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Her Cheating Heart.

[Story by a reader who’s name I’ll post if he wishes]

Just one story to you about feminism and how much this sick school of thought has been messing people up in this country. My Cousin lost his wife to a bunch of feminist eggheads at a four year college. The moment she set foot in that damn place they began indoctrinating her in to the ways and means of achieving the feminist mindset. “Don’t take sh-t from your man.”, and all that sort of stuff. She waited until her senior year to divorce him (after he worked his butt off to pay for her tuition). The story goes she ran off with a guy from the college, but before that she became the neighborhood whore and slept with all the guys on the block. Her daughter, who couldn’t wait to get away from the liberated bitch that her mom had become, went to live with her father after years of being neglected and rejected by her mother and her mother’s creepy friends. What in the hell did those people encourage her? Feminist freedom? “You are free to exercise your rights to: get educated, work and forget your kids and abort the ones you don’t want, marriage is old fashioned-just pick and dump whomever you feel you want to be your “soul mate” for as long as you like.” I went to college for a while back in the early 80’s when the crap was picking up a lot of momentum. I hated it. Remember “Rocky” the movie? It was one of my favorites. Boy did they rip it in English 101 (‘Suppose to be teaching French’; in my case English). It made me sick. I think my cousin would understand my feelings of disgust about what goes on the campuses of today’s colleges. Finally, history really does repeat itself, there will be change, and stories like yours will pop up more often and in greater number. Maybe the next generation, like my cousin’s daughter, I don’t she cares much about women’s rights, as she saw what it did to her mother. At least let’s hope so.

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pic taken down

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The World According to John.

This one’s also from

S.T. Karnick

. There seems to be some worthwhile biblical films coming out. When I read the piece last night I was slightly ashamed that I had not seen many of the films he cites.

The Robe

being at the top of the list along with Zefferelli’s six hour miniseries on Jesus. I have to step it up! I loved

Ben Hur

though. That’s an alltime favorite. Here’s a few of his recommendations:

Grand and impressive Biblical films enjoyed great popularity, with such memorable releases as The Ten Commandments, The Robe, Ben-Hur, Quo Vadis? (another of my personal favorites), Samson and Delilah, Barabbas, and many others, which presented Bible-based stories with an impressive combination of reverence and entertainment values. Pier Paolo Pasolini’s The Gospel According to St. Matthew was much less spectacular in its presentation, but was likewise impressive and faithful to it source; even the several eccentric touches the director includes are effective.

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A Review of Luther by S.T. Karnick.
This is a film review

but, like many of his pieces, Karnick provides us with a free history lesson, and, if you’ve been as lazy about reading pre-Civil War materials as I’ve been, it is highly valuable.

Holding his position firmly though he is nearly paralyzed by fear, Luther says that unless the authorities can show that his teachings contradict the Bible, he cannot disavow them: “My conscience is captive to the Word of God.” Pressed to recant his writings or face death, he responds with words that still ring heroic, regardless of one’s religious leanings: “I cannot and I will not recant. Here I stand. I can do no other. God help me.”

I put his words in the foreward of my book but they still affect me.

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Feng Shui Foolishness By Pete Mayer.

Just when you thought we couldn’t get any nuttier in the land of fruits and nuts, Assemblyman Leland Y. Yee, Democrat from San Francisco (go figure) has

introduced ACR144

that would revise the current California Building Standards Code to recommend the application of –get this- Feng Shui principles in the design of public buildings. I hope you are either shaking your head in disbelief, or rolling on the floor in a fit of laughter. Assemblyman Ray Hanes, a Republican from Temecula (hey, that’s close to me) said, “The purpose of building codes is to promote public safety and public health, whether or not someone follows the principles of feng shui should be an individual choice and not the subject of regulation.” He goes on to say, “This makes California look like a bunch of flakes to the rest of the nation.” Heh heh… you’re a little late on that one Mr. Hanes.

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Hunter’s Back! JF Kerry, Slave to Special Interests.

