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The Fraud of Black History Month

“Racist!” I’ll bet that that was the first word that came to the minds of anyone reading the title of this piece.

Wrong. There is a large number of blacks on my personal honor roll: Drs MLK Sr and Jr., Frederick Douglass (a truly amazing man!) Harriet Tubman, Arthur Ashe and Jackie Robinson to name a few.

And I have great compassion for the race which has endured so much suffering and degradation since the first African slave came ashore here at Charleston, SC in 1607.

But I do not have compassion or respect for the white liberals who seek to perpetuate the mental and emotional slavery of blacks by re-telling every terrible thing that whites did to blacks in the past 400 years conveniently leaving out the part that blacks had in their own slavery (which must be a particularly bitter kind of suffering for black people)

being sold by people of their own color and ignoring what whites did to stop the practice of slavery.

There is a reason for this attenuation of telling the saga of black suffering: it makes

traditional white Judaeo-Christian culture bad and the New Left liberals like that.

Liberals use the disadvantaged of this society in the same way that women use children in a divorce case: “See what a terrible person your father is!”

It also leads to wildly inaccurate statements like the Egyptians were black. The Northern Kingdom was; the Southern wasn’t.

And making February Black History Month has led to our neglecting two truly world class white Americans, George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.

This is wrong. American children deserve to know all their history.

I have a new formulation: let us acknowledge and honor the sufferings of the blacks, the work of the whites who tried to help them and the white men who worked to create a country which was just and fair to all.

For those who sold their brothers into slavery and for those who seek to use the sufferings of blacks for their own political advantage, let use have the most profound contempt.

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Gus Recalls His High School Years.

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Enemy of the Week.

I’ll blow the suspense; it’s


But, as always, you’ll enjoy the several paragraph ride.

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Whisky a Go-Go.
Brad Edmonds

is doing some top shelf work on sins. Here, he enlightens us about whisky in preferred Scotch and Kentucky tones.

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Bin Laden Sees the Light?

Well, who knows,


is very promising:

The large number of Muslim deaths caused by al Qaeda terrorist attacks in Iraq has created p.r. problems for Osama bin Laden, who now appears to be having second thoughts about his holy war against coalition forces there, The Post has learned.

New articles in al Qaeda’s biweekly Internet magazine Sawt al-Jihad, or “Voice of Jihad,” are urging al Qaeda supporters to stay out of Baghdad and concentrate on hitting U.S. military targets in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar and Bahrain, according to terrorist expert Rita Katz, whose SITE Institute monitors al Qaeda propaganda on the Internet.

“My instructions to the people of the peninsula [Saudi Arabia], young as old, men as women, is to fight Americans in their homes and the people of Yemen should fight the Americans in their bases, battleships and their consulates,” wrote an al Qaeda propagandist named Muhammad bin al-Salim in an article titled “Do Not Go To Iraq.”

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Nobody says “God bless you!” anymore

As I was sitting by my locker his morning before swimming, I sneezed.

There were 3 or 4 other guys around the locker room.

It was silent.

I sneezed again a few minutes later.

More silence.

Thirty years ago, or maybe less, someone would have said, “God bless you!” but that has been driven out of us by the hedonistic-libertarian philosophy that has been spread far and wide over the past 30 years.

“I can do whatever I like as long as I don’t infringe on or hurt someone else” was the battle cry for a large part of the 60’s.

Whenever I hear it, I want to put the person who said it in a heliocopter and drop them out in the Sahara.

As I was leaving, I would say, “Now you can do whatever you want as long as you don’t hurt anyone else.”

The cumbersome point that I am trying to make is that life is a continuum that we are all part of.

It is passed to us at birth, everything that has gone before, and we are responsible for passing it on to those who will follow us.

We are dependent on other people.

I have a feeling that the Baby Boomer generation hasn’t really grasped that there will be generations that follow them. And judge them.

And one of the things that the future will wonder about in my opinion is the way we now treat our elderly, our children and each other in general.

