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Gibson Analysis Incorrect.

CS’s blog concerning the views of Mel Gibson’s dad was out of line in my opinion. It is illogical to hold the views of a person’s family members against them. In my own personal context, you could argue that I’d have to be a liberal based on the words of all my relatives. You could dig out a thousand quotes from my dad (may you rest in peace) that celebrate FDR and Jimmy Carter as well as his famous statement to me that “Democrats want to help people and the Republicans don’t.” Besides, it was the gospels that ultimately inspired Gibson to make the movie and if people don’t like it they don’t have to see it.

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Lou Dobbs in US News & WR
While many news organizations continue to focus on gossiptainment, they are all but ignoring such serious issues as our out-of-control national deficit, the depths of our government’s unfunded and underfunded liabilities, which add up to tens of trillions of dollars, and the exporting of hundreds of thousands of American jobs to cheap overseas labor markets. Not to mention what is no less than an immigration crisis.

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Thank you, Mr Washington

His monument is the dullest in Washington, a city that was named after him and rightfully so.

It has none of the poignancy of the Viet-Nam Memorial, none of the grandeur of the Lincoln Memorial and none of the charm of the cherry- blossomed Jefferson Memorial. It dominates the historical area of Washington because of its simplicity and its size as does the man.

One of the tragedies of the past 35 years is the high-jacking of American history by the Marxist intellectuals who infest our universities and whose heroes are Lenin, Stalin and Mao.

It is a safe bet that none of those men could have written a letter to the Jewish congregation of Newport, RI welcoming them to this country and ensuring them protection as then President Washington did.

The trashing of American history means that there is a generation of people who associate Washington with having wooden teeth, slaves and an affair with Sally Fairfax. They do not know of Napoleon’s tragic words, “They expected me to be another Washington”, meaning that the French people expected Napoleon, like Scipio Africanus in Rome, to step down at the appropriate moment for the good of his country.

What this has meant to France is a nearly 200 year old struggle for legitimacy and stability with periodic fits of disgrace and dishonor.

Washington was great for two reasons.

The first was his relentless courage. Reading history backwards he comes out as “The Father of Our Country”. What we forget is that, if he and the revolutionaries had lost, he would have been the first to be hanged.

From 1776 to 1781 persevering through defeat after defeat, often at odds with the Congress that had appointed him, having an army that periodically melted away, and sometimes, as in the case of Benedict Arnold, betrayed

him, he stayed the course and ultimately won.

His second great quality was his sense of his own boundaries. He knew that he was setting precedents for future Presidents. He refused to be called “Your Highness”. He was “Mr President.” There was to be no bowing in his presence. And after 8 years in office he left.

The transfer of power was a problem the USSR (every marxist intellectual should receive a Christmas card very year reminding them that it was on this day in 1991 that their great gift to humanity imploded after killing at least 20,000,000 of its own people) never solved and either has China nor has Islam with the exception of Turkey.

The 19th century, following Parson Weems’ biography, saw Washington as the little boy who cut down the cherry tree and never told a lie.


Persevering for 6 long years against the greatest power in the world at that time and setting standards that ensured the existence and flourishing of the world’s oldest constitutional democracy for 228 years?

Not poppycock.

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The Elder Gibson Speaks Out

Remember folks, this is the guy that inspired Mel to make the movie. . .

Hutton Gibson follows a tiny wing of traditionalist Catholicism that views the modernizing reforms of the Second Vatican Council as a conspiracy between Jews and Masons to take over the church.

But my favorite quote is

“They claimed that there were 6.2 million (Jews) in Poland before the war and after the war there were 200,000, therefore he (Hitler) must have killed 6 million of them. They simply got up and left. They were all over the Bronx and Brooklyn and Sydney and Los Angeles.”

Hey, they don’t call it “Jew York City” for nuthin’.

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Defending the Ring and Tolkien.

Mike just put this one up. I apologize to everyone for taking up so much space on the blog when I ran the whole article yesterday. I was pretty outraged by the article and wanted to be heard. He subtitled it,

“Chapin Strikes Back.”

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Feminists Attack Tolkien.

You’d think I made this up if I didn’t include

the link.

What an outrage. Lying scum. What can be said about such statements? I’m writing about this one, that’s it. I wish there were 90 hours in a weekend.

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Pic taken down

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Arnie Steps In.

It’s a little late now I think but we see

the Gov.

trying to take Pete’s back. I suspect that most of us, when it comes to gay marriage, don’t have much energy left to fight it (which was exactly their plan in the first place). I like the fact that the Attorney General is a Democrat who’s not letting the radical left control him. Good work.

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New Site: The Club for Growth.

Look, I know we do the Wictory Wednesday thing around here but let’s face it, if you want your money (as if any of really have any) to do great things,

Stephen Moore and his Club for Growth

are the way to go. I also like the fact that they created

to make fun of moveon.