A much needed effort on the haughty, Frenchman who served in Vietnam (Taranto).

Mr. Boston Brahmin

, Kerry, wants to pretend he is an ordinary Joe. Yet he, more so than others, is controlled by the special interests that he claims to revile.

For the lines,

What’s really disturbing is the wealthy Bostonian’s vile rhetoric about “special interests” and “influence peddlers.” Who exactly is he referring to? The good folks at NARAL who have managed to abort the confirmation of any judge to the right of Wesley Clark on infanticide?

we may have to make him an honorary knight of the Chapin Nation, although that could result in legal action against us.

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The not so little fox is quite absurd. Don’t believe me?

Then check her out for youself on the fox cam which will be sure to make you wish Al Gore never invented the Internet

. . . Also, she really should stop calling her self blond, either that or stop dying her roots black.

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The only memorable scene in Spike Lee’s “He Got Game” is where the main character, a highschool basketball star on a college recruiting trip, gets banged by two college girls in order to persuade him to attend that particular school. It was enough for me to curse my parents for not teaching me how to dribble a ball and not giving the genetics to be over five foot seven inches. Life just ain’t fare.

Well, in life immitating art, or maybe Spike was telling naive little me what others already know, apparently colleges have been using young chippies to entice impressionable young football recruits for some time. If I didn’t find football so boring, I’d hate my parents for not cramming that game down my throat like some demented Texas pigskin idealogue.

All joking aside, this has to stop. At the University of Colorado, the recruits sense of entitlement has come to the alledged rape of a woman. Apparently, someone promised the two football players the would get laid.

Couple that rape incident at CU with the graduation rates of football players at the big schools, I’m led to believe that universities are no longer concerned with academics.

Perhaps ALL NCAA schools Division 1 through Division 3, should follow the lead of the Division 3 programs and get rid of all sports related scholarships. Schools are for learning not for football and rape.

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pic taken down

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Vagina Monologues of Hate.

Well, Amherst is putting

this on stage

even though they banned West Side Story. Isn’t that nice? It’s anti-male and anti-Christian which makes it quite chic by present day standards.

Gender healing? According to what has been written about the play by those who have seen it, references to men in the play are negative. This is true about references to Christians, as well. Indeed, one monologue states, “Christians don’t have vaginas.” This is, of course, quite a shock to obstetricians and gynecologists of all religions.

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Public Schools are Inferior.

Just observe my boss to find out why!

Riveting, brief piece

on the educational past and present.

Most people now realize the failure of public schools, even those who seek only to reorganize a bad system. Parents certainly realize this fact, since private and home schooling is again on the rise. Apparently, many people find that paying twice for education is better than receiving little education at all. Economic theory shows us that private businesses cater to the needs of diverse consumers far better than bureaucracies. History tells us that a private system is feasible, that those at the bottom of the ladder will gain the education they need, and that literacy will not suffer if the mass of the pubic education system disappears—if only we will listen.

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Michigan Betrays Dean.


thank you my homeland

and residence for my first 25 years. Now if they’d only betray Kerry too. Then we’d have something.

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Attention: Little Fox is Not “Large.”

She sent me two pictures yesterday which depict an in shape curvy woman. She is not large but certainly is “in charge.” She also questioned whether it was Common Sense as opposed to your humble narrator who suspected oversizality. She was wrong! We await Common Sense’s analysis with baited breath.

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pic taken down

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America’s Tax Laws are Repulsive.


concise must read

by Dr. Roberts. What do you call 100% taxation? Slavery. We’re getting there folks. Our pal, Pete Mayer, out in California already pays 9% in state tax on top of everything else. Completely gruesome if you ask me.

Americans believe that they are free until they encounter the “justice” system, at which time they learn that they are as helpless as medieval serfs. The “civil rights revolution” destroyed equality before the law. Today rights are race- and gender-based. We have resurrected the status-based rights of feudalism. The new privileges belong to “preferred minorities” rather than noble families.

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The Government vs. Rush.

Here’s a

new one from Mr. Tyrrell.

