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Debt and Taxes.
A fascinating history

here from Claremont. You know, as it is older now, I found many articles from their winter edition available for free online. The reason I mention them today is that a free copy was delivered to me in the mail. I hope it won’t be followed by a bill! But I enjoyed reading very much what was sent.

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Buckley on Coulter.
This review of Treason

was written by Bill Buckley who, among one million other titles and achievements, wrote a famous non-conformist biography of McCarthy. A good, just perspective on Ann Coulter; all the talent and all the invective is examined.

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The Academic Left: The Low of the Low.
The worst of the worst by Harry Stein.

It seems that they tapped the brainwaves of WHITE only undergrads and found that they felt uncomfortable and emotionally reactive when presented with issues of race. Why wouldn’t they when all their universities do is try to brainwash them along those ends?

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Estimated Legislative Costs Per Bill in Other States, 1992-93

Rank State Per bill Introduced State Per bill Passed

1 Pennsylvania $51,982 Pennsylvania $734,559

2 California 51,798 Florida 279,332

3 Ohio 50,772 Michigan 230,795

4 Alaska 50,126 Ohio 229,382

5 Michigan 43,053 Alaska 210,077

6 Florida 41,846 New York 209,932

7 Kentucky 31,076 Wisconsin 185,544

8 Texas 30,896 New Jersey 159,460

9 Washington 28,375 Minnesota 138,492

10 Wisconsin 24,985 Texas 125,884

11 Colorado 21,536 Washington 122,563

12 New Jersey 18,244 California 116,830

13 South Carolina 18,084 Missouri 115,226

14 Illinois 17,444 Illinois 106,079

15 Arizona 16,858 Kentucky 100,290

16 Oklahoma 16,073 Massachusetts 88,720

17 Nebraska 16,743 Indiana 88,198

18 Iowa 16,309 South Carolina 80,792

19 Indiana 15,026 Iowa 75,393

20 Arkansas 15,982 Connecticut 73,460

21 Nevada 14,729 Hawaii 63,687

22 Missouri 14,363 West Virginia 56,901

23 Montana 14,014 Delaware 56,642

24 Delaware 13,770 Oklahoma 54,483

25 Minnesota 13,612 Arizona 53,512

26 Utah 13,497 North Carolina 48,158

27 Virginia 13,286 Kansas 46,804

28 Kansas 13,237 Nebraska 43,895

29 North Carolina 12,684 Oregon 41,897

30 New Hampshire 12,628 Alabama 38,078

31 Maine 12,114 Colorado 37,440

32 Oregon 11,612 Maryland 35,100

33 Connecticut 11,535 New Mexico 34,578

34 Idaho 11,165 Vermont 34,100

35 New York 10,189 Utah 32,158

36 North Dakota 9,569 Nevada 30,053

37 Maryland 9,271 Maine 27,537

38 Georgia 9,184 Rhode Island 24,649

39 Alabama 9,167 Virginia 24,596

40 Louisiana 7,949 New Hampshire 24,520

41 South Dakota 7,305 Georgia 24,386

42 West Virginia 7,301 Louisiana 24,195

43 New Mexico 7,146 Montana 24,045

44 Vermont 7,005 Arkansas 24,003

45 Hawaii 6,209 Tennessee 23,607

46 Wyoming 6,027 Mississippi 22,147

47 Massachusetts 5,387 Wyoming 17,ll5

48 Tennessee 5,103 North Dakota 15,683

49 Mississippi 3,404 Idaho 12,911

50 Rhode Island 3.268 South Dakota 12,676

Sources: Expenditures compiled by Legislative Research Unit from U.S. Department of Commerce. Bureau of the Census, State Government Finances, fiscal years 1992, p. 24; and 1993; and Council of Stale Governments, Book of the States 1994; 1995, Table 3.19.