People don’t stand up in a bus to let an old person or a pregnant woman or even a disabled person on crutches sit down.

Our conception now is that happiness is an individual affair which would be fine if we were always say, 18-60.

But we aren’t. The very young are vulnerable regardless of how inconvenient that is for us and one day, if we are lucky, we will be old. And we will learn that it is not the same as being young.

And the hollowness of the “Happiness is a personal possession, or having it all” will be painfully clear.

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Hillary Clinton: Fiftyish Kiss Up Chick.

Florence King at her best. The National Review, even with the magnificent Mark Steyn, is not the same without her.

Warning: this one has succulent venom.

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Sleep Increases Brain Power.
So this is why

Common Sense is such a genius. I’ve always wondered. Now we all know.

Other experts say it is the first hard evidence that creativity and problem-solving may be assisted by the activity of the brain during sleep.

Dr Jan Born, who led the study, said: “This restructuring might be occurring in such a way that the problem is easier to solve.”

He highlighted a period of sleep called slow-wave sleep – a deep sleep not thought to be punctuated by dreams.

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Scoop and the Aura of Evelyn Waugh.

Waugh’s the next author I must study, should I ever return to fiction. I’ve been a non-fiction only guy for about 3 years now. Waugh and Wodehouse are the targets on my horizon along with a Wyndham Lewis novel. Anyway,

here we see

that the basis for Waugh’s bestseller of the thirties was not fictional in the least.

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The Rosenberg Left.

You know, my mother is one of those people who thinks that Ethel was innocent (yes, I’ve tried talking to her) but this is a

valuable brief piece

or the left’s reworking of history.

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Pic taken down.

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Praise This Lord

[From today’s Opinion Journal]

Few Americans need reminders about the plague of ill-mannered teens in our public schools. But Dupo High School in southern Illinois believes it has cracked down on the worst: a high-school senior who was suspended as host of the school’s daily closed-circuit news broadcast because he signed off a Dec. 17 program with the words, “Have a safe and happy holiday, and God bless.” The aptly named James Lord returns to the air Feb. 1, and in confirmation of his incorrigibility told the Belleville News-Democrat: “I can’t guarantee I won’t say it again.”

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An End to Evil?

That’s the title of

Frum and Pearle’s new release

and you can hear the “neocon, neocon, neocon” chant from the far ends of the right and left as a response. I’m not too interested in that particular label myself though. Our link concerns a review of Frum and Pearle or F and P as they state in the column. It’s a critical, yet fair, discussion of the muscular foreign policy Reason opposes:

Moreover, P-F do not seem to appreciate, even as they heap much-deserved praise on U.S. forces, that America may not soon possess the fighting force it had in spring of 2002. Men and machines wear down in the crucible of combat. The massive troop rotation now under way and vaguely imperial “stop-loss” orders may paper over shortcomings, but these limitations still circumscribe the range of the possible for U.S. military forces.

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Dean’s Meltdown.

Solid analysis here of the

Dean self-destruct

the other night. The author attributes it to a total lack of character and the fact that this was the first crisis that he had to face– and he failed miserably. Therefore, he wasn’t fit to be president from moment one.

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Gimli on the Ropes.

Thanks Darren Blacksmith for

sending this over

. You’re old pals miss ya. John Rhys-Davies defends western civilization and the mansion on this earth it created…and catches hell. At least he’s a big enough star to put up with it. He’s a snippet of what he said along with what graces the top of chapination.

“Western Christianised Europe has values and experience that is worth defending.”


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The Wisdom of Confucius

“The beginning of wisdom is to call things by their right names.”-Confucius

In their endorsement of Sen Kerry today, the Boston Globe praised him for his “nuanced” thinking while warning of the dangers of perceiving the world in “black and white” terms.

Oddly enough as I was waiting in the doctor’s office today, I happened to pick up a November copy of US News & World Report which was also concerned about “black and white” perception of the world, specifically George W Bush’s.

