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Metrospaces Inc.


Metrospaces, Inc. began its services in December 2007. It is a real estate company specializing in small to mid-sized real estate deals. The company makes investment in real estate companies, like corporates, hotel operators and such cases. The company even does the reselling of condos, lands, buildings, hotels and offices, majorly in Latin America. Even the high-end condominiums are sold depending on its location, level and size options. The major project locations are Buenos Aires, Caracas, Venezuela and Argentina.

The projects of the company are quite luxurious in all the aspects. Hotel Santo Cristo de Pariaguan, El Naranjo Yunga Estates, Ikal Lodge & Winery and Tulasi Luxury Villa Spa and Hotel. These all are the luxurious locations having a great outlook and are the best projects of the company. The company builds and sells condominium properties in many parts of America and acquires land in urban areas, such as South American markets. Metrospaces, Inc. has announced the best monthly revenue of Etelix this year. The delivery is assured by the management team with the revenue forecast designed in the month of December 2017. The company achieved this goal much before the anticipated period and have a few more agreements in different negotiation stages.

Management is aware of the shareholders concern for finalization of Pink Current guidelines to reach to that status in OTC marketplace. This concern was an issue to be cleared for the company and raised doubts on the ability of the management to run the publically traded company in the right direction. Shareholders and market information has become necessary for maintaining the company’s legal status and a strong position in the market. The management of the company is working in the best way for finalizing the guidelines and the shareholders are given full information for the delay in this aspect. There were no finances and human resources for the company to handle this sort of business growth and handle the day-to-day operation. The still position will grow with business execution to speed up the progress and finalize the right move. The growth of Etelix has made the human resources and capital to starve the rest of the company. The trust of stockholders at this phase would definitely help the company in handling this phase. The shareholders and management will work overtime to finish the requirements and get the most required results.

The reaffirmation to the shareholders is given for fundamentally making the business stronger and the financial stats will improve by giving the high-end results to the stockholders. The long term prospects of the company are quite lucrative and the management is confident to hit their mark in the fundamental business growth. The long-term vision of the experts will surely lead towards a better scope of the company’s success. The 52- week low value of $ 0.00010 will become higher and the shareholders will be benefited by investing in the company. The highest levels for last year were $ 0.0029 which are projected to rise this year with the management policies and transparent financial structure.