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Saturday Morning Rants As a Result of the Newspaper

I’m unemployed and loving it. I have more time to pursue my interests such as pissing myself off by reading the newspaper.

In Turkey, as funerals took place to bury the dead from the recent Al Qaeda connected bombings, one mourner was quoted as saying “The U.S. paved the way for these attacks.” Ah, no, your Muslim brothers paved the way for these attacks by trying to live in the 9th century. Fucking asshole.

President Bush is England visiting P.M. Tony Blair. The two have been dogged by the lingering question: what is England getting in return for staunchly standing by the U.S. in light of a highly unfavorable war? Um, well let’s see, if it wasn’t for the U.S., not once but twice, you limey bastards would be speaking German! It’s payback time! Oh yeah, lot’s not forget it was the U.S. that put the pressure on Libya for the Lockerbie bombing or the U.S. that helped broker a cease fire with the IRA. The real question should be, what is the U.S. getting for helping England out after all these years?

And finally, DNA tests may tie a rapist to additional rapes. And people still are not for expanding the death penalty?

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Thanksgiving and a Politically Correct Right of Passage

Politcal Correctness has hit a new low. Thanks to the vanguards of the left, a Thanksgiving celebration has been canceled in Skokie, IL, a Chicago suburb. For 20 years, first graders, That’s 6 and 7 year olds folks, have been making construction paper Thanksgiving costumes. Who didn’t do that when they were young?

Pete Davis, Principal of Madison Elementry School, felt that the costumes depicting 400 year old dead people weren’t culturally sensative. Leonard Malatare of the American Indian Center concured. Prior to consulting with the AIC to put his liberal white guilt to rest, Davis said “I had a fair amount of confidence that our traditions here were based in good teaching and good learning, and that we were not doing an harm in any way. I though what we were doing was a pretty good way to recognize this holiday.” Thank G-d for the politically correct to point out how wrong he was.

Malatare says that part of the problem is that Thanksgiving is the only time of year that people think of native cultures. So, instead of enjoying Thanksgiving. The first graders received a lesson in Indian culture – um, I mean native American culture.

The only problem is that Thanksgiving is NOT about native cultures. It is about the Pilgrims coming to America for a better life. It is about life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. I know the politically correct will say “what about the Indians’ pursuit?” Well tough shit, they lost the war. History ain’t a perfect. While we shouldn’t ignore the tragedies of history, nor should we ignore the glories that history has brought. Thanksgiving should be remembered as the begining of the American legacy, not as means of celebrating an outdated subsistence level living society.

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40 Years ago…

[This is from Gus but was posted only on the other site]

Everybody…everybody who is old enough to remember 22 Novemeber 1963, knows exactly where they were and exactly what they were doing at 1:20 pm EST when television and radio stopped their broadcasts with the words, “We interrupt this program to bring you a special bulletin…”

And if you’re looking for a point, even a minute, to chart the beginning of how we got from “the 50’s” to where we are now. 1:20 pm, 22 November 1963 is probably the best place to begin, the moment Jack Kennedy died.

Kennedy’s election, a squeaker like George W Bush’s, had changed the mood of the country because of the youth and glamor of the Kennedy family.

The Eisenhowers and the people around them, the Nixons, John Foster Dulles and the rest of the Millionaire Cabinet plus the Secretary of Labor, Martin Derkin, who was a plumber (really), were reminiscent of the Depression and WW II.

The Kennedys were the new youth, prosperity, celebrity worship and hedonism. The Administration played touch football at Hyannis, the Kennedys were unquestionably rich, Peter Lawford, a real movie star, was a brother-in-law and physical activity, whether it was sex, sports or the new dance craze, “The Twist”, were in.

The notion that the Kennedy years were “Camelot” is of course nonsense but it is not true to say that it was a total falsehood.

The next time you’re in the gym, just rememeber that the reason all those people are on all those treadmills, is because President Kennedy challenged his press secretary, Pierre Salinger, to a run along the Chesapeake Canal.

Two other changes that the Kennedys introduced were the “coolness” of public service and an honoring of taste and culture that was Jackie Kennedy’s unique contribution.