Now let’s get this straight.

What is really being said here is that the Boston Globe has a different set of values from George W Bush.

It does not, by any stretch of the imagination, mean that the Boston Globe

is “non-judgemental”, “open-minded” and “tolerant” while George W Bush is about 4 notches below Scrooge before he was rehabilitated by the spirits.

If you believe that, then try talking about capital punishment, homosexuality and/or abortion with one of those people devoted to the Boston Globe.

Or try setting up a Christian-conservative organization on most college campuses today.

“Black and white” here also means that in the eyes of the Boston Globe George W Bush is guilty of being part of the Classical-Judaeo-Christian strain of culture as opposed to the Marxist-Hedonist-Feminist-Homosexual-Utopian strain.

One of the hall-marks of the Marxist-hedonists& Co people has been their decitfulness,

I know where Jerry Falwell, Billy Graham and George W Bush stand on the fundamental issues and I am free to agree or disagree with them.

The Marxists-hedonists & Co people are not so forth-coming. Does anyone else remember Marlo Thomas Donahue’s “Free To Be You And Me” which complained about the inhibiting qualities of traditional sex-roles but which was just a trojan-horse for the really inhibiting pro-homosexual sex-roles which the left is trying to impose on every one today?

The wide use of the judiciary and street demonstrations, entities responsible to no one, by the left point to the same fact: the left wants to impose their values on everyone else regardless of how everyone else thinks or feels about them.

And to suppose that they don’t see the world in black and white terms can only be maintained by the unobservant and unthinking.

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pic taken down

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Jonah on top of His Game.
This speech

, posted now as a transcript, sums up my ideas on Bush and conservatism as well. When Johah takes the time, he puts together some top flight pieces. I have to teach tonight and prepare for class now. I’ll blog more before bed. See you.

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“History is strewn with the wrecks of nations which have gained a little progressiveness at the cost of a great deal of hard manliness, and have thus prepared themselves for destruction as soon as the movements of the world gave a chance for it.

“–Walter Bagehot.

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Frank Rich, Total Bastard.

I don’t know if you read this

attack piece

aimed at this balding maiden at

The New York Times

, but, to me, he rivals Dowd in the “shallow as a shot of skim milk” department. Just another guy who despises Christianity and “The Passion,” but read for yourself.

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“Democracy” in Action

So the highschool popularity contest in Iowa is over and the various people vying for captain of the football team are now headed to New Hampshire. “Great!” you think. Thanks to these early primaries, even though one isn’t even a primary, and excessive emphasis by the media, those two lynchpins of the American political system will determine who the Democratic presidential nominee should be. You won’t have sift through the endless names of nobodies to figure out who to vote for. But who exactly is doing the thinking? Well, I can tell you one thing, it’s not the American public.

That’s right, I’m going to argue that the manner in which presidential candidates are determined is not democratic. Nevermind that the caucuses are messed up with public votes and vote trading, the entire “primary” system is messed up beyond that. Iowa and New Hampshire both have state laws saying that their respective caucus and primary must be the first in the Nation. Not only does it give these bastions of political wisdom some clout, it also helps the economies of the two states. (Iowa has pigs, who the hell knows what New Hampshire has.) More importantly, it creates a tyranny of the minority.

Iowa and New Hampshire going first, and effectively telling the nation who the next presidential candidates will be is even more significant than economic growth. THERE’S NOBODY IN EITHER OF THOSE TWO STATES! There are only 576,725 registered Democrats in Iowa and Kerry collected the support of roughly 45,980 of them. That means that roughly 92% of Iowa Democrats did not support Kerry. So why is Kerry now the front runner? New Hampshire has even fewer Democrats than Iowa with 176,634 registered Democrats. Let’s see how many of those voters even bother to show up at the polls.

There’s 280 million people in America! Why are we letting TWO TENTH OF A PERCENT decide something so damn important?