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The Dominant, Bossy, Thin-Skinned, Insecure –Get My Husband to Threaten Common Sense– Little Fox Has Requested a Photo of Yakov. Here it is:

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From NRO

concerning the Super Bowl halftime show:

But young men are still biologically programmed to desire to mate-and to desire to partake in such, um, activity with women of childbearing age. That means women who are not nearly eligible for AARP, no matter how scantily clad. Britney is mainstream sexy because she is young. She is cute. She is blonde. She has big blue eyes and a pleasing hip-to-waist ratio. She’s accessible, not scary, to teens. Madonna, Demi, and Janet are all over the hill. Let’s be realistic: If all you’re selling is sex, you’d better at least understand that your product has a shelf life. When will the producers wake up and tell their aging stable of no-talent stars: You’re just too old for the show!

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A Feminazi Attacks Laura Bush.

F— her, the jealous loser. It’s supposed to be a biography.

Wonderbar description from the Standard


Gerhart’s “The Perfect Wife” is only partially a book about the life and “choices” of First Lady Laura Bush. What it is really, more profoundly, is an interface between our author, a high-powered working mom (spurred on by like-minded acquaintances–the Washington “many,” the in-the-know people . . .) and her subject, a woman whose traditionalist lifestyle stumps, angers and maddeningly provokes Gerhart, inspiring a kind of bilious wistfulness that creeps through on every page.

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Check Out This Site.

It’s called

the Wilson Quarterly.

I was submitting an article to another site when I saw it in the links section. This is a treasure trove of information.

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Interview with Dr. David Buss.

One of the greatest geniuses to acknowledge my presence without doubt, and also one of the more meaningful works I’ve recorded and published.

You will approve of this one.

Mike just put it up.

People think “if things like violence or infidelity are rooted in evolved adaptations, then we are doomed to have violence and infidelity because they are an unalterable part of human nature. On the other hand, if violence and infidelity are caused by the ills of society, by media, by bad parenting, then we can fix these things and make a better world.” It’s what I call the “romantic fallacy”: I don’t want people to be like that, therefore they are not like that

Dr. Buss is the best of the best.

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Principal Stalin.
Weekly cartoon

on zero tolerance and zero intelligence in our schools from Reason.

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The Fox Hunt

From the readers. . .

“I wrote CommonSense regarding his dissing of poor LF after I checked out her “Fox Cam”. I have to admit, I was embarrassed for her more than anything. Her video had no new schtick (a rehash of her written “warning”, mingled with the Pledge), and it pegged at a solid 10 on the Cornometer (just made that up). I’m reminded of the saying “you have a face made for radio”. She should stick to writing, she’s actually pretty good at that. I did watch her entire vid though, albeit like a train wreck. Not that she’s unattractive, she -like most people- just don’t have what it takes to be

in pictures– especially moving ones with sound. She left herself wide open to ridicule, and CS merely pointed this out.”

and the latest. . .

“It’s time she heard more than the sound of sycophants. Three marriage proposals, sheez what kind of losers would

commit to a future existence with her, and of course her head swells to enormous size.”

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pic taken down

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Common Sense Fired As Howard Dean’s Running Mate.

UPI Services Report.

Says Dean,”He was a total scum bag. The other night I went to his room to discuss strategy and found him doing a hot Asian chick. He tried to claim she was a stalker and by ‘affirming her existence’ he hoped to be rid of her. I told him to pack his bags and bong and go. You know, if it would have been a gay guy I could have looked the other way but this is f—ing nuts. That guy cost me Iowa doing all those farmer daughters.”

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Our Culture is a Sewer.
Peggy Noonan

hopes that the Janet Jackson boobus laroobus show the other night marks the moment that the frog feels the boiling water and jumps out of the pot. My only question is where they would jump to from the status quo.

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Gus, Hear’s Your Answer on Gay Marriage.
It’s from Stanley Kurtz

and it’s even more valuable than his essay in


last year. It’s a study of gay marriage’s deleterious impact on marriage rates in Sweden. I have no respect for the Scandanavian governments at any level.

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The South Will Never Go Democrat.
Not again anyway.

It’s funny the way in which people think that because John Edwards is from NC that he’ll get any votes on a national ticket. A better theory is that Kerry will pick Gephardt because he might obtain Missouri and Pennsylvania for him.

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A Question

Could someone please tell me why homosexual couples are entitled to anything?

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Kerry Wins Big.
Super Tuesday is Super Over.

Kerry’s up 5 for 7, which makes it 7 for 9. Good, now Bush can train and concentrate his fire on the aristocratic protector of the teacher unions and trial lawyers.