A number of public servants, and not bad ones, got there inspiration from the Kennedys’ dedication to public service. “Ask not what your country can do for you…” has become a cliche but it ignited a number of people to take an interest in their communities and their country.

Mrs Kennedy deserves a special word. She was in her 30’s when she was First Lady, very reserved and spoke with a small, shy voice.

I imagine she was at one time a perfect target for feminists who hankered for a Hilary Rodham Clinton.

Mrs Kennedy brought taste, culture and style to the White House in addition to raising what appears to be

two fine children.

She had the building refurnished with original furniture in addition to having great artists perform there.

There was a new respect for the arts by someone who really knew something about them and really loved them.

On the other hand Mrs Clinton brought a load of anger with her as soon as she walked throgh the door and a disasterous misunderstanding that she was somehow a “co-President” who then went on to mess up the national health care effort.

She concluded her term as First Lady with delusional statements about “vast right wing conspiracies”.

Her delusions continue with the notion that as President she could effectively deal with people like Osama Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein.

I know nothing about Chelsea Clinton so I’ll leave her out of this.

Returning to the Kennedys, it became fashionable after the grief of the assassination wore off to say that Kennedy was all style and no substance. The darker truths about his womanizing and the ruthless and corrupt style of Kennedy politics only added to the downward spiral of the estimation of the Kennedy Presidency.

Two things should be remembered however. If Ronald Reagan ended the Soviet Union, Jack Kennedy and Nikita Khruschev (whose son ironically is now an American citizen) ended the nuclear phase of the Cold War. Never again after the Cuban Missile Crisis did the world believe that Washington and Moscow would “nuke it out”.

Kennedy in a great speech at American University in August of 1963 put the conflict in its starkest perspective, “We all breathe the same air, we inhabit the same planet, we all have children and we are all mortal.”

Everyone realized that whatever the differences were between communism and capitalism, they would have to settled without nuclear weapons.

Baby Boomer New Left people either lie about the Cold War or just deny it. Their passionate need to defend collectivism and the utter failure of the Soviet Union require this but it is time for people who lived through that time or had visisted the Soviet Union to speak up.

I qualify on both counts.

Had it not been for the West, the world would be the drab gulag described by Solzhenitsyn. And he was there.

Civil Rights was the other issue that was defined during the Kennedy Presidency. We remember and justifiably celebrate Dr Martin Luther King, Jr’s great “I have a dream” speech at the Lincoln Memorial but the stage for that speech was set by one a year earlier by Kennedy after two little black girls had been killed by a bomb explosion in Birmingham.

Kennedy framed the issue in moral and traditional American values when he said that it was, ” as old as Scriptures and as relevant as the American Constitution.”

That defined the issue.

After that, the question was no longer “whether” but “how” racial justice was to be achieved.

It will take decades to unravel the Kennedy years, the deep shadows and the great lights, but one thing is sure: on 22 November 1963 at 1;20 pm, EST, a world died.

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Clear, Precise and Lethal…

Fire, I was going to tell you to give this guy hell on Sunday but I haven’t done the research on him yet.

I am suspicious about organizations that get into the “American ” stuff like Norman Lear’s “Organization for the American Way”.

They are just shills for the left.

I did check out the Institute for American Values web-site briefly. The over-all impression I got was that they are big on motherhood.

Nothing wrong with that. But it is peculiar that there has to be an institute to promote something that most societies pretty much take for granted.

It’s about time because I’m sick, tired and angry about 2, 3 and 4 year olds at the day-care center where I volunteer asking (quite legitimately by the way) for their mothers.

What I am curious about is the slant that this group and this guy are taking. What is the bit about men being irresponsible “whiners”?

Is this a feminist or a non-feminist group?

Should be a good show and I’m sure you’ll do well.

The comatose middle American needs to be presented with some facts that are clear, precise and lethal to the feminist nonsense of the past 35 years.

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Congressman Condemns Leftist American Universities.
You know, I’m glad this guy wrote this because maybe, just maybe, someone in the house might listen to him when he’s reading off that a fifth of colleges are over 10 to 1 Democrats to Republicans within their professoriate.