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This May Explain the Lack of Motivation On the Court, But What About the Rest of the Team?
The man who portrays Da Bull, a mascot for the Chicago Bulls, was arrested Monday for allegedly selling marijuana . . .

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Geez, I don’t know; you still haven’t convinced me the invasion of Iraq was a good thing.

“Wherever they were killed, many were blindfolded and shot in the forehead. Saddam Hussein’s whole country became a killing field.

Mass graves “are everywhere””

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So I walk into the local post office to mail a letter and there is a line of three people.

The last person in line is a little old lady about 5’3″ tall and about 75 years old.

She is standing there berating the woman clerk behind the counter for being so slow, for having to wait, for letting people go to lunch, one thing after another and doing it quite loudly.

Eventually she got taken care of.

The woman behind the counter apologized to her for having to wait.

The little old lady forgave her.

I was next.

I mailed my letter and left but as I walked out into the January cold, I wondered what would have happened if a man, say me, would have started berating the clerk.

The cops from across the street would have come flying in.

But this not just a question of size.

Women would probably sell all their shoe collections before admitting it but society says that it is OK for women to behave badly to people and to be able to get away with it.

Women are supposed to be catered to and taken care of.

Could someone please send me a definition of “oppression”?


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Did the State of the Union Finish “Limited Government.”
Reason thinks so

…and I agree. Well, I agreed long before it. I was astounded that the Democrats wouldn’t clap, at least in public, for privatized accounts in addition to the current social security. Although that would preclude they quatro-annual mediscare and SScare tactics. The spending parade continues. We could use a man like Ronald Reagan again–but when wouldn’t we?

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The Colon and Semicolon on the Way Out?
So says the Chronicle of Higher Education in reference to book titles

. I say “Not if we don’t let them! Fight; With; Me; Brothers.”

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Chapin Nation Subliminal Interpretation of the State of the Union.

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V is for Valentine by Pete Mayer

February 14 happens to be my friend’s birthday, but I found that -like most people- she doesn’t know the origin of the holiday. The subversion of this celebration of heterosexual love, by trying to supplant it with Vagina Day, is typical of the Marxist feminist tactic to destroy, or at least water down to a level of homeopathic yogurt, yet another foundation of man/woman (say natural) love.

Sherman, set the way-back machine for 270 AD. Emperor Claudius II just issued and edict forbidding the marriage of young men. Claud had the bright idea that single men made better soldiers, so Father Valentine (Bishop of Interamna) invited all young lovers to be married by him, in defiance of said edict. In February 270, Valentine was stoned and beheaded for his efforts. According to the legend, while in prison, he sent letters and love notes to parishioners, and fell in love with his jailor’s blind daughter… what a guy. In 496 Valentine’s Day replaced the pagan festival of Lupercian. This quaint holiday, based on the deeds of a heroic, and -most importantly- romantic Man is just too much for the PC gender amazons to handle sitting down. So when you get your sweetheart a card and sign off with “From Your Valentine”, take a second to reflect on the true meaning of that, and what we may lose if we forget.

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The St Valentine’s Day Massacre-Part II

Before any American man spends a nickel on anything for Valentine’s Day, he should read, and re-read…and read again Carey Roberts excellent essay on “Feminism’s Thousand Year Reich” archived in MensNewswDaily for 12 August 2003.

It is psychotic. It is the bizarre kind of rhetoric that American men have come to accept and ignore, not realizing the destructiveness that it represents towards not only men but the heterosexual male-famale relationship and our young men and women.

And heterosexual women in whose name much of this fruit-cake writing has been done should be strongly encouraged (men have leverage too. We are just reluctant to use it.) to come out against it.

How Mary Daley was allowed to rave for years at Boston College to women only classes is a mystery to me and a sign of the efforts of American institutions to accomdate feminism. Add the nonsense at Georgetown.

It didn’t work.

Read one page of Mary Daley and you are in the psycholgical world of “Mein Kempf”.

She and other writers like her should be called on it and heterosexual men should not turn a blind-eye towards it either.