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In Reproductive Battles, Are Women Instinctively Catty?
Got this one

from Yet more rationale as to why I love evopsych. The only thing I’d say is that one women’s opinion of another rarely meant anything to me in terms of finding them attractive, but, if they lied about another girl and said they were promiscuous when they weren’t I can see how that would have had an effect. By the way, Johnny Q-Bacca brought up last night my deficiencies in not adoring slutty chicks so never let it be said we ignore conflicting opinions and don’t convey them here [that was tongue in cheek].

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The Revolt of the Masses.

This was one of my

favorite books

in college although I was not impressed by Man and People. I forgot about this old standard and was happy to see Intellectual Conservative do a piece on it.

The hero…creates the noble life by exerting his will to go beyond the ordinary…The opposite of the hero, the mass man, is content with his own mediocrity and relies on opinion rather than reason…Though each individual sees truth from a unique perspective, truth itself is absolute.

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Cartoon From Reason on John Kerry.

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Pepper and Shelly Elope!

And to think that for all these years I was calling them sisters. Today, after a hard day of slaving in the underground aerospace mines, I came home to find a very official letter in the mail addressed to-get this- Mrs. and Mrs. Pepper and Shelly. What the f—? My Visa bill also came this very same day (go figure) with a bill to the tune of $959.75 for a Fed-Ex, round trip delivery of two canine cargoes-in first class canine cargo units, by the way, complete with kibble and DVD- to San Francisco (yeah, all that on a visa bill). I put two-and-two together, and brilliantly concluded that while this roving reporter was on his most rovingest assignment in nor-cal, these two ‘secret-canine-lesbian-lovers’ (arrange those words in any order, they all work, it’s fun) snuck right under my nose, and hurt me deeply. Couldn’t we have just talked about it? What do I call you now, what do you call each other in doggy-talk? And when are you going to get a job, like you’ve been promising; kibble doesn’t grow on trees you know- Ahhh, lazy canines. Oh well, they’re both 14 so that makes them like, 118 in people years (I left my calculator at work and the Microsoft calculator has no inverse trig functions so I never learnt it, sorry).

So I guess that makes them entitled to do whatever it is they please, in their little doggy-world. Sure, they got their piece of paper, and I’ll just have to get used to it. But about this visa bill, hmmm… Pepper, Shelly? Do you gals know how to type?

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The Rape Scam

Katie Hnida, “the place kicker” at one time for Colorado has come forward to complain that she was sexually harrassed and nearly raped while she was at the University.

First of all I find myself wondering why she was the place kicker. Do you mean to tell me seriously that there are no males who can’t kick better than Miss Hnida?

I saw her kick in a bowl game last year and she was pathetic.

Frankly I find that hard to believe.

Secondly I was intrigued by the reporting of the story in ESPN.

The incident happened at the home of the young man who was the “alleged” aggressor.

There’s a few things I want to know about that. Were they baking chocolate chip cookies at 11 am in the kitchen for a children’s birthday party?

Or was it 11 pm and they were watching porn flicks while drinking tequilla and doing “body shots”, i.e., licking salt off each other’s body parts before the tequila?

I mention the tequila and “body shots” because there is a male cadet at the Air Force Academy who could possibly face life imprisonment for rape which involved just such an incident with tequila and a female cadet.

Another of her statements says that he started to kiss her and then he was on top of her. Please notice that there is nothing about what she had done just prior to the attempted kiss. Just making batter for those cookies? Or “messing around”?

Whatever sexual activity that happens in such a situation is not rape. Period. Assault? Maybe. Or maybe we need a new category of crime called “enticement” that women can be held accountable for?

Rape according to the Torah is when the woman cries out immediately. The example I always think of is the young Central Park jogger who was tragically and brutally “wilded” by a gang several years ago. That is rape.

This nonsense started with Desiree Washington who was “raped” by Mike Tyson in his hotel room at 2 am. “What did she think they were going to do”, asked Donald Trump,”Talk about nuclear physics?”

The list goes on.

For 35 years we have been breaking down the barriers between men and women such as mixed dorms and even rooms thereby placing more and more responsibility on men and none on women.

The Air force Academy scandals are like someone being surprised when you pour out some kerosene and throw a match on it. You have a fire!

What do you know? You have a fire!

And then there are the 10-15% ship-board pregnancies, the third string catcher for the Florida Marlins who was accused of rape in a similar hotel room situation to the Kobe Bryant-Katelyn Faber affair and the rape reports coming out of Iraq.

What is interesting about all thes “rape” situations is that they occur when women are in the “red zone”, the types of situations where sexual activity is most likely to occur and WHERE WOMEN HAVE PUT THEMSELVES IN.

Don’t women have a right to be in the Air Force Academy, on shipboard in the Navy, on men’s football teams?

That’s a good question and the answer is not immediately obvious despite feminist prattle,

Our notions of sexuality and rights have become so distorted, warped and bizarre over the past 35 years that it will take time, effort and considerable suffering to sort them out.