What’s the impact? Check Mike Adams most recent column on the MND homepage and you’ll find out. For incoming freshman, it’s as if their opening seminars are being presented by commrade Beria. This is an ugly, but verifiable, story.

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Pilot to Bombadeer: Launch Ann Coulter!
Here’s Ann’s latest

, and it asks the eternal questions: Why does the left think “the people” are racist scum? Are there any men left in the Democratic Party? Why do people vote on the basis of which candidate has had the most personal tragedy in their lives?

All are worthy of discussion, and humor, in this case. I know many people who can’t stand Coulter, but I always liked her. She’s one of a kind, and certainly more right than wrong.

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Glenn Sacks Show.

Hey, I’ll be on the Glenn Sacks Show this Sunday at 11 pm.

The program has weekly archives so, if you’re asleep, you should be able to check it a few days later.

I spoke to him yesterday and the subject concerns whether or not the Mens News Daily crowd is productive and worthwhile. He’ll be the narrator and I’ll try to do the best I can to honor our side.

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“So What’s This I Hear About Common Sense Selling His Body?

“Sure, it’ll be cheap (Fire said 80 cents) and meaningless, but CS is a celebrity. What would Jennifer Aniston Do?”
She’d say yes. I’ll charge Anniston a buck fifty.

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“Bunch of People who Died…Died.”

Yes, the name of a nineties song but also a way of describing what’s recently happened in our region of the internet. Within the course of a week, Darren at anti-feminism, Ian from AFA, and Kerry from have packed it in. That’s right, their sites are no more. Ian was censored by Tripod and what happened to the other sites I do not know. Anyway, hats off for the efforts boys.

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Lust For Manson and Bundy Finally Explained!
Every woman adores a Fascist,

The boot in the face, the brute

Brute heart of a brute like you.

-Sylvia Plath.

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Lt. Col. Allen West – American Hero!

Lt. Col. Allen West, American Hero, has been ratted out by some bastard who doesn’t understand the nature of war. War is hell and conventional rules do not apply. And some pussy who thinks offering tea and crumpents to our enemies is an effedhas effectively ruined Lt. Col. Allen West’s professional career.

To make a long story short, West fired a pistol near the head of an Iraqi prisoner during an interrogation. Until that point, the prisoner wasn’t talking. After that point, West discovered a plot by Iraqi insurgents to set up a sniper position near a police station in order to shoot U.S. troops.

West saved American lives. For his actions, West has lost command of a 650 man battalion.

West is an American Hero. He is a soldier and he should make no apologies.

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Morning Comes to Our Wonderful Blog.

(Gus in center wearing blue shirt).

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Common Sense Becomes a Male Prostitute!

What follows is a sensitive report by his full-time pimp, Uncle Fire. You see, many of you may not realize that old CS got laid off from his impoverished job at a Japanese company on Friday. They brought him in and blamed the economy before letting him go. That’s why he hasn’t blogged this week; he has no computer at home. CS, in turn, was ecstatic about the lack of work. He called me before the Red Wings game and screamed, “I’ve got unemployment checks on the way which means two months of paid vacation!”

I decided to talk some sense into Common Sense. “Yakov” I said, for that art his name. “Yakov, why not get a little extra work in during the layoff?”

CS: “No, I’m happy at home doing nothing.”

UF: “Well, my thought is we could do the– Deuce Bigelow, Common Sense does a bunch of old ladies thing– for some cash.”

CS: “My interest is piqued and my extremities are tingling.”

UF: “What I’m saying is that tonight I’ll go through all the retirement home phone listings and hook you up with some serious action for the weekend.”

CS: “But what if the old ladies die during sex? I mean, I’m a f—ing hurricane.”

UF: “Then I will disavow all knowledge of you and blame your old pal, Congressman Trafficant, for your moral relapse.”

CS: “That sounds like a deal. How much will I earn?”

UF: “I’ll ask for 250.”

CS: “Wow! In four hours I’ll have a grand.”