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The Iron School Chancellor.

You may know Sol Stern from City Journal. He wrote the outstanding a fine memoir of the 60s-90s. Anyway, here he refers to the

educational commandant

of New York.

Thousands of teachers are demoralized and close to revolt over his attempts to micromanage every last detail of their classroom practices. Reading experts representing the New York State Education Department have voted no confidence in the “balanced literacy” curriculum he has imposed top-down on most city schools, rejecting it as “a philosophical framework” unsupported by “current scientifically based research on reading.”

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Now, More than Ever!

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Boys Are Stupid–A thing of the Past.

Just in case you missed this, and I doubt anyone did,

here’s a story

about Glenn Sacks and others fighting to refuse obvious Hate T-shirts that are not qualified as hate because they slander men.

The T-shirts and pajamas are meant to be funny, with cartoon captions like “Boys Are Stupid – Throw Rocks At Them.” But some protesters, encouraged by a fathers-rights talk show host, are unamused and have pressured three retail chains into dropping the merchandise.

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Common Sense Responds!

I have him on the cellphone at the moment and he says, “Fire, tell the not so little dog that I believe her about not taking a big black paintbrush to her roots. Help! Help! I need a root job! Call queer eye.”

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It’s Little Fox: Three Marriage Solicitations Can’t Be Wrong!!!

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We Complain About Government, Well, What Are We Doing About It?

In the past two days, this blog has had two posts linking to two excellent articles.

The first article

(courteousy of UberBern) spoke to the tremendous increase in the Federal government’s size and budget over the years.

The second article

(courteousy of yours truely) spoke to competing ideologies about the proper role of government and the individual’s relationship to it. The thesis of both those articles are all well and good – as long as we chose to act on them.

As “conservatives,” or “liberaterians,” or anything in between, we often complain about the government being too big and taxes too high. The fact of the matter is, we do need some taxes and some government. We simply have to decide how much. But the problem is we want (and I mean the people in general) an increase in services with a decrease in taxes without really realizing it. That’s a combination that just doesn’t make much sense.

So as the election cycle starts to heat up, we should make it a duty – we owe to our country – that whenever we hear a politician, federal, state or local, talk about a new government program, we ask how that program is going to be paid for. Conversely, whenever a politician talks about cutting taxes, we need to ask which programs are going to be defunded along with the decrease in revenue

The tricky part will be deciding what programs stay, and what programs go. We need an FDA, USDA, and even and EPA (do you really think toxins won’t be dumped if left up to the integrity of some corporation?) As I said earlier, it’s just how much government do we want. For starters, I think the FCC should stop the absurd notion of enforcing “decency” laws. The burden should be on parents to determine what their kids view – Janet Jackson’s nipple notwithstanding. The DEA should stop wasting money on busting pot growers. There ain’t a cop nor judge in the country who gives a crap in anyone has less than an ounce. And why do we have a national education deparment when education is a local issue?

Entire governmental programs don’t need to be cut of course. We probably could get away with cleaning up the beauracracy – making it more efficient – and that alone will save billions of dollars. Case in point, on the loc?al level, here in Chicago, a friend of mine who works for the City is having a disciplinary hearing tomorrow for breaking his department’s policy. The policy he broke: he sent an email IN ALL CAPS. Does the City of Chicago really need to waste the tax payers money first by creating the policy and two by enforcing the policy? In good ol’ Cal-eeforn-yuh, our friend Pete Mayer recently wrote on this blog about some governmental asshole who wants to Feng Shui all the public buildings.

The good news is that much of the governmental proposed waste never actually becomes law. But unfortunately, simply introducing a bill in the state legislature is a tremendous burden on the tax payers. Ten years ago in Illinois, it cost $17,444 to simply introduce a bill! There were 5,800 bills introduced. You do the math to find to figure out how much is being wasted. Illinois isn’t even the worst state. In Pennsylvania it cost $52,000 to introduce a bill and $735,000 to pass a bill. That’s one bill! The next time your state senator introduces a bill for a new commerative liscense plate that costs more to produce than it brings in, let him know you object to him flushing money down the toliet.