Men must no longer tolerate infantile, narcissiatic nonsense like “‘No’ means ‘No’ and ‘Yes’ means ‘Yes’ no matter where or how we dress”. It must be emphatically confronted and changed.

What I do know is that there are 3 groups of people I do not respect:

Males who take advantage of or use women such as the Central Park rapists or the schools who use “call girls” in the recruitment strategy as Colorado apparently did.

But that is obvious.

Not so obvious are females like Miss Hnida who issue whiney self-serving statements saying how there lives have been scarred forever by these horrible experiences and the older women, huffing and puffing with indignation, who immediately start condemning men without taking into consideration the other facts of the situation. ation. The feminist movement has made a cynical and hypocritical use of rape to attack men (didn’t hear too much about Paula Jones, the woman who was groped at the White House by Bill Clinton or Jennifer Flowers, did you?)

It is time that men started witholding their automatic guilt and sympathy towards women who have claimed that they were raped until it has been established.

Finally there are the men who are so enthralled by the notion of chivalry and fear of woman-bashing that they remain silent. Each of these men needs to ask himself whether he has pointed out the dark side of woman’s nature while protecting the good side.

As for sympathy and admiration, I will withold it for the Central Park jogger who suffered innocently and horribly and valliantly fought her way back to life.

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Ford Foundation Bankrolls Womyn’s Studies.

Yuck! I knew

some of this already

but the way in which the left has denigrated our foundations is sickening.

In 1971, a group of feminists approached Ford president McGeorge Bundy with a request to involve itself in the feminist movement the way it had in the Civil Rights movement, essentially, creating it out of whole cloth. The result of those early discussions was a full-fledged womens project to fund the small number of existing womens advocacy organizations, and also to create a whole new field within academia known as ‘womens studies.’ In 1972, Ford announced the first $1 million national fellowship program for ‘faculty and doctoral dissertation research on the role of women in society and Women’s Studies broadly construed.’ A 1996 article by Heather MacDonald reported that womens studies programs had received $36 million between 1972-1992 from Ford and other foundations.

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Courtney Paranoid.

[From Today’s Opinion Journal]

TOUGH LOVE: Add Courtney Love to the list of those who believe Mother Knows Best. Miss Love, who had a bench warrant issued for her arrest after she skipped a court hearing on drug charges, is fighting for legal custody of her daughter, Frances Bean Cobain. In a rambling phone interview with Howard Stern, the rock star/actress declared that the real reason the authorities are after her is that she is “the only female rock star who’s a single mother.” According to, Miss Love told Mr. Stern that, even though she isn’t the apron-and-apple-pie type, she’s a good mom and her daughter is a model child: “If you met her, you’d be shocked. . . . she’s no Kelly Osbourne. She doesn’t cuss or swear.”

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Asian Chicks Really Do Prefer Common Sense.

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I’m A Cartoon Character, With the Anvil of Damocles Hanging Over my Head.

Yes, it is true, soon I may be

Unemployed Man

. Such is the fate of a so-Cal aerospace engineer. Can’t complain though; rockets, space stations, jets, blah blah. But if you have the time (20 min) to

read this

, perhaps you might think twice, or just think. It’s perhaps the best essay on true courage I’ve come across, and I don’t say that lightly. My buddy from work just built a plane in his garage– can’t wait to go up.

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Who Moved My Spaghetti?

Atkins, mega-protein, coral calcium, mega-vitamins, chiropractor, homeopathic, healing crystals, magnetic devices, and oh, so much more; all can be found at

Quack Watch

run by Doctor Stephen Barrett (a real, live, doctor and an all around great guy). Anyone who writes back to me-especially with this guy’s credentials-is huge in my book. He even linked to a site panning the so-called “Dr.” John Gray’s (Venus and Mars guy) degree I found. Check out Gray’s education as assessed on:

A Rebuttal from Uranus

… heh heh, get it? Oh, by the way, no wonder we are all suddenly fat in America: the


is worthless.

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Final Word on Little Fox.

Best of luck in all future endeavors. Good enough?

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The Unemployed Brotherhood.

First it was Common Sense but now Pete and I are looking at some serious bread lines. I’ll let Pete speak for himself but Princess Sparkle got emailed (from no one I know as I didn’t send it to out to any co-workers) my article the other day. They pointed out that I must be getting famous (!) I got called and was told by the powers that be…a bunch of stuff. Anyway, I sent out two resumes Tuesday and more this weekend. My contract expires July 1st, at which point I’ll show up with Yakov and a terrier to stay on your couch. Well, it’s a hell of a story at least. They’ll be more to tell before I go.

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The Fiasco in San Francisco

Where do you draw the line?

The cowardice of the elected officials in San Francisco and California to carry out their duties as upholders of the law means that we are now living in a society where there is no law.

This is not a case of civil disobedience. It is a case of anarchy and “mob and media manipulation rule.”