I agree completely and feel sorry for El Rushbo myself. I wish I did writing full time so I could type something in Rush’s defense. Maybe next week.

Yet the American press is today highly politicized and its politics are antithetical to Limbaugh’s. The press is liberal. Limbaugh is a dissident in the best sense of the word. He is conservative. That the press in general ignores the attempts to suppress him is another example of its stupendous hypocrisy, but this is not surprising.

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Sam Karnick on Classical Liberalism.

This is a description of political affiliation I got in an email from Sam Karnick of Hudson and NRO fame. I know that it describes my views on politics and many of yours as well:

Roger [Kimball] refers to himself simply as a liberal, clarifying, when necessary, by saying that he is a classical Liberal. I put it that I am a right-of-center liberal, or an 18th-century English Whig liberal, which makes some sense given my abiding interest in and admiration for the literature of the period. I believe that the people currently called liberals are in fact radicals, and would like to reclaim the term if possible. Given that the Left has run away from the name of liberal anyway, I am in the process of writing an essay that would clarify just who is who in terms of political stance and personal temperament in the post-Communist era. The slight changes in terms would take some getting used to but would be much more sensible.

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Indoctrinating at Our Universities.

I tried to

finish this one

on Sunday but failed. It’s quite long but it had to be. I was so offended by this Op-Ed in the NYT (not by Dowd) that I had to respond with all I had. I sent it to the professor so if she explodes on me I’ll post it for your entertainment.

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The Little Fox is Back.

Good old Common Sense complained that she never has any body shots on her site. He has long suspected her of being “large and in charge.” I differ though, based on the pics I’ve seen, I think that she’s height/weight proportionate. Anyway, here she has a photo comparison between Bush and Kerry she posted on her site–The Absurd Report.

She’s certainly right as Bush looks far more respectable.

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Just when I think reading the news can’t get any better, it does.

A Cleveland Indians minor league pitching prospect, no pun intended, appeared in a gay porno movie while in college

. To make matters even funnier, it was a Japanese gay porno video. The “pitcher” claims to not be gay and that he only did it for the money. Oh if only all our college indescretions could be brushed aside so easily. Because it was Japanese porno, I wonder if bukakke was involved?

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Has Dean’s Dive Harmed the Power of Blogs?

Apparently not, according

to this article.

The internet is a force in politics that is here to stay, as are we. Some of the blog stuff is tedious but I think this is a pretty good effort from TCS.

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Best of the Web.

Always a

great feature

, but how about this Doonesbury reference from 1971!

Doonesbury: Hey, B.D.! John Kerry of the Vietnam Vets [Against the War] is speaking at the auditorium! Wanna go?

Unidentified man: You better! If you care about this country at all, you better go listen to that John Kerry fellow . . . He speaks with a rare eloquence and astonishing conviction. If you see no one else this year, you must see John Kerry!

B.D.: Who was that?

Doonesbury: John Kerry.

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Brooks on Kerry.

I meant to

post this

Sunday but it is strangely topical with his big win Tuesday. It tells about a guy who could have been something but instead is nothing. Well, he fits in well with the Democratic Party at least.

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Little Fox on Al Franken.

She’s back, the

little fox is addressing

the ridiculous behavior of that total wacko Al Franken. This refers to his Lyndon Larouche supporter wrestling. Man I hate that guy…and Naomi Wolf and Henry Louis Gates who I saw on Dennis Miller today.

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A public service request

If you live in the half of the country that is now under a blanket of snow, and you drive, please heed this request. When you brush the snow of your car, please don’t simply brush a peephole on the windsheild so you can see out. Brush off the whole FU#@ING CAR! That means brush the headlights, the hood, the windshield, the side windows, the roof, the trunk, and the tail lights! You’re a driving menace otherwise! I know we live in a self-endulgent society, but please, please I beg of you, think of your fellow drivers and someone’s safety other than your own.

