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Movie Review: Bowling for Columbine

It’s no secret: I love movies. Perhaps two movies that best illustrate two opposing worldviews would be Falling Down and (this link is the NRA review) Bowling for Columbine. One film was panned by the left due to it’s content and the other met with hysterical praise from the same group. Guess which film was which?

Falling Down remains an unintentional thought-provocing drama about a society where traditional white male influence is waining in modern Los Angeles. It’s especially relevent today as Arnold Schwartenneggar tries to clean up the mess. Bowling, on the other hand, is naked leftist, marxist propogranda masquerading as a “documentary”. “Documentary” meaning: A partisan position being the truth as that group sees it.

Once again, unintentionally, Moore has created a film that’s oftentimes hilarious, thought-provoking, and even inspiring but not necessarily for the reasons he thinks. Read on:

Moore starts out with some very entertaining and thought-provoking documentary-style observations of U.S. gun culture: He shows a bank that’s giving away a free rifle with every IRA opened. He shows a backwoods survivalist club. These are fascinating pieces of Americana.

Then, he begins to interview interesting celebrities: Marilyn Manson and the creators of South Park about a culture of fear in America. It’s not entirely a foreign theme to myself. Much of the fear, ironically, is caused by leftists themselves. But Moore doesn’t name names just yet. He dazzles with information (even if he edits out some inconvenient details such as the background check that he had to go through to walk out of the bank with that rifle.)

Then, after 40 minutes or so, he lays on the propoganda nice and thick: All the answers to the country’s problems lie in: CANADA! Canada is a paradise according to Moore. It’s quite simple: Canada has socialist healthcare, lots of welfare, and high taxes. That’s why everyone loves each other and there’s no crime and people don’t want to shoot each other. THEN, he argues that whites are afraid of people (with an entertaining cartoon) because whites went around killing Indians and people all over the world. At this point, I still found it hard not to laugh because the image he presented was so clearly rediculous. Later, I became angry realizing that this viewpoint of “white devils” is not uncommon in academia and this film is not all that unlike “The covetous Jew” or “Triumpth of the Will.”

After going on and on about how America is coated with fear (despite his own claims gun violence has been decreasing in the states), he blasts the higher numbers of gun deaths in the states compared to Canada precisely to frighten the audience. (When adjusted for population and ethnicity, the gun death rates between Canada and the states is actually quite close.) The NRA link above even argues that Moore added gun deaths due to policemen defending themselves in this comparison. Accident? Doubtful as you will see.

Moore portrays African-Americans as unfairly blamed for the gun violence in the states. He then turns around and milks, repeat, shamelessly milks the tragedy of a small white girl dying in an elementary school shooting to anger the audience about handguns. What race and background was the person who killed the girl? You guessed it: African-American and from a single mother welfare family temporarily living in a crack house. He spends more than a half hour with his heart bleeding for her and even posting her picture on Charlton Heston’s door. (Hmmm, Moore, if you cared so much about the girl why don’t you support her moving out of the nasty, poor neighborhood with such high rates of violence to the suburbs?)

Another galling incident was him taking a young man disabled due to the Columbine shooting and dragging, literally, his wheelchair around town trying to drum up sympathy. If there was a great visual about how leftists work, this had to be it. Get this: He drags the wheelchair up the stairs of the corporate headquarters of K-mart. (As if K-mart was an E-vil corporation who didn’t have a ramp. Highly doubtful) and presents the young man to return the bullets bought by the killers at their store.

This is a perfect example of the success of leftism because K-mart, much like Charlton Heston and others, actually agree to see this jerk. He rails against them and then carefully edits out their responses making them appear to be evasive and him to be heroic. This is precisely why smart companies (and politicians including Reagan) simply said: “No comment.” Leftists play DIRTY. They’re, to paraphrase the Blues Brothers “Are on a mission from God” and don’t see any moral limitations to their behaviour whatsoever. The poor disabled young man that Moore dragged around PROBABLY, to this day, thinks that Moore “cares” about him. Sorry son! You were USED!

Back to the innocent welfare mom. He makes her out to be a madonna working two jobs because of evil Republican welfare reform. He says, and I quote, that the poor woman worked two jobs to make “ice cream floats for rich people” as her son had to come home from school alone. Awwwww! Hmmm, makes a pretty good case for conservative sexual values, doesn’t it? He then argues, falsely, that the son had to live with an uncle who just happened to have a handgun because she couldn’t afford to pay the rent (Lie. She had subsidized Section-8 housing and cleared $1200 a month tax-free just from one of her jobs.) He forgot to mention that the nice uncle lived in a crack house and he had the gun to deal with problem clients. Oh, and the little boy was a school bully. How much you want to bet the little white girl, who died in a mostly black high school, didn’t have any federal investigation into racism contributing to HER death? IMAGINE if a white boy had killed a black girl going to a mostly white school…

Here’s the coup de resistance: The DVD comes with Moore returning to Columbine to make a speech, more like a rant, about how they need to change the world because, gasp!, Bush won the last election. Lions and tigers and bears! In a democracy, HIS side lost! How UNFAIR! He cries, he jumps up and down, and he wails about how the U.S. isn’t like Canada. Why was I laughing? Oh, right: Because despite all of his lies and the cheering crowds: He still LOST and his face was red. I was reminded of Cartman in South Park… “Where’s my 10 million dollars GODDAMMIT!!!!”

Then to put a cherry on top, this openly propogandistic, dishonest, but amusing tripe got an academy award for best “documentary”. What a perfect way to illuminate the artistic merit of Academy decisions, isn’t it?

I recommend conservatives and libertarians see the film if not for entertainment value, but also so they can effectively humiliate a smug leftist who actually buys his own tripe at face value and point out the numerous flaws to his face. These include: The fact that gun control has NOT made Canada all that much safer than the U.S., the fact that most people killed by guns during the 20th century were murdered by their own socialist governments, the fact that European white-male established governments are still beacons of liberty and high standards of living that most people desire to immigrate to. We can’t be all THAT bad!

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