One last remark: I suppose I sound like “a misogynist”, “a woman hater”,

“a man who has issues with women”: the favorite feminist defense mechanisms of denial.

Wrong. Every serious and mature man has issues with women today.

One of the men I admire and envy most is the late Steve Allen, not for his humor and talent but for that wonderful 40 year marriage he had with Jayne Meadows. Seeing them on TV was a treat. They respected each other personally and professionally and they liked each other.

He said, “Our marriage was a 40 year conversation.”

Lucky man.

I’ll write off 15% of the TV appearances as show biz but the core was there as I imagine it is with Cokey and Steve Roberts.

The four of them are and were lucky people.

I wonder what they thought of “The Vagina Monolgues”.

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pic taken down

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Economics Piece.

J. M. Keynes was not a crypto-fascist! He was a lot of other things though.

Nice historical weave here by Bartlett.

It’s short but enlightening.

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The Heavy and Habitual Spending of the Republican Party.

All I can say about this is “Yuck.”

Bush outspends Johnson and Nixon.

How deplorable. If I were him…well, what’s the point of even considering that? But the veto would be wielded like a sword that’s for sure.

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Judge Bork on Activism.
Acquiring fewer federal judges

who wish to legislate is the sole reason that I vote Republican every election. Regardless of my disgust with GOP spending (see my next blog), it’s the realization that the left views juridical masters as being our true means to change and this causes me to embrace big government “conservatives.”

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Whit Stillman Followup.

Here’s an oldtime review of Stillman’s work as a filmmaker in addition to the one I mentioned yesterday.

It’s by Terry Teachout.

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Dr Martin Luther King, Jr

Dr Martin Luther King, Jr was born in 1929.

Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat to a white man on 1 Dec 1955, which means that Dr King was 26 years old when he was thrust into the raging cauldron of anger, hatred and ignorance that was American racism in the 50’s and probably about 27 or 28 when he became the leader of the Civil Rights Movement.

I have been thinking about that since his death in 1968.

The next time you see a 27 year old young man, you think about it too.

It amazed me when he was assassinated and it still amazes me.

One of the qualifications for being President is that you are 35 years old, the reason being that by 35 a person has had enough life experience to make complex, important decisions.

And yet this man was called to do this before he was 30.

I did not agree with everything that Dr King said, especially about Viet-Nam, and I am aware the there were blemishes on his character but I know of no perfect human beings.

And balanced against the first rate quality of his leadersip, his integrity, his truthfulness and his courage, they fade into the backround.

That he should have done this at such a young age makes it all the lore amazing.

Dr King deserves his day. He is in the first rank of American heroes along with Washington, Lincoln and Jefferson.

For 10 years he faced possible death every day and did it with courage as he spoke the truth about American racial relations.

It cost him his life but he left us a stunning legacy of how to deal with hatred, anger and ignorance and of how to tackle “impossible problems”.

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Arguments AGAINST a manned mission to Mars

Imagine this headline: “American Astronauts die during Lunar landing!”

That’s what WILL happen and it’s unlikely that the space program could recover sufficiently to continue safely onto Mars before blowing a lot of money. Think I’m wrong? Read on. Here’s the opposition argument in favor of such a program on mensnewsdaily:

Ok, so why am I against something so noble and inspiring as a manned mission to mars and the moon? Let’s start with the rationalizations for socialism: Billions of dollars spent on a space program provides a rationalization for socialists to attack conservatives. It’s difficult for space program loving conservatives to attack other piggy programs out there. This is precisely what happened during the 60’s.

Next, we’re not dealing with the same country or agency that put America on the moon in the 60’s. I hate to be VERY un-PC here, but here goes: That agency back then was made up of a bunch of nerdy white guys in ties and starched shirts who were motivated by loving families and wives at home to do the best job they could. Sometimes they put self-interest ahead of the needs of the whole, but not that often. Today’s diverse workplace, while often comprised of gifted individuals, is far too splintered both politically and culturally to make such a push possible and it shows in the last few space accidents.