UF: “No, CS, in four hours you’ll have 10 bucks. Who do you think you are, David Hasselhoff? Kermit the Frog?”

CS: “You’re right. What the heck. My pride is out-of-hand. What’s the split?”

UF: “We’ll discuss that later, after I get you hooked on crack.”

CS: “Neat, let’s dooooooooo it!”

Check in tomorrow for all the sexy details of his first “Johnnettes.”

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Are You Ready to Rummmmmble!!!
It’s Rich Lowry, editor of the National Review, vs. Al “Gangrenous Dog” Franken attacking each other via side-by-side columns.

They had a mini-debate today at In it, Franken once again challenges Lowry to fight. I wish he’d challenge me to a fight in a location the police do not frequent. Oh well, it tells you everything you wish to know about the left because they’d never let Lowry on any of their sites. With us, we give them the opportunity to speak (because we believe our arguments can stand the test of debate). It’s worth a glance at least.

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Book Recommendation.

I got back from teaching early tonight–it was the last class of the quarter and I gave a final, and about an hour ago I reread/skimmed some of David Horowitz’s

The Politics of Bad Faith.It’s remarkable. It’s short, powerful, entertaining and cheap in paperback.

The section on AIDS is called the “Radical Holocaust” and you’ll bring it into every argument you have with the homosexual rights (read: more goodies now!) brigade. A must click.

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The Anti-Feminist Army.
Here’s a dandy little site.

It immediately reminded me of my old friend Mitch in Detroit who used to always describe everything he liked with “Oh that’s so hardcore!” Ah, I wonder what happened to him. Regardless, Ian’s got some nice graphics there and ideas for his AFA.

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A Liberal Station Will Fail.
Just wrote this one today.

I started it Saturday but then Purdue-Ohio State intervened. Then Sunday…well, who can explain procrastination, but I think it came out okay. Unfortunately, there may soon be an all-leftist jackass-all the time station, but then at least we’ll have a ton of stuff to make fun of, which is an end in itself.

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Banks Compete, You Win.

Well, many of us know that commercial’s jingle, but

should we repeal the Fair Credit Reporting Act? The essay opens and concludes with a resounding “No!”

The availability of personal information has made competitive interest rates for the majority of the population possible.

Today, computers that are immune to whim or prejudice “score” your credit, and hundreds of lenders compete for your business on the basis of objective standards. By no coincidence, the proportion of African Americans who own their own homes has increased by 40 percent.

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Ban the Ban!
Well-written paragraphs by Jeremy Lott.

This concerns a grass-roots campaign to end the war on smoking in Washington DC as opposed to in New York. I’m not a smoker but I think the anti-smoking stuff has got way out of hand. As usual, humorous stuff from Lott.

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Social Security: No Longer the Third Rail of Politics.

Of course every politician still thinks that it is,

but poll data confirms that Americans are hot for the idea of private accounts.

Really strong article here about the situation. You either make changes or raise taxes. I just wish some member of the right would establish this connection for the American people next year. In my opinion, the thing to do is to invest the money from the private accounts in US bonds to take out the “stock market is evil” argument that the Democrats will try to use to alienate voters. We should keep the accounts in the realm of guaranteed interest rates as that will make it much more palatable to the citizenry.

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Food Phobic Nation.
First it was fat; now we’re terrified of carbohydrates.

Despite our concerns, we remain the most obese nation in the world.

With all of the admonitions to avoid this food, eat less of that food, and be sure not to get more than this percentage of calories from this food, maybe it is time to get back to basics. Wasn’t it grandma who said many years ago — drink your milk, eat your fruits and vegetables and go out and play? Maybe we need to reevaluate our alimentary recommendations. In this regard, perhaps we could follow the lead of our mother country across the sea, whose enlightened number one dietary guideline is — Enjoy Your Food!

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Spending Money Like a Crazy Bastard!
Here’s the George W. Bush story.

Although I voted for him in 2000 and will in 2004, I cannot deny how disappointed I am in the amount of spending W has done since he was elected. In this column, Sullum informs us spending has gone up 12.5% this year. He hasn’t vetoed one bill from Congress yet, and seems to not be devoted to free trade. Oh well, he’s better than Howard or Hillary by 7000 miles due to the judges he nominates.