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One good thing about this election cycle: No Pat Buchanan

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What we need is a dupe…

If you’re a fan of the television show

Married with Children

this should be easily recognizable to you: Al Bundy needs to cash a winning prize ticket but cannot do so himself for legal reasons. He announces he needs a dupe: Someone whose dishonest enough to claim it’s HIS winning ticket, but honest enough to share the prize with him afterward.

I’ve faced this situation myself in the past usually with bad results. There’s a saying you can’t con an honest man. Whenever I’ve seen something that appears too good to be true, and didn’t examine it closely enough, I usually wound up walking away the loser. It’s a harsh lesson and I’ve discovered I haven’t yet learned it. It’s difficult because there are situations where you need to weigh the morality of a situation and decide when to let things slack.

Many people equate men’s rights with libertarianism and they’re right: In general, feminism doesn’t exist in Federales type of places. Maybe people are poor or worried about the police hauling them away in the middle of the night but at least they don’t have to put up with their wife tossing him out of the home because he failed to wash the dishes that night! In some ways, I honestly ask myself if our higher standard of living (for now) is worth it.

In general, libertarianism or “frontier” living generates strong men and in many ways, strong women. People who appreciate the value of a dollar and friendship and community. Socialism produces no wealth and in the long run saps the power of all the people. So why would anyone in their right mind support it?

Because they hope an “honest” politician will “soak the rich” and reward them. Remember Clinton’s “millionaires?” Back when he was running in 92 for prez, a friend of mine (a hardcore republican) still seething from Bush’s breaking his “no new taxes” pledge argued that Clinton would only take people making more than $250K per year so what’s the problem? Of course, once Clinton got in he conceded that some “less wealthy” people might need to take up the load. So now, I’m a Millionaire! Can you believe it! He only promised to tax millionaires, right?

Admittantly, there is a need for government hence the Constitutional convention and the mess we have today. We need to be able to call the police if our neighbor is having his dog poop in our yard. We want companies to not dump waste into the air. There is no simple, perfect government. The devil is truly in the details and the more of them there are, the more work he has cut out for him!

This brings to mind the article in mennewsdaily stating that leftism is to be regarded entirely as being anti men’s rights. Even if they say they’re going to get those wicked millionaires, they most likely will party with that guy and then bust the poor guy working in a factory anyway. That’s just the way it is. Sorry. Only a man whose either greedy and has a self-interest (such as some special handout program he relies upon) or a total fool would vote democrat over a republican other than for perhaps a special protest vote. And even then, a protest democratic vote would most likely be interpreted as a chivalrous, socialist male rather than a libertarian casting a protest. Want to vote Green? Just take the feminist agenda and put it on steroids. But hey, you do at least get some weed.

Leftists have to be the most unhappy people around. They remind me of Al Bundy. They’re unhappy because of evil Republicans not spending enough on edu-ka-shon. Of course, saavy people know that Republicans are usually moderate and blow more than enough money on education. Democrats are a combination of stupid and corrupt. Surely they know that the Republicans aren’t going around starving senior citizens to death. Are they crazy?

I suspect they are. I believe that what happens is some people grow up putting enormous effort into becoming a leftist. It feels good to be: 1) RIGHT (they hate judgemental people but hating such people is judgemental in itself, of course) and 2) SMART and 3) CARING and 4) a VICTIM. Turning around and admitting that they’ve been wrong and betting on the wrong horse, for years, is not something many people can do. The stronger someone is, the harder it is to convince them they’ve made a mistake. The few people, including myself, who can admit they made a mistake need to be very special. It requires someone who is capable of challenging their whole environment and way of life. Most people just don’t have that in them. The ones that do are usually MODERATES and they don’t usually care enough to really think things through to begin with or change their mind.

Why am I writing this? I’m asking for help from you for strategies to try to get these people turned around. They are miserable, as I said, but needy for the ideology much like a drug addict. How does one convince a drug addict that maybe the source of their woes is their habit rather than the solution? Usually, you can only do this by them hitting bottom but here’s the trick: They can’t hit bottom without taking US (and by US I mean society) with them. (Why did we give everyone the vote again? Was this really a good idea?) Anyways, we need to find a way to communicate to these people without just sitting around twiddling our thumbs or whining about it to each other. We need, as Christ said, to hang around sinners.