In BOTH space shuttle accidents, the errors were due to administration refusing to listen to repeated requests by engineers to evaluate serious safety issues known for some time. There’s little evidence that serious housecleaning has been done. Throwing BILLIONS of more dollars at these political fatcats is unlikely to produce good results. Sorry.

Serious space accidents involving loss of life are public relations nightmares that set a project back by years. Knowing that it’s not a matter of _IF_ a serious accident will happen, but when, a manned exploration push is largely to take far longer than the original push to reach the moon.

All of this is moot anyway since it’s unlikely that in this strained time both of economic malaise and budget deficits that anything would happen but it’s worthwhile to point out the differences between our world today and the one of just 50 years ago. Back then, new horizons of exploration seemed trivial to conquer. Today, California can barely keep the lights on and the roads paved. Just something to think about.

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Valentines Day and wedding invitation

The wedding day is set! March 21st at 11AM in Vegas at If anyone can help, I would love to know about any tips on hotel/show/air packages. The more the merrier! Naturally, please RSVP me if you’re coming.

About V-day: She just asked me what I wanted. She doesn’t want or need expensive gifts although those are appreciated. She would love a fur for example. (How un-PC is that?) Last “V-day” she gave me a card she has chosen that was very romantic. I sent her one as well. Plus flowers are very popular. Her big thing is to put them in a vase and see how long she can keep them alive. In the east, even-numbered flowers are considered bad luck. (In other words, no dozen roses.) So I got off the hook when she saw that they only sold them by the dozen.

I’m friends with an American feminist who wrote in her book that she almost broke off a relationship with a man because he bought her just a card for Valentine’s day. Yet, the trouble of picking out a card is worthy of mention. I sometimes take an hour because I want just the right sentiment. Many of the cards are cheesy, some PC, or both. The most rediculous was “You’re my partner!”

So yes, Gus, she would probably be hurt if I didn’t buy her a Valentine but mostly because she would be worried I wasn’t thinking about her (not about the cost or submissive sign from me to buy her a gift.) I don’t think I would lose nookie privileges if I forgot. She probably would just shed a tear or two and be over it. Picture of her soon to follow! Unlike some people, I have to work this holiday!

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When an Eagle becomes an Albatross

Albatross! Get one on a stick! — Monty Python

I’m reminded of that skit whenever I engage in a debate on abortion issues. From the 1960’s until just now, abortion was almost as useful an issue to the feminists as equal pay for women. First, here’s the “eagle”: Abortion rights were opposed by some women but these women were largely marginalized by their libertarian or moderate convictions. They supported abortion rights in the case of incest, for example. Or the first trimester. On the other side, however, women who vigorously support abortion rights were surefire voters for the feminist/leftist platform. They not only voted this issue religiously (pardon the pun) but even assumed that all the opposition to abortion rights was due to fundamentalist “women barefoot in the kitchen” men.

But that’s not all… Religious leaders backed down from a game of chicken and began to support the feminist agenda of single motherhood and socialist largesse. They felt that it was better to give women what they wanted, no matter the social consequences, to avoid them getting an abortion because they couldn’t get welfare or child-support. Instead of reducing the number of abortions, the rate soared as young women engaged in more casual sex and dumped children into poverty to boot! What’s shocking is that the Pope, a man whose famous for his hardline stance against murderous communists in the 20th century seemed to have caved in to hollow threats by these women.

Let’s not forget that young men also bought into feminism hoping they could get a life such as “James Bond” or Playboy and sleep around and have the young women get abortions in leau of him having to marry to get nookie. For many men, this is the case. I know of several who make it a policy to only date young career or university women who have no interest in motherhood at that time. I ask them “What are you going to do when you reach 50 and this lifestyle is no longer possible?” and they reply “I haven’t thought it about it that much.” Then again, the men could always date 40 year old women and totally avoid that problem.