The fundamental problem is that our nonsensical notions that everybody should have whatever they want and no one should ever have their feelings hurt or irreparable harm will be done to their psyches has reached its limit case.

No matter how much homosexuals want the public to approve the notion that there is such a thing as “same-sex marriage”, the fact is that the public hasn’t and, according to CBS, by a 2-1 margin.

The answer is no.

And anyone who thinks that caving in once more to “protesters” will bring peace should read the history of the 20th century.

This is not about “same-sex marriage”.

This is about the Marxist-Utopian-Feminist-Homosexual activists wanting to impose their view of society on the rest of us without our having any say in it.

And trying to cloak the whole affair as a civil rights issue is pure sham.

We are heading for a messy situation no matter what the officials in California do or don’t do.

On a personal note, I was recently called “a swine” in an e-mail and “not being very sensitive” by one of these “sensitive”, “caring”, “I want my way or else” types because I didn’t agree with him.

We can bite the bullet now or we can bite the bullet later.

There is no such thing as”same-sex marriage” and it is absurd to contend that a group can have a right to something that doesn’t exist.

Homosexuality is an tragic aberration. Trying to deal with it by social approval will ultimately lead to social disaster

“Same-sex marriage” is the Fort Sumter of the culture wars.

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Critics say Gibson film mimics a hateful book: Scenes similar to nun’s anti-Semitic portrayal

This is the first review of Gibson’s movie that I have read that specifical mentions criticisms.

Knowing where Gibson is drawing his material from is VERY important. As one critic said:

“We feel secure and well established here in our country, but we know this history. We know what has happened in the past. That’s why we’ve got such a high level of anxiety.”

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My Gov, Why Have You Forsaken Us.

Sorry to be blasphemous, but this is one of those rare times where I don’t really care. Why isn’t S.F. Mayor Gavin Newsom arrested yet? He broke the law, the last time I checked that means you get arrested, and I do speak from experience. I expected more from you, Governor Schwartzenneger (I ignored my spell check, just to spite you) than

just a request to desist

. Terminate him, or at least fine him, and put a stop to the madness. Or just change the law; it’s been three whole years since prop 22 was passed.

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Cash on Dean.

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The Marxist-Socialist NBC Network.


it’s MSNBC

and they’re now solidly in the hands of a Clintonista. Woe are their regular watchers. Joe Scarborough will be out of there like an 20 year old college girl who just discovered her new “dorm” happened to be the bachelor pad of a Mr. Yakov Bok. I scanned this one about 15 hours ago and enjoyed it tremendously. However, the link to the fair Mr. Bok is more than accidental as this slave to Bill and Hillary hails from the same part of town as Common Sense:

“Kaplan was born in the Rogers Park section of Chicago,” wrote David Margolick in a January 1998 Vanity Fair profile. “His childhood was filled with friends and Democratic politics; Chicago mayor Richard J. Daley and John F. Kennedy were icons in his home.

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Low Carb Diet The Rage.

I hate to agree with

the New York Times

but they’re right about carbohydrates. Almost everyone I know is swearing them off (except me but I’m a gluttonous tool). Everyone I know at work is doing a variation of the Atkins. I know one guy who’s even eating egg salad every single night.

Low-carb mania has spread beyond the millions of low-carb dieters. Food industry analysts say a far greater number of people are now “carb aware,” even carb-phobic, cutting out those foods not as a way to lose weight, but because of a general sense that they are unhealthy. That is prompting changes in the way food is made, packaged and sold like nothing since the early 1990’s, when even nondieters began loading their carts with low-fat yogurts and snacks..

Of course you know it’s a NYT article later on when they announce that Europe doesn’t have any of our dietary problems.

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Leftism and the Post-Religious Church.

A 2002, pre-blog,

John Jay Ray essay.

He’s at his best when describing the left.

When their traditional religious formulas and beliefs became widely questioned, they abandoned any advocacy of them and had nothing substantial to replace them. They now offer a facility for worship and fellowship but have no authority in matters of morals, doctrine or anything else. They have become social facilities rather than religious institutions. Rather than deliver salvation, all that many churches now aspire to is to make their congregations feel good. And old stone Cathedrals, magnificent vestments, mesmeric chants, angelic choirs, soaring hymns, fragrant incense and powerful pipe organs assist greatly with that. No-one has ever denied that the Anglican churches in particular can do a good show when they try.

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The Public Square.
Got 90 minutes?

If you do, you may want to check out Father Neuhaus’s column in his epic journal First Things. It’s called “The Public Square” and it came out to 20 pages on my Word program. He puts out 10 issues a year. What an unbelievable pace of production for this holy figure. Educational material; magnificent site.

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Glenn Reynolds on the Future of Blogging.
The Rembrandt of blogs

speaks to those he has inspired about the nuts and bolts of self-publishing daily reflections and news (which is what we’re doing–at least the reflections part) on the internet. As you may know, he is



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Farebadly Howard Dean.
We’re glad you’re out.