I have some avenues I’m investigating. One is to maybe read books written by “deprogrammers”, the people who work to convince people to leave religious cults. Or maybe alcoholics anonymous. Or maybe suggest they don’t think about politics for a while so maybe while they’re just living their lives they’ll start from scratch. I’m sure there’s other ideas out there!

Before you toss this article and go to the next, consider that there is hope. Even without active deprogramming, the leftists are on the run because so many normal working class Joes (and Janes) are leaving their plantation. But the problem is that it’s not happening fast enough. But even just a little push might be enough to totally kick them out. So if someone can figure out a way to do this, and pass it on, it’s possible that exponentionally people might be moved to the ranks of the right AND even change the right back into what it should be! Here’s a few candidates: 1) White heterosexual men (for obvious reasons); 2) White heterosexual women (If they want to marry employable white males and have kids, she better change her attitude); 3) Minority men (White and minority women will come first ahead of them); 4) Minority women (if they want to marry successful minority men, see white women above.)

This means there’s a lot of people out there who can be turned. The question is how to wean them away from the philosophical addiction of leftism as well as the goodie bags offered to members of certain political groups. I’ve gotten some glimmers in people’s eyes, but I haven’t yet gotten a full conversion. I would love to hear tips including maybe books on hypnosis and body language.

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Common Sense Experiences First Rejection at Law School.

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A Site Proud of Abortions.

So proud that they brag about what they’ve

done in print.

Thanks for sending this, Rob from STR. You can be pretty sure, if you believe as I do, that this is wrath of God stuff. Here’s a predictable confession of a young mental patient.

Ever since I was a young girl, I’d know that I didn’t like babies. At 14, I decided that I never wanted to be a mother and that I wanted to be sterilized as soon as possible.

Great, open Wing number 5 we have another one!

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pic taken down

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The Story of Taxation–And it’s Damn Ugly.

This may well be the most valuable

Joe Sobran article

ever. He takes taxes apart with the help of Charles Adams. This was originally given as a speech in Oklahoma last year. I wish I was there to help clap. How’s this for a quote?

And why shouldn’t they? The sad fact is that the American taxpayer is a remarkably passive creature. He merely grumbles at conditions far more oppressive than the tyranny that drove his ancestors to rebel against British rule in 1776.

One of the chief complaints of the American colonist was that he was taxed without his consent. Yet by today’s standards, his taxes were amazingly low. Precise figures are hard to come by, but in 1764, for example, the average American was taxed by the Crown at the rate of sixpence per year. That is not a misprint. Six pennies per year. One penny every two months. Even adjusting for inflation, that is a pretty light tax burden. Today’s children pay more than that in sales taxes.

I’d say let’s revolt but I’m too passive and afraid of the IRS.

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Open Range: A Man’s Movie.

Now this appears to be a

must rent

. I missed it in the theatres but I’ll catch it now.

It’s no coincidence that the late 1960s saw the decline of the Western hero and the simultaneous rise of the gangster anti-hero, beginning with “Bonnie And Clyde.” The noble Westerner, a cinematic staple since the era of silent films, fell out of favor – not with moviegoers but with studios, critics and other arbiters of culture.

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Meryl Streep: Just Another Hollywood Idiot.

I guess she won a Golden Globe last night and decided to teach us all Leftism 101…yawn. “Oh, thank you for the


George didn’t want me to have it—wahhh, I’m oppressed.” Well you get it. Luckily I don’t watch those shows.

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The Budget, The Deficit, and What It Means To The Future of America

Douglas Holtz-Eakin, director of the Congressional Budget Office, gave an EXCELLENT interview tonight on “The News Hour With Jim Lehrer. “

Listen to the 9 minute interview with RealPlayer

. Hotz-Eakin is straight forward and talks in language the common man can understand.