With all that going for it, abortion rights should be a milk cow for the feminists and leftists for some time, no? Hold on a minute! Check out this URL: A woman recently gave birth to a child and legally murdered, repeat, murdered it because she hadn’t yet cut the umbilical cord. I hesitate to even tell this to women because it’s so shocking and unbelievable. Yet, since feminists hold the belief that human life is so trivial when weighed against indulgent women’s interests it’s not surprising.

Also, many young women are no longer as concerned about avoiding unexpected motherhood as they are about possibly winding up old and childless. I am good friends (on a personal if not political level) with a feminist writer who wrote a book telling women they would have multiple serial monogamous relationships: One for romance, one for family, one for fun in the middle age, etc. Instead, she wound up having one marriage and that was it. Many young career women don’t even get to join the “first wives’ club” anymore. Contraceptives have improved in quality and, hopefully, practical solutions for young men beyond the condom will also be available SOON! This will mean that young men are on the verge of being able to avoid paying for sex indirectly through unwanted bastard children and abortion rights, already of little practical value for men, will be totally irrelevent.

So, therefore, abortion rights are becoming less desirable to heterosexual men and women. Yet, the left cannot let them go for a variety of reasons. Just as the right became fixated upon flag burning (which was pretty stupid since most true right wingers I know regard flag worship as just another form of federalism) the left cannot just let it’s flagship go down because it’s usefulness is over. It’s becoming an albatross AND you heard it here first folks! Bookmark this URL!!!

They would have to join forces with the church, even if indirectly, and this is heresy (of a kind.) They would also lose the church’s fearful support for socialist programs and sanction of single-mother households. That’s a BIG concession. It’s as if Humpty Dumpty was put on a wall and now the wall is crumbling down beneath him. When does he fall?

At the same time, other social forces and demographics are lining up as if due to the stars to kill feminism and traditional politically correct leftism: The baby boomers are aging and want their precious social security. They will put an emphasis on social security over daycare and healthcare for the kiddies (even as they regard these kiddies as slave labor to pay social security taxes.) This is NOT going to go over very well with the young people. Also, with few Gen-Xers such as myself around and a new crop of young people on the horizon, the dating choices for young and middle aged men are especially super. During the 60’s and 70’s, young men embraced leftism to seek sexual fulfillment. Today, it’s young women who will embrace conservativism to find family and marriage. Leftist programs are dying including public education, social security, and the People’s Republic of California.

I’ll confess: Being “right” is a great feeling. People enjoy and find fulfillment in pointing out the shortcomings of others. For a while, it can be frustrating to be a lone voice in the wilderness but it’s also exciting to be declared a mystic and seer. I remain an optimist and find more and more validation of that viewpoint daily. Not just for us evil white guys, but for everyone. Our agenda is about empowering people in healthy, constructive, if not always sentimental ways. Don’t give up guys! It truly is always darkest before the dawn.

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“The Green Fuse Drives the Flower…”

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Mike Put Up My Interview with Peter Brimelow.
An interesting guy to say the least.

I like talking to the paleo side of the conservative spectrum. They’re right on many issues, but I’ll always be a “free trade until death” guy.

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Michael Moore + Wesley Clark.

Does Clark care about anything?

Here he’s kissing up

to Michael “I hate America and let’s enact a 70% tax bracket” Moore.

“You are proof,” Clark gushed, “that a man with a conscience and a camera can move this nation. Michael, you have moved this nation.”

It should be, “Michael, you have lied to this nation and when I’m president; I’ll do the same.” Vote W.

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Whit Stillman-Conservative Icon.

I love his work. In fact, I loved his work so much that I attributed an all-time favorite, Kicking and Screaming, as being part of his oeuvre. It was not, however. Anyway Julia Magnet (perhaps Myron’s daughter) has some superb investigation into his art in

this full-bodied essay from City Journal.
Although Hollywood, post-9/11, is now edging toward patriotism, it is still at the simplistic level of the action film—usually a war film set in the past. Stillman stands for the America we want to see—of traditional mores, aesthetic sophistication, wry patriotism and wit—and does so with a style and intelligence that put to shame European babble about America’s “total lack of culture.”

