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Between our coverage of the HIGH TIMES Medical Cannabis Awards in San Francisco, my trip to Idaho to help organize new NORML Chapters and to present on legalization at the public library, followed by my first two-week vacation in years, we’ve been off the internets for a while at NORML SHOW LIVE.

I’m glad to be back!  We’re streaming new episodes of NORML SHOW LIVE every weekday at 4pm Eastern / 1pm Pacific at  Join us Tuesday afternoon for a discussion with Dale Sky Clare, the chancellor of Oaksterdam University and a spokesperson for Proposition 19, California’s initiative to legalize personal marijuana use and cultivation for all adults.  The latest Field Poll shows Prop 19 losing 44%-48%, but the latest SurveyUSA Poll has it winning 50%-40%.  Why the difference in the numbers and how is the Prop 19 campaign planning on wooing undecided voters?  We’ll get the answers to those questions and more on tomorrow’s show.

On Wednesday we always visit with SUNY Albany drug and alcohol researcher, Dr. Mitch Earleywine, author of Understanding Marijuana and A Parent’s Guide to Marijuana, as well as the Ask Dr. Mitch column in HIGH TIMES Magazine.  Join us in our chat room every Wednesday to ask your live questions (anonymously if you like) to be answered by one of the world’s leading experts on cannabis.

Plus you’ll get all of our Daily Toker Tunes, 420-friendly music from independent artists in all genres, the latest news headlines from Cannabis Karri, coverage of our special events from the road, and all my Radical Rants.  Marijuana may not be addictive… but NORML SHOW LIVE sure is!  Make us your daily break for the latest news and opinion from NORML.

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