Good riddance to leftist rubbish.

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Speaking of Big Government . . .

Last night I watched the Illinois Democratic Senatorial Candidates in a Q&A; with Chicago highschool students. Each candidate stated that he or she thinks the three biggest issues facing them are jobs, education, and healthcare. I understand how jobs can be a federal candidate’s issue. Congress has the power to regulate interstate commerce, blah, blah, blah. But will someone PLEASE tell me how Congress has the power to regulate education and healthcare? There are 50 states with 50 sets of statutes covering those very topics. That tells me that education and healthcare are STATE issues NOT federal issues! If we’re really serious about controlling the size of government, perhaps we should tell candidates for public office to stop trying to expand their powers.

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St George and his mother

GlennSacks wrote a great article recently panning Michael Moore, the author of “Stupid White Men”.

It reminded me of “Pinch” Sulzberger (the publisher of the New York Times, in case anybody doesn’t know) saying, “unless heterosexual white male are offended by what they read in the Times, then we are not doing our job.”

That’s a strange journalistic criterion. I always had the impression that journalism hd at least something to do with the truth but maybe I missed some thing.

Now I am intrigued by these white heterosexual guys who hate themselves so passionately as I am intrigued by their cousins, the white heterosexual men who make protecting women their top priority and still believe in chivalry.

I’ll stick to the first category.

These guys sound like males who have been raised by angry mothers in single parent homes. Daily they are treated to sermons and snide comments about how wicked, stupid and weak men are.

Over time they internalize this into a belief that their first mission in life is to protect their mothers from their fathers. Later this belief flowers into caving into their wives, having no sense of their own rights as men and holding women accountable for nothing.

Robert Blye says that men don’t start learning the truth about their fathers until they are 40. He also quotes a sad little anecdote about a son who visits his aging father to tell him that he finally realizes that his father had a story to tell too.

“Now I can die in peace”, the father says.

What women do is to pull the St George maneuver. They are the helpless, innocent maidens, totally blameless in any way for what went wrong with the marriage. (I have yet to hear a woman say that she was.) The father therefore is the Dragon. And presto! The son becomes the noble knight who has to protect and defend his mother.

And another emotionally castrated male is created.

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The Era of Big Government is…Here to Stay.

It’s pretty sad when they quote Clinton against you and that’s what

du Pont does here

. He throws the quote, deservedly, in President Bush’s direction.

President Bush would agree with Mr. Clinton’s first two sentences, but he has not worked to achieve the last three, a less bureaucratic government with reduced costs. He hasn’t vetoed a single spending bill (or any other bill).

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The Return…of the Stalkarazzi.

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Are Public and Private Schools Equal?

Only if you use jaded methodology like the authors of this study (which is being

reviewed here

). Education Next is a solid publication and they come out with stuff like this four times a year.

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The American Dream and the Public Schools.

After I finished reading Ravitch yesterday, I printed out a couple of book reviews. This one refutes a book about that offers

the usual liberal solutions

to problems the liberals started in the first place. Yeah, we need more forced integration of the schools. Right…idiots.

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Posted by Fire @ 4:30 AM

John Edwards Blazing Back.

from our old pal at The American Mind. Oh Wisconsin!

Posted by Pete @ 9:35 PM

Almost Live From San Francisco.
2,400 and counting

. I just returned from –can’t…resist…urge…to use a cliché- the Gay Area; your roving reporter will go to all lengths to bring you the story first hand. Actually, I read about it in the local paper (Contra Costa –ugh- Times) and saw it on local news, as I was visiting friends and family… I guess the ‘front line’ isn’t what it used to be. The Proposition 22 Legal Defense and Education Fund asked San Francisco Superior Court Judge James Warren to issue an order commanding the city to “cease and desist issuing marriage licenses to and/or solemnizing marriages of same-sex couples; to show cause before this court.” The judge responded to their order, which by the way is backed up by a state law and a proposition, with this pearl o’ wisdom: “The way you’ve written this it has a semicolon where it should have the word ‘or’,” the judge went on to say, “I don’t have the authority to issue it under these circumstances.” Hmmm, this begs the question; did he circle the grammar mistake with red pen, and put a little frowny face next to it? To me, this is just another example of courts run amuck. If gay couples want the same right to misery that over half of marriages face, let ‘em have it. However, this is a matter of a cities newly elected mayor (no relation) breaking the law/laws that this State has chosen to enact. Where are you Governor Schwarzenegger? If you don’t denounce this subversion of the law, I will be forced to retaliate the only way I know how, yes, I will misspell your name. Maybe then the judges, and the beauracrats, and you will take me seriously.