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The Apartheid of Sex

And, since I’m on it, I’ll tell you a little about a book I am reading. It’s called The Apartheid of Sex: A manifesto on the Freedom of Gender. This is from the flap,

“Is the categoriazation of people from the moment of birth as either male of female a form of sexual segregation as pernicious as racial apartheid? IN this bold and provocative manifesto, Martine Rothblatt cites current academic opinion and research to argue that the answer is yes – and that the time is right for a new sexual revolution.”

So in other words, if you think that certain people are “male” while others are “female,” you are a tyrannical sexual apartheidist who has caused for the eternal oppression of women everywhere. Rothblatt does her best to show there is no such thing as male or female with such ‘proof’ as 4% of people are both “both” (but it is usually internal organs that you can’t see), that 2 men and 2 women can reproduce together through technology now, and that we have transvestites and cross dressers. This is why there is no such thing as “male” or “female.”

To feminists, defining who/what women is considered the Great Devil to be fought tooth and nail.

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What makes a woman feminine

I’m doing some work for an article on what makes a woman feminine. I think I finally nailed it and wanted to share.

“Hero-worship is the primary quality that makes a woman feminine. A woman who revels in, appreciates, and loves men is the hallmark of a feminine woman. Nothing else, in comparison, matters in determining if a woman is feminine or not. She can play sports, become an engineer, never have children, and do a host of things traditionally thought of as masculine, but so as long as she adores and appreciates men, she will remain feminine, i.e. sexual.

It is the woman who rejects hero-worship, is in denial of her nature as a woman, and tries to outcompete men that becomes an unfeminine, sexless brute. A woman has two possible responses to the fact that men are stronger than she: reverence or jealousy. The current establishment is doing their best to sway the female response to the latter. “

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Angel Photographed at Common Sense’s Last Christmas Party.

Predictably, I wasn’t invited, but I took this shot after posing as a slab of roast beef brought in by a caterer. It was strange but no one recognized me.

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Bush No Sure Thing in 2004.

Well, not to me, but

Fred Barnes produces here the prudent, appropriate take on the subject.

I found this passage disconcerning (and, of course, true):

Normally, a liberal Democrat who claims to be a fiscal conservative would pose no danger to a conservative Republican. But Bush’s spending record is so awful (non-military expenditures up 8.7 percent in 2003) that Dean, for one, might make headway on the issue. After all, his fiscal record as Vermont governor wasn’t all that bad.

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Bukowski and the Beats.

I just finished this book, which is accurately titled:

Bukowski and the Beats.

This was produced by a Frenchman and then translated into English so you should not be surprised by the sycophantic tone and glorious approval that he gives “Buk.” It was a fun, quick read with unbelievable photos, however. The second part is an interview with Bukowski which is not as valuable and the general essay that makes up the majority of the work. Worth your time if you have the cash or are at the library.

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Enemy of the Week.
Yes, once again, my favorite web feature.

Al Gore, Gore Vidal, John Kerry, Howard Dean, who can keep track of it all, but the entry has the same wit readers have come to expect.

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To the Media, Everyone’s a Conservative!
This piece is the result of 12 years of research on the NYT and the Washington Post.

It seems our famous papers label Republican lawmakers with being either “conservative”, “very conservative” or “right-wing” far more than they provide a description of liberals being anything. That’s to alert their readers as to how far out there the right is, which, in turn, makes the left look more mainstream. It looks like their results could be extrapolated to other papers in the future:

Our preliminary results for other papers–USA Today, the San Diego Union-Tribune, the Los Angeles Times–reveal similar patterns to those described above. The major exception is The Wall Street Journal, and even there the labeling of conservatives to liberals is a little less than 2 to 1. The effect of these findings on senators’ re-election, fund raising and careers is little understood, but the relationship is complicated. However, one can conclude fairly from this survey that conservative senators, consistently portrayed as spoilers, are ill-served by the political reporting in two of the leading general-interest newspapers of the United States. Liberals, on the other hand, get a free pass. If this is not bias, pray what is?