So if we’re serious about “taking back the government,” let’s do something about it. Let’s demand that government actually reduce its size – not only in the scope of services rendered, but also in terms of employment. With the election cycle about to get into full swing, it is now the pefect time to start the revolution.

Posted by CommonSense @ 6:24 PM

Needed: A Nation of “Prudes”

Let’s get right to it. When Janet Jackson bared her right nipple tp the whole world, or at least a large part of it, during the Super Bowl half-time show, she continued a pattern which has been been going on for some time and is gaining momentum.

Tammy Bruce calls it “Incrementalism”, the slow erosion of any kind of standards of decency and morality.

(A word about the word “morality”. It’s one that curiously offends a lot of people so let’s just say, “the standards for being a human being”)

It is a combination of the idea that sex has no rules and the narcissistic notion that adults are the only people who count.

The “What’s the big deal?” defense is the first thing that has to be deconstructed.

The Super Bowl is, I believe, the most widely watched show on TV. Probably it is one of the few times that families have to get together and enjoy something as a unit.

So what are they treated to? Not only Janet Jackson’s nipple but dogs biting a guy’s crotch for a beer, gas-passing horses (a bit stolen from “Seinfeld” by the way) and suggestions of bestiality in the Budweiser commercial in which a chimp asks a woman if back hair bothers her and a rapper holding his crotch all the way through his song (and of course the camera stays on him).

If you find this funny, you might just want to ask yourself why you find it funny.

Children, who are supposed to be watching a football game, should not be subjected to this kind of abuse. And that is exactly what it is.

I’m sick of it and, no, I am not going to defend my experience of the darker side of life, which I have had more than enough of by the way, by saying “I’m no prude but..”

There are no excuses for what happened during the half-time show on Sunday. This is not about the First Amendment; it is about being an adult and respecting the rights of others.

CBS, the NFL, Viacom and MTV all had a hand in this, directly or indirectly.

Each of them should be fined and fined heavily. And each of them owes the public, who supports their ventures, a big, BIG apology.

And for the people who say, “What’s the big deal?”, the big deal is this: there are times and places for everything. That’s what being a grown-up is all about.

You laugh at “The Three Stooges” but only a nit-wit laughs at Auschwitz or a woman publicly degrading herself before literally tens of millions of people.

What Janet Jackson did is not “hip” or “cool”; it is childish and disgusting.

Last point: if anyone wants to call me a “Prude”, fine. Here’s the route I’m taking: for too long the media, arts and entertainment businesses have been dominated by no talent people whose maturity level can’t be too much higher that 15.

And that may be an insult to a lot of 15 year olds.

It’s time they were handled the same way misguided children (which is what they are) are handled, firmly and with clear rules in language they understand.

Where do Viacom, the NFL, CBS and MTV go if no one watches them?

Posted by Gus @ 6:11 PM

Bush a “Deserter?”

By Pete Mayer

Give it up Mr. Moore,

hopefully this article

-and moore like it- will finally put this non-issue to rest. In response to Peter Jennings’ confrontational questioning, Gen. Wesley Clark said, “To be honest with you, I did not look at the facts, Peter. You know, that’s Michael Moore’s opinion. He’s entitled to say that. I’ve seen — he’s not the only person who’s said that. I’ve not followed up on those facts. And frankly, it’s not relevant to me and why I’m in this campaign.” The total absence of objective thinking is -in my opinion- indicative of the General’s character… or lack thereof.

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The Little Fox Attacks the Great Hero of the People, Common Sense.

In response to “The not so little fox is absurd” blurb that Not So Much Common Sense posted a few days ago, I would like to make the following rebuttal: Why is it that when a woman is outspoken and smart that the only thing anyone wants to ridicule is her weight or looks?

[I will say, as editor, that the Little Fox does describe herself as being beautiful which is something a man would never do. If you say you’re beautiful then you open yourself up for this type of thing]

I don’t need to defend either to any of you especially when my site is not a porn site but a political commentary page (even though I’ve received 3 marriage proposals from those photos in 3 months). What is particularly interesting to me is that any woman, in Not So Much Common Sense’s opinion, who has a webpage should be selling something other than her ideas.

[Well, she did use photographic representations of herself and video clips to express her points]

I have never claimed to be a Playboy Bunny. I also will not show anyone my boobs (to N.S.M.C.S.’s deep dissapointment).