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Engineering Man

Recently, Fire directed our attention (mine at least) to the New Atlantis web site. One article really caught my eye:

“Why Not Artificial Wombs”

. They even have a cool new name for it, “ectogenesis.” I remember reading Aldous Huxley’s Brave new World as a kid (a little light reading), and although we are decades away according to some, this quote by a certain Doctor Liu (she even has an evil scientist name) makes one shudder, “Is it … science fiction to say maybe in the far future you could have a real breathing embryo and have a child in the laboratory?” the interviewer asked. “That’s my final goal,” said Dr. Liu. “I call it an artificial uterus. I want to see whether I can develop an actual external device with this endometrium cell and then probably with a computer system simulate the feed in medium, feed out medium… and also have a chip controlling the hormone level.” While conceding that such baby-incubating technology lies in the future, Dr. Liu said, “I believe this can be achieved, we could possibly have an artificial uterus so then you could grow a baby to term.” “Your bioethics cannot save you, Mwahahah!”, laughed the evil doctor. OK, so I made that last little bit up. But if you think stem cell research is controversial, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

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Honorary Co-Chairs of the Chapin Nation Reelection Fund.

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The Party of Carter or Kennedy?

I hope the party of toast but

Brooks has a valid point here

about the Democrats. They were once reliable on national defense. Brooks doesn’t know which way Kerry will go, but if you ask me, [music please] all he is saying…is give utopia a chance.

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Education: What’s Old is New.

This one’s by the legendary

Dianne Ravitch

and I’m about to read it myself.

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The Next Mumia.

Yuck! This guy’s crime really made me queasy. His name’s

Kevin Cooper.
On the night of June 4, four people were savagely murdered in the house next door to the one where Cooper had been hiding. A fifth victim miraculously survived the attack. The bodies of Doug and Peggy Ryen, their ten-year-old daughter Jessica, and eleven-year-old houseguest Chris Hughes were discovered the next day by Chris’s father. Clinging to life was eight-year-old Joshua Ryen, who had spent some eleven hours with his fingers pressed to his bleeding throat while lying next to his dead mother. All the victims had been stabbed and hacked with a buck knife and a hatchet.

Do something like that and the Hollywood stars line up to defend you. Don’t you see? He was oppressed. That’s what made him do it. F off.

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Shane Swing’s Site.
From the Pen

is a site that Shane is running with his dad and I thought I’d post the link so you could check it out.

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Common Sense/ Little Marsupial Disclaimer.

In yesterday’s piece, “I am Journalist–Hear Me Roar,” Common Sense was not poking fun at Little Fox for saying that she was a journalist. No, he was not doing this at all. In case anyone thought so I had 3 journalists from the BBC study his blog and determine he was not referring to her when he said “canine.”

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A Valentines Day Afterthought from S/W Airlines.

As my plane ascends the friendly skies and blue sky envelopes my world, nobody watches- nobody cares. I always watch, and gawk out the window, like what’s his name who soared too close to the heavens—but not. We soar, yes, but rarely fall. Sure, when we do it’s big, but rare: Window seat, please. I promise not to get up to pee; I just want a window seat. Pull the stick back and the little houses get smaller, push the stick forward- little houses get bigger. ‘Tis truly a wonderful sight, if you care to watch. If it’s the last sight I see I can perhaps die happy. I can’t help but see the similarity of flying and dating; everyone has become so jaded. No more fascination, no more, well… discovery. Life is just too short to become world-weary to flight, to love, to life itself. I choose to gaze at the sunset, to the stars, and to the city lights from two miles high. So shoot me, I’ve been shot before. We’re landing now, thanks for flying.

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Hey Desmond Tutu, SHUT UP!

Am I the only one who, whenever Desmond Tutu comes up, is reminded of the old Saturday Night Live Eddie Murphy skit where Murphy, as Tutu, breaks Doug Flutie’s Heismond Trophy? But that is neither here nor there.

Tutu has decided to weigh in on the Iraqi war, saying that

Bush and Blair should apologize

for waging an “immoral war.” Ok, so Tutu is a peacenik a la Ghandi, I’ll give him credit for that. But I think it’s a bit ironic that considering Tutu lived through apartheid South Africa, that by condemning Gulf War II, he is implicitly saying that Hussein and his racist regime should still be in power.

If these a**holes (that’s right, I just called the good Bishap an a**hole) who are against violence don’t want to implicitly state that regime change in Iraq was a bad thing, then perhaps they would better serve humanity by saying words to the effect of “I’m glad that Hussein is out of power. However, I’m sad that it took an act of violence.”

Symantics – ain’t it a bitch? There’s no mincing words here: Hey Desmond, SHUT UP!

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I am a journalist! Hear me ROAR!

That’s right folks, unlike other canine bloggers we know and like to make fun of, I’m an actual PAID journalist. “What” you ask, “That can’t be. Has Uberbern lost his mind?” Well, yes, Uberbern has lost mind but it has nothing to do with my status as a PROFESSIONAL JOURNALIST! See, I actually get PAID to watch the Chicago BlackHawks lose. It’s not bad, one, because I’m a hockey fanatic, and two, because I’m a Detroit RedWings fan so every Chicago loss, and there’s plenty of them, warm the cockles of my heart.

