 which dropped to $ 0.0001. The management is giving the transparent financial structuring to the company and it will lead towards a better scope in the time to come. Priwen is expected to make revenue growth from mining and GPU sales (mining hardware and accessories). It will enhance the foundation of the company and grow it towards a higher level for enhancing the shareholder value. The management is making the efficient operations of the company with the diversified field. The building the equipment and accessories will offer the best equipment for beginners and the experts in the field of mining.