[What about her husband!]

When N.S.M.C.S. writes something I don’t like, I debate it with him. On the other hand, If I write something he doesn’t like, he criticizes my supposed weight problem (really strange, because he’s never seen me from the neck down.) I challenge Senor Cad to be brave enough to post a photo of himself so that all of us may see what is so spectacularly attractive about him that makes him an expert on everyone else’s appearance. (I suspect he is sorely in need of a Queer Eye makeover.) Advice: Put some of the energy you funnel into tearing down others into getting a job. Maybe that way could actually get a date.

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Of Boobs, TV, and Censorship

Janet Jackson, apparently in a plublicity stunt gone wrong,

showed her boobie

to a worldwide television audience during Sunday’s Stuporbowl. No man in his right mind, after watching half a football game, is going to stay seated in his easy chair in order to watch Miss Nasty herself lipsync. The point is, nobody probably witnessed it. Yet, the FCC is up in arms enough to announce they are

launching an investigation into the matter

. Hey, Howard Dean may be crazy, but at least he knows enough to

call the whole thing a bit “silly.”

The real investigation should be why Jackson’s tits are a different color than her face. Or if that piece of jewelry stays on when she’s not as cold as she apparently was that fateful night in Houston.

The thing that really ticks me off about the whole incident is the liberal use of the word “artist.” Tom Poleman, Senior VP of programing at NYC’s Z100 radio station said “Every time an artist does something you think they sort of break the barrier, and it keeps getting more and more outrageous. . . I think artists will keep on exploiting every opportunity they can get.”
Isn’t calling Janet Jackson an “artist” elevating her to a status that is just a wee bit high? Jackson is an entertainer. That’s it. Nothing more. What she does is not art. It is entertainment (although who she actually entertains is beyond me). In our empty, valueless, without meaning entertainment driven (or ridden) society, it is disgusting that a bunch of narcissists have to justify their existence by calling themselves something they are not. Do we really want to let people like Jackson (she and her brother for that matter, and I’m not talking about Jermaine) and Madonna have the same cultural weight as Beethoven, Mozart, and Bach? Since when did the ability to lip sync while gyrate your hips to someone else’s music become art? At best, Jackson and her cohorts are a successful version of the ’80s TV show, “Puttin’ On the Hits.”

Art gives value to humanity. What does Janet Jackson give besides a headline to Entertainment Tonight and Access Hollywood? The touchy part is that “art” is subjective. Hence the rise of performance “art,” tattoos, and Jennifer Aniston’s career. To paraphrase our great Supreme Court, I may not be able to define art, but I know it when I see it. And Janet Jackson ain’t it.

Posted by CommonSense @ 10:49 PM

Fire Believed By Authorities to Be Man In Front and on the Right.

Posted by Fire @ 10:43 PM

Being a Columnist Sucks.
By Paul Craig Roberts.

He’s one of the best around and ought to know. That’s the same fellow who wrote the tax attack from last week. The abuse isn’t always fun, but, you know, it’s often the only time that the leftists hear any dissenting opinions. That’s why they get so mad, I believe.

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More Words of the Master.
Roger Kimball

, hero and conservative stalwart, back again as it is early in the month, with his usual short paragraphs in the Notes & Comments section of The New Criterion. A glorious read!

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Somerset Maugham.
One of my favorite writers is the subject by a new biography

. The reviewer, is Anthony Daniels/Theodore Dalyrimple who’s also a total stud. It’s a quick read, particularly if, like me, you go few places without

The Moon and Sixpence, Cakes and Ale, and Of Human Bondage

never far from your mind. How good is Maugham? I loved him dearly. See for yourself.

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Spend Cash Until You’re Dead.

The wonderful

Stephen Moore’s

accurate view of our government: thievery and our guy’s no better than the rest–lamentfully.

In 1940 there were 4 million Americans working for government and 11 million working in manufacturing. Today, there are 7 million more Americans working for government (21.5 million) than in all manufacturing industries (14.5 million). We have shifted from an economy of people who make things, to an economy of people who tax, regulate, subsidize, and outlaw things. We certainly have more rule-makers and red-tape dispensers than ever before.