Yesterday, the

BlackHawks played the Washington Capitals

– two of the worst teams in the league. It promised to be a good match up considering how poor both teams are playing. The promise was not fullfilled as The Caps won 4-0.

Believing in the integrity of my position as a PROFESSIONAL JOURNALIST, I decided to harass some of the Captials’ players and ask the questions others dare not ask. See, I’m not one to walk the party line, I dare to strike out on my own rather than just say “ditto.”

Olie the Goalie

is rumored to be on the trading block. As a result, he was being grilled by the not so professional as myself journalists, asking the typical answers about how he felt. He of course replied with the typical cliche answers. “My heart is Washington,” or “I try not to think about it and just play my game.” You get the idea. I decided to throw him a curve ball. “Olie,” I asked, “do you ever get tired of answering questions with the same ol’ cliches?” Olie smiled and said “Yeah I do, but I try not to. It’s hard because the same questions get asked.” Keeping along the same lines I said, “It reminds me of that line from Bull Durham . . .” Olie, having a sense of humor then quoted the movie “You have to practice your cliches.” I couldn’t believe, it, here was one of the best goalies in the world relating to a the common man. Lord knows Baba Walters isn’t going to ask such hard hitting questions.

Next up was Hobie Baker runner up and Michigan State alum,

Anson Carter

. I grew up watching Michigan State hockey so I especially wanted to “interview” Mr. Carter. “Hey, ” I informally querried, trying to relate to him on a human level, “how was your time in East Lansing? That’s where I grew up.” “Fantastic,” he said. “I’d still play there if I could. All you’d have to do is pay me $10,000 per year.” I certainly hope that management didn’t hear that, especially in light of the collective bargaining agreement. Ol’ Anson may get his payroll wish sooner than he thinks. And what other “journalist” I ask you, has the skill to get a professional athlete to admit to being overpaid? You’d have to be wiley ol’ fox to get one of those guys to admit such damning evidence.

But I’m not a wiley ol’ fox. I’m just a simple professional journalist who loves my job. And hopefully my love of the journalistic arts, and it is an art, comes through in my writing. Otherwise, it would be absurd for me to waste your time with these ramblings. So if you need someone to ask the hard hitting questions, I will be your man, it’s only common sense.

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pic taken down

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The Opium of Professors.

Which of course is unbridled leftism.

This is a continuation of the essay

on TCS from last week and it has to be, along with the previous one, the best blogs I’ve ever provided anyone with. MUST READS! Hey, look here, it’s Common Sense:

Yet what remains after four years at the contemporary university, after the professors have had a chance to mold him according to their own vision of New Progressive Man? A dope-smoking, Che-Guevara-T-shirt-wearing foul-mouthed serial fornicator, whose conception of the higher moral life comprises recycling and voting a straight Green Party ticket, and whose idea of “spirituality” is hanging out with other New Age flakes at a Burning Man festival in the Nevada desert. He has been taught nothing about his religion except that it is a repressive sham, nothing about sexual morality except that there isn’t any, nothing about his country and its history except that it is “racist,” “sexist,” “homophobic,” and insensitive to people in wheelchairs, and would be much better if only if it was more like the country his parents had crawled under barbed wire to escape from.

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Whites Only Scholarship.
Sweeeeet! Got this from my brother in law, Doug.
The United Negro College Fund is within legal guidelines because race-based preferential treatment is allowed to make up for past discrimination, Scott said. However, despite the reverse discrimination arguments Coday could make, the fund is questionable. “One of the goals of the educational community is to promote diversity,” he said, adding Texas Tech’s student population is not representative of the population of Texas.

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Snide Larry David.
Never saw his show and now I never want to.

Apparently, his op-ed in the NYT can be described as “Dowdian.” He attacks G.W. Bush by ridiculing his own national guard service. Great, Costanza.

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Obesity in Sweden.

I did not know any of this. I thought the Swedes were a lean, welfare worshipping clan. I had no idea they were infected with the same “Pop Tart Fetish” as our nation.

A quick, informative read.

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Fascism at Berkeley.
Poor Pipes, poor audience, poor university system.

The whole strategy here is to call anybody who questions Islamofascism a Jew rather than refute their charges. I don’t know how Daniel Pipes put up with this abuse. I think I would have declined the invitation if I were him but his presence does a lot of good for everyone else.

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Canadian Universities and Political Correctness.

I just found

this essay

and it’s quite meticulous. Worth your skim.

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Coming up for air…

I have to explain my absence: I barely have time to arrange for my wedding because of spending so much time with my fiance. Fortunately, it’s not a very elaborate affair. I sometimes ponder (when I have a chance) that this is why politics in the states is so strange. Men, being the practical creatures we are, often spend our time solving problems rather than running to government to fix them. Leftists, on the other hand, run to government to fix problems whether they are real or not. Consequently, men and happily married women are underrepresented in politics (hmmm, maybe we ought to have preferences kicked in 🙂

There’s a sort of perverse genius about George W. Bush pushing billions of dollars down Federal Education’s throat similar to a forced feeding. Leftists are at a loss for words about what to do about the sorry state of affairs for socialism in the states. In Europe, socialism often does work (which is the problem) and causes taxpayers to overlook high unemployment and economic stagnation.