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Hillary + John Wilkes Booth.

[Here’s a joke my friend Brian sent me]

Hillary Clinton gets elected President and is spending her first night in

the White House. The ghost of George Washington appears, and Hillary

says,”How can I best serve my country?”

Washington says, “Never tell a lie,”

Ouch! Says Hillary, I don’t know about that.

The next night, the ghost of Thomas Jefferson appears… Hillary says,

“How can I best serve my country?”

Jefferson says, “Listen to the people,”

Ohhh! I really don’t want to do that.

On the third night, the ghost of Abe Lincoln appears…. Hillary says,

“How can I best serve my country?”

Lincoln says, “Go to the theater.”

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Politically Correct Psychosis (PCP)

By Dr. Kent Bailey

Last April 2, a gang of young black thugs entertained themselves by cruising the university town of Charlottesville, Virginia, looking for white students to attack with clubs and other instruments of mayhem. After injuring several students and putting two in the hospital, they were apprehended by police. The response of the city and UVA community was an outpouring of sympathy for the “victims” that is, the thugs who carried out the attacks. Moreover, several bake sales were held to raise funds to assure that these “victims” were properly represented in court!

Obviously, some kind of group hysteria or madness is afoot here. Fortunately, the social sciences are finally getting a grip on the problem. In fact, the recent Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of the American Psychiatric Association (DSM-IV) lists a new disorder called Politically Correct Psychosis or PCP. It comes in several varieties including gay, lesbian, and bisexual PCP, manic bean-counting PCP, gender obsession PCP, and race-induced PCP (by far the most serious disorder).

PCP is typically seen in highly intelligent, highly educated, and upper SES Caucasian-American populations, and the disorder is especially common in the states of New York, Florida, and California. People in the heartland seem relatively immune to serious and chronic instances of PCP. The disorder is heavily concentrated in university settings, in TV and print newsrooms, in the Hollywood elite, in every nook and cranny of television, and runs rampant among the intellectual classes. Indeed, the disorder is so common in these sheltered classes that it is considered a “normal” mode of expression. The disorder strikes both sexes, but women exhibit more severe symptoms due to their obsession with “hurt feelings”- which, of course, is the heart of political correctness. Not surprisingly, most sufferers are liberal democrats, but an occasional republican is noted. However, there is suspicion that the republican cases are, in fact, instances of symptom feigning or malingering for political effect.

What are the symptoms of politically correct psychosis? The most debilitating symptom is sudden and cataclysmic loss of higher intellectual functions including rationality, logic, cause-effect reasoning, and higher moral sensibility. For example, an African-American student can walk up to a Caucasian-American professor and simply say “slavery” and PCP will occur like magic. The professor’s eyes will become glazed, tremors may occur, and his or her IQ may drop as much as 50 points. The professor may retain just enough cognitive ability to engage in rudimentary conversation with the student, but discourse will be laced with non sequiturs like “I’m sorry” I wish I could die or “Did you know that I was at Woodstock” or worst still “Yes, I will support any and all demands that you wish to make of me, the university, or the entire country.” If the student presses further with questions about the causes of black crime or the validity of IQ testing, the professor may either pass out entirely or go on a meaningless tirade supporting the death penalty for David Duke.

The most mysterious symptom is a catastrophic loss of courage and backbone. While in the PCP state the patient becomes what an erstwhile local politician used to call a “pusillanimous pussyfooter”- that is, naive, cowardly, and unwilling to make any kind of moral distinction. The technical term for this is tolerophilia or pleasure in tolerating everything. Amazingly, tolerophilic patients actually believe that making no moral decision is a superior morality. Of course, the disease has taken over totally at this point.

Another symptom is the paranoid delusion that white males are out to destroy and desecrate every thing that America cherishes. Apparently they accomplish this perfidy by inventing, manufacturing, and distributing a wide variety of medical, scientific, artistic, and technological goods that were designed with the expressed purpose of oppressing and thwarting women and minorities. They are the true enemies of America not street thugs of Charlottesville, Osama ben Laden, or the 9-11 terrorists. This delusion is particularly intriguing when the patient is himself a white male.