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VDH with a Compelling Case Against Bush’s Immigration Plan.

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Dick Morris is Just Wrong.

Yeah, I read his pro-immigration article last week but didn’t want to comment on it as I respect and value him too much to get in his face about anything.

Alan Wall doesn’t though.

He states what needs to be stated.

But the Irish and Italians came here when America practiced assimilation and Americanization. Today’s ethnic pandering – of which Dick Morris approves – encourages Hispanics NOT to assimilate and implies that Hispanic interests are not identical with American interests, a very dangerous idea indeed.

Are Hispanic interests the same as American interests? If they are, why not just treat Hispanic voters like other Americans? If they aren’t the same, maybe somebody should spell out the difference. Maybe all Americans, not just Hispanic activists, should have a say in our country’s future.

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pic taken down

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Gus Was Right, It’s Carolina!

Contrary to what cartoon-addicted Common Sense may think, it was a heck of a game. Glad to have watched it. I hope they win it all…but I’m picking

the Patriots in the Super Bowl

. I do this with the full knowledge that I have neglected to select the Panthers for three weeks in a row and all they do is prove me wrong. It should be an awesome game, but I’ll probably be too distracted and buzzed to appreciate it.

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What is this crap!

I just spent 7 hours in the library studying for law school. I came home, hoping to eat a little dinner and watch “The Simpsons” before hitting the books again. But when I turned on the TV, there was some stupid football game on instead of America’s favorite yellow family. Man, am I pissed. Fox clearly doesn’t have its priorities in order. The Simpsons should preempt all programing (except the Stanley Cup Finals). To add insult to injury, I happened to catch the halftime show. There was some jamoke on talking about NASCAR. NASCAR? Come on! Is watching a bunch of cars drive around in circles

really that

exciting? Talk about the dumbing down of America. Oh well, back to the books.

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Chapin Nation Refutes Charges of Being “Damn Yankees!”

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The Dean Clap.

This was part of the new standard released yesterday but this article was made public as opposed to being protected like the rest.

It’s David Tell’s insider look

at the whackos in the Dean campaign. A campaign that may no longer be in vogue the next time the standard is released.

Dean is not a “sweetheart,” let’s face it; he is chilly and abrasive and unusually prone to growl and bite. It’s not really fair to call him a “left-wing freak show,” but only because the ideological character of a prospective Dean administration is virtually unknowable: The man’s campaign platform–I can’t understand why more hasn’t been made of this–is thinly articulated where it exists at all.

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Why the Academics Hate G. W. Bush.
Goldblatt’s back.

A mighty short work on the anti-American, pro-relative thinking, scholastic left, and why they would, by definition, hate a man who actually believes in good and evil.

…for the perspectivist critic Jane Tompkins to assure her readers that “there really are no facts except as they are embedded in some particular way of seeing the world”; or for the feminist theologian Mary Daly to decry “the eternal masculine stereotype, which implies hyperrationality, ‘objectivity,’ aggressivity, the possession of dominating and manipulative attitudes toward persons and environment and the tendency to construct boundaries between the self…and ‘the other.'” Yesterday’s cutting edge is today’s conventional wisdom. Sophisticated postmodernists no longer talk about “truth” or “facts” or “objectivity” with a straight face.

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Are You Ready For Some Football?

These are the best two games of the year.

A celebration of this particular Championship weekend

was put out by the Opinion Journal. The author makes the wonderful observation that without Randy Moss old fashioned football is possible. I’m 5-3 in the postseason. Which is acceptable as I don’t bet. Anyway, I’m choosing the Patriots in the AFC because they’re a better overall team than the Colts. In the NFC, two of the three loses in the postseason have been from picking against Carolina. I won’t this week either. I like them, I root for them, but I don’t think they’ll beat the Eagles. Enjoy.

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