Anyways, I’m happy and don’t have a lot of time to think about politics for now other than to realize that despite life being sometimes difficult, it does go on for me and apparently for Fire as well as everyone else here. We will survive and set an example. Life, for men, is about survival. There has been no end to it. It’s just a more subtle struggle than in the past. That’s perhaps the most difficult part: Most young men just didn’t know there was a problem and they were brainwashed to not even think about it. We have to start thinking a little bit more selfishly but at the same time keep our eyes open for leadership opportunities as they arise.

I continue to read the blog and notice that Fire is becoming more and more creative with “multimedia”. I expect to start seeing some Flash anytime now! Cheers!

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pic taken down

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Free Grammar Lesson.
Mike Bowers’ latest.

This time our buddy isn’t Get Smarting around on the tail of Islamofacists. He’s examining 6 grammatical mistakes and providing advice. I took note of them as I can use the help. He can too as this isn’t the type of stuff that will get him set on fire by men with Hamas bandannas.

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Shane Swing’s Gay Marriage Questionnaire.

1. Whose family pays for the wedding?

2. Who carries whom over the threshold?

3. What side of the isle will each family sit and how will that discussion go?

4. Who wears the wedding ring, and who wears the wedding band, or will there be

two of each, depending on the sex of the participants?

5. Won’t every single private, commercial, industrial, civil, and

local-state-federal governmental agency have to rework their forms, flyers,

questionnaires, bylaws, licenses, insurance policies, and databases to

accommodate whatever new designation or title is given to these new “Union

Couples”? Databases can’t have more than one key-field, ie, you can’t have two

husbands or two wives, so how will this be handled by computers and won’t this

cost billions of dollars which heterosexuals will have to pay for, too?

6. Doesn’t this change in marriage custom and policy give heterosexuals the

same feeling of loss-of-ownership and belonging towards marriage that a child would have towards their parents if they grew up their whole life only to find

out that they were adopted?

7. Will we allow gay illegal immigrants be wed in America?

8. Will liberal federal judges interpret the 14th Amendment and determine that

children of illegal immigrants who marry inside America can become citizens?

9. Will President Bush proclaim that America needs to match any willing gay

employer with any willing gay employee?

10. Will President Bush propose a guest-gay-worker program?

11. Will President Bush proclaim that gay immigrants do the work that gay

Americans simple refuse to do?

12. If gay marriage is passed, will I shortly thereafter see a television

program called “Queer Illegal Eye For The Straight Legal Guy” where five gay

illegal aliens show a straight legal American employer how to dress?

13. Following the rational of gay marriage and assuming cloning becomes a

reality, could a person marry their clone?

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I saw


this weekend. It’s more of the “Herb Brooks” story than a hockey story. Nonetheless, if you love hockey like I do, or just a rousing story, this a very solid movie. This movie gets the Gordie Howe hat trick: a goal, an assist, and a fight.

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Education: Financed like Never Before!

And what do the Democrats do?

Pretend Bush is underfunding it.

Why does Bush ever bother trying to get in a spending war with them? He can’t win. All they’ll do is lie about his committment anyway. The thing to do, if you ask me, is get the f—ing feds out!

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Book Review on Charles Murray.
This surpasses all others

if you ask me. It deals with his human achievement and accomplishment work from the end of last year and has a unique take on the conclusions:

Murray is right to stress the importance of meaning it—of commitment in the arts. He tells of the stonemasons who sculpted gargoyles on Gothic cathedrals. They worked with passionate devotion, even when their handiwork would be invisible from the ground: God would see it. I discovered a similar aesthetic psychology in my own fieldwork in New Guinea, where serious artists view a carving created for a dead ancestor differently from one knocked off for tourists. Much of our own art and entertainment is shallow and flashy, made neither for God nor ancestors, but for a market.

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The New Atlantis.
Never heard of this publication

before following a link the other day. It is a journal of science and technology and should appeal to highly advanced Pete Mayer types along with laymen like me who wouldn’t mind learning something new. Here a sample:

“Boys will Be Boys: The Science of the Y Chromosome.”

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Mark Steyn on Neil Simon.

Steyn’s New Criterion essays on the theatre are absolutely the reason I regard plays as yet another modern day grotesque vehicle for pseudo-artistic expression. I want nothing to do with the contemporary gay-o-rama but,

in this installment

, we witness a hasbeen’s last gasps. Of note is his quotation from Richler that man writes because he is afraid of death.

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The Politically Correct Dictionary.

Your’s…for free and

revealing such insights

as insane equaling “reality challenged.”

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