“The Congressional Budget Office released a report today that said the federal budget deficit is expected to climb to $477 billion this year and rise as high as $2.4 trillion over the next ten years.”

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Doing Business With the Enemy

Nearly 400 companies are in most pension portfolios that are doing business in terrorist-sponsoring states. Well over 200, are actually doing business in Iran; of that, more than 60 are doing business in Libya.

Haliberton, Conoco, and GE are three of the biggest. Their investments in rogue states are ultimately funding terrorists who want to destroy this country.

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Rights vs Rights

Regarding single and lesbian women not being allowed artificial insemination, there was an article I beleive in MND saying that Suzi Leather, the woman who in in charge of all that stuff in England wants to change it.

She says that she feels sorry for the women who want to have children but can’t because they don’t have a man.

The issue of whether the kid has a right to a father, which frankly seems pretty basic to me, is disregarded.

So in other words, a woman’s “right” to have a child (where in hell did that one come from?) trumps a kid’s right to have a father.

I keep saying it over and over, and I know that there are people who are sick of hearing it, but these kids are going to grow up.

My advice to these “enlightened’, “sensitive” and “caring” people who don’t quite understand how babies are made and why they have two parents of different sexes, had better have a good lawyer on hand to handle their kids when they grow up or just plain DUCK!

Posted by Gus @ 4:52 PM

De-Deifying MLK

Gus reminds me of Fire who bring to mind my observation that heterosexual white males are probably the least likely to be racist of anyone on this planet. There are myths about MLK (as with any historical figure) but with MLK it’s especially amazing how the myth and legend is so far out of touch with reality.

Let’s start with the myth: I’m sure his impression as many were taught (including myself) is that MLK was a great “civil rights leader” who led marches for peace and brotherhood and left a legacy of peaceful relations betweens whites and blacks. Cum-buy-yah, right?


I’m not going to simply attack King but merely perform a reality check. Let’s start with his title: The Doctor Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr. Why is his doctorate so important? As a fun article in National Review put it, most non-medical doctors are not lauded with doctor in front of their names. ( “I didn’t go to evil medical school for 10 years to be called Mister, thank you very much!” — Dr. Evil) It’s not necessarily his fault, but his doctorate is important in no small degree (pardon the pun) because people feel a need to emphasize that a famous black man could get one. Gus cited other famous black figures and at least one was a baseball player and the other an actor. King’s words were about people not being judged by their race yet here he is getting star billing precisely because of it. I suspect many whites use the Doctor in front of his name to avoid being labeled racists. Reverend King is revered by leftists even as the Reverend Jerry Falwell and the Pope are told to keep their nose out of politics and in the church.

Speaking of the church, how much do we know about the good Reverend actually lecturing about his flock about not having kids out of wedlock, academics, and taking responsibility for their own problems rather than falsely accusing others? I’m not necessarily going to accuse the Reverend of not performing these duties. They are just overshadowed by his deified role as superhero civil rights leader. His FIRST duty as a minister was supposed to be to educate people about God.

Once again, let’s focus on his famous “I have a dream” speech. Perhaps he didn’t mean it to be interpreted this way, but it’s real legacy is victim politics and an underlying racial hatred towards whites. His son is a race hustler using a double tongue to argue that while judging people by their character is a good thing and all, don’t stop gravy train preferences just yet. His speech is now being used as a classic Orwellism: Discrimination is hiring people due to ability and not a racial goal. His supporters argue that MLK was a supporter of affirmative action while he was alive. So maybe he was a hypocrite. Regardless, his legacy is not one of peace between blacks and whites but appeasement. Special privileges or expect white guys to be pulled out of trucks and bricks thrown at their heads. And if you park your car on MLK drive, be sure to have LOJAK.