Acute PCP is generally accompanied by a state of serious mental confusion that features flamboyant double standards and internal contradictions. The most common contradiction is “We are an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer” and a close runner up is “I am against the death penalty, but I support all forms of abortion on demand.” One way the patient copes with his or her reality vacuum is to take a few concepts such as racism, sexism, homophobia and the like, and then concoct new realities to fit the overall delusional pattern. This compensatory pattern is the only way the patient can cope with the 50+ IQ drop experienced at the outset of the disorder.

Sincerely expressed concerns by African-Americans can almost always set off a PCP reaction in privileged Caucasian-Americans, but other minority group concerns often fail to do so. For example, no systematic pattern of race-induced PCP has been associated with American Indians, Appalachian-Americans, or Asian-Americans. This is a puzzling finding that warrants more research.

Perhaps the most puzzling symptom of all is the privileged Caucasian-American’s tendency to forgive all and absolve all even when grievously victimized himself or herself. However, this is not a mere social oddity, but is, rather, the cardinal symptom of DSM-IV’s newest diagnostic category- politically correct psychosis or PCP. Let us all pray for a cure in the near future.

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Observations from Travels

I just got back from visiting the following cities: Zurich, Kiev, Odessa, Los Angeles, Chicago (hello Fire!), and now I just moved to Washington, D.C.

I can’t help but notice trends in how people act and think in different places. Here are some insights:

Swiss people in our generation (30 something) are becoming conservative. They just elected a “hard right” political party which promises to evaluate their social spending and immigration policy. French are slowing swinging the same way. Yes, the press is leftist but if we judged our nation by our press we would believe that America was comprised entirely of marxists.

Poland and Ukraine are surprised free market in many ways although they are still struggling with anarchy and a lack of trust in contracts. Without a good support net, people are forced to do anything to survive so it’s not uncommon to see streets jammed with small kiosks and tables with anything to sell including cigarettes, toys, and hangers. I feel a bit badly because I know that major stores will put these people out of business as is happening already in Poland with major chains such as Geant. It’s still rather charming to go to a store right next to a hotel and apartment and pick up fresh meat and bread and a stick of gum.

American trains are quite luxurious but wildly expensive and unreliable. Ukrainian and Polish trains are a bit shabby, but INCREDIBLY reliable, inexpensive, and charming. A coffee cart is brought by every 2 hours or so and you can purchase little things while sitting back in your chair. All the chairs face each which encourages conversation. A sleeper car for a day costs about $40 compared to $150 here in the states AND you get to your destination on time!

Poles and Ukrainians largely like Americans because they perceive the nation as strong. The EU treats these nations as largely beggars and seeks to force them to tow the line. Customs in these nations compared to the states is a pleasure. I’m off the plane and in a taxi in a matter of 20 minutes.

Restaurants are comparitively expensive (for the locals) I believe due to the mafia in Ukraine. In Poland, the restaurants are a pleasure. They are still expensive for the locals but for Americans it’s possible to get a full meal for about $10 U.S. including wine and fru-fru style. I now no longer can eat at expensive American places.

Poland and Ukraine are still largely unspoiled by tourism. It helps to know some of the language. Switzerland is pretty much Anglicized. Everyone speaks a bit of English and I try to say hello in German as best as I can to be polite. Switzerland is friggin’ expensive and the locals admitted to me they rarely eat out or even shop. When they come to the states to visit, it’s as if they’re a child at Christmas: Full restaurants every meal! Then again, if you paid $20 Euros to step out the door at home compared to $10 here, you would be the same way.

Hotels in Ukraine and Poland sometimes lack amenities we come to take for granted here including hot water or continuous electricity. If you are willing to brave it, however, you can find a nice place to stay with a lot of local charm. You can pay for room service including tea for about $3. The westernized hotels typically cost $50 to $100 which is insane.

10 years from now, these places will be westernized along with the Czek republic. I have yet to go there and hope to do so soon.

Posted by PolishKnight @ 6:19 AM