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pic taken down

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The Toiletbowl.
Here’s Reid Collins

writing in response to the low-level ads we saw last night. I was in a bar and didn’t hear any of the words spoken in them.

For reasons known only to CBS and the time buyers, the commercials during most of the second half were reasonably tame. There were some appeals to responsibility when drinking, a couple of expensive car ads, some inoffensives for AOL, but no further plays on bestiality, flatulence or painful depilatory episodes. Too bad, for by now the kiddies were in bed. The rectitude of the network had spared them and their elders the pain of watching a commercial with political overtones, the CBS practices regime rejecting such a crass offering.

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The Peter Principle.

This describes much of my experience

working in a bureaucracy.

I saw this yesterday and wanted to copy it for everyone at school but all heck would break loose.

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Words of the Master.

“The NEA, W’s way.” A new one, by the

biggest dog, Roger Kimball.
He has cut out the cutting edge and put back the art. Instead of supporting repellent “transgressive” freaks, he has instituted an important new program to bring Shakespeare to communities across America. And by Shakespeare I mean Shakespeare, not some PoMo rendition that portrays Hamlet in drag or sets A Midsummer Night’s Dream in a concentration camp.

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Confederates for Howard Dean.
Oh this is just hysterical.

Couldn’t happen to a bigger pr-ck. He deserves the parody.

A Southern Strategy for the 21st Century. Howard Dean is giving us a reason to vote Democrat again. — Robert E. Lee, Dean Supporter

That’s a riot.

Posted by Fire @ 1:28 PM

Radical Islam in our Backyard.
Here’s one by Mike Bowers

from Orland Park (IL’s) newspaper on Muslim hate. It’s an intensive investigative piece. I fear for the columnist’s health based on what we know of these extremists.

Posted by Fire @ 1:21 PM

Nice Guy Sighting.

Yes, he’s back. From Russia actually and he’s got a new screed up on his

site on men

being denied the right to vote. Personally, I am glad that felons are barred from the polls but he presents an interesting case.

Posted by Fire @ 1:20 PM

Freedom v. Equality

By George Will

“. . . 2004 may secure the ascendancy of one of two radically different ideas of the proper role of government and the individual’s proper relationship to it.”

Posted by CommonSense @ 12:30 PM

Asian Chick Stalks Common Sense.

When are these girls going to learn to leave him alone?

Posted by Fire @ 9:10 AM

Howard Dean, Killed By the Clintons.

Per the eminent

Emmett Tyrrell

of ye old Spectator writing in the Opinion Journal. The Clintons offed him to save the enchilada for El Coozos Nochos, Hillary.

Looking back on the assault on Mr. Dean before the Iowa caucuses, one is reminded of the old joke that politics really is a blood sport, and by caucus day the blood was everywhere and so were the Clintons’ fingerprints. I cannot recall such a concerted assault on a front-runner in any other primary season. Dick Morris was, perhaps, the first to claim that Mr. McAuliffe’s agents spread negative research against Mr. Dean.

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The Many Changing Positions of John Kerry.

He’s a clown but

he’s a slick clown

and I’m sure he’ll win the primary. Then I predict, Bush 51% Kerry 47% other 2% in November 2004. Then let’s get George to be a conservative.

“Kerry,” Gillespie said, is “one of the most liberal members of the Senate.” More so, in fact, than the senior senator from Massachusetts: “Americans for Democratic Action–the premier liberal rating organization–puts [Kerry’s] lifetime rating at 93 percent,” Gillespie noted. “Senator [Edward M.] Kennedy has a lifetime rating of 88 percent–five points less.”

Gillespie paused. “Who would have guessed it?” he asked. “Ted Kennedy is the conservative senator from Massachusetts!”

Posted by Fire @ 8:26 AM

Racial Football.

Rick Telander: Racist Bastard.

Here’s a piece I wrote

yesterday for Hudson on the whole reparations kerfluffle.

Telander has several “I have recently purchased a condominium on Mars” moments in this diatribe. Few are more perplexing than this doozy: “The Super Bowl, in its frenzy of glitz, hyperbole and cheery rhetoric, gives viewers a wildly skewed vision of the reality of being black in the United States.”

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