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IJJ Corp.


IIJ Corp. works in the stream of business partnership development network service. The company makes partnerships for the commitment to increase the business value and relationship by creating opportunities to expand and develop the business in the new market segments. The company was found in 2000 with the headquarters in Montgomery County, MD.

The vision of the company is to benefit the shareholders and day traders. The trading markets are supported by working capital, expenditure allocation and indirect labor. There are change and new direction required for the change in public perception changing into the favor of the Publicly traded companies and resources. It is meant to channel the benefits towards the company being traded on the Public segment. The company’s 52- week low and high values are $ 0.0002- 0.0014 respectively.

Branding the Business Unit is the major component of marketing for development of the businesses in the emerging markets. The major concept of the company is the branding of fundamental principles and operating platforms under Business Unit (BU). This is very much required for making self-evident team partnerships in the present times. The business unit consists of 2 or more companies and experts capable of providing the multiple resources and materials for the production of the service or product for BU agreements. BU Structure helps in making the operations in a way that the services become self-financed.

The mission of the business is to incorporate the partnerships and various products for making team for the companies willing to join IJJ Corporation. The business units can be associated to realize the important issues like business objectives, resource sharing and engaging the emerging markets with growth cycles for generating revenues and new contracts. IIJ Corp commits to the BU network for supporting, developing and introducing the contract opportunities and structuring the relationships for recycling working capital, instruments approved and collaborate the revenue streams. This is the right time for IIJ Corporation which began as a technology-based company to follow the full-service management consultant enterprise, public companies having underperformance and desiring team going ahead with the concept of participation in the Business Unit (BU) model.

The company creates the Business Units as the independent Enterprises by providing the team arrangements in which the companies associated with the wholesome objective to control the revenue stream flow and clubbing the resources as a collective unit for creating wealth and prosperity. The agreement to work as a wholesome unit will benefit the companies to survive and grow well in the modern business world.

The market capitalization of the company is $1.32 M. It is expected that the company will have a growth with the business growth of different segments. Mr. Clifford Pope is the Chairman, President, and CEO of the company. Mr. Jose Babu is the Director and VP- Technical Services. The company is not into the news for a long time but it is anticipated that it will have good prospects by leading with the fair acquisitions of the companies in its prospective segment.