He wasn’t “thrust” into civil rights leadership. He wanted what he got and, good for him, he did well. He was in the right place at the right time being a middle class son of a minister and having a flock to help propel him onto a national stage. He was well liked by leftists for having communist leanings and by the right for having a Reverend in front of his name. He may have had a lot going for him, but I wouldn’t put him in the same category as our founding fathers such as Jefferson, Franklin, and especially Washington who created TRUE legacies that EVERYONE enjoys through EXCEPTIONAL academic accomplishments. Did you ever read or watch biographies of these guys? They come close to DaVinchi. I was watching a Schwartzeneggar film where his name came up as an example of great leaders and minds who should live forever. Pulease. He got up, made some speeches, sympathetic whites passed legislation or made rulings, and that’s that. This is hardly rocket science. Rather than his myth inspiring blacks, it appears more as just white guilt and patronizing. Here’s a black guy whose famous and NOT an entertainer. Give him a holiday.

While I’m at it, let’s discuss the myth or Rosa Parks whose name also tends to come up. She’s portrayed as this lone, brave elderly woman who stood up to crazy white racists ready to bash her head in on a bus because she refused in a moment of anger to give up her seat to a white man. Put on the violin music.

Reality: She was a former worker for the NAACP aware they needed a test case for a court challenge and she took advantage of an opportunity to get a civil case on the court calendar. No crazed hordes of KKK leaders came to lynch her. She went to the jail, posted about $100 for bail, and the NAACP already had everything in place for a court to overthrow the verdict. MLK got some great press that helped to create a myth of crazy white people having bus seat fetishes for years to come. Once again, this doesn’t mean Rosa Parks was a bad person or anything. I’m just pointing out what she did wasn’t all that exceptional. People provoke test cases all the time to challenge law. Speaking of bus seats:

Another of the great MLK’s legacy is WHITE FLIGHT. For those too young to know what this term means, it refers to forced integration causing a mass white exodus out of the cities and into the suburbs creating sprawl and traffic congestion. MLK’s “dream” of young blacks and whites peacefully playing together is still just that: A dream. Or maybe a nightmare. After “civil rights”, millions of blacks moved up into the middle class but the welfare state also pushed millions of black women into poverty stricken single motherhood and millions of black men into poverty and jail. There’s a myth (or just plain lie) that it was slavery that broke up black families but the fact is that blacks had similar family statistics to whites until the welfare state took hold. Jobs that were created and farmed out to affirmative action went mostly to white and some black women. A side effect of this is radical feminism and a higher cost of living. More middle class women working created mass traffic congestion, higher costs of living such as real estate, and the divorce industry. Indirectly, all those women working out of the home created a higher demand for gasoline helping to create the middle east crisis. Yes, it all sounds very grand but hey, I just debunked a myth so I feel entitled to a little fun of my own.

Still think MLK is all that great?

As Gus and many are aware, J. Edgar Hoover was monitoring him for anti-american activities including communist sympathies. The constitutionality of this surveilace and Hoover’s own alleged interesting hobbies aside, the good Reverend was supposedly taped beating up a white prostitute soon before he died. Imagine if Reverend Jerry Falwell was caught. Would everyone be so understanding of his human “frailties”? This brings to mind Republicans getting in trouble if they said harmless jokes to women while Clinton could go around banging women in his office without criticism. Remember Rush Limbaugh popping some pain pills? The documents and tapes on MLK’s last days were sealed for about 50 years or so. Assuming they survive to the light of day, they don’t mean he was totally a bad man but taken into context with his real positions and accomplishments, taken together don’t lead me to believe he should have a planet named after him. Sorry.

Just to show everyone I’m fair (hey, I’m not a racist or anything :-), I don’t think most historical figures people go nuts over deserve to be lionized. Most were just doing their job or in the right place at the right time. Churchill for instance. Good guy and all, and I believe a great man, but still: What was he supposed to do? Hand over his country to the nazis? Of COURSE he told the British to fight to their last man. Oh, wait, then again, compared to Chamberlain he really was great. Same goes for most politicians. I’m not into sports although I do appreciate the olympics and gymnastics. But still, they are just athletes who are accomplished and interesting but not individuals deserving of individual praise and rememberance.

I would say that it’s mostly scientists, artists, and writers who get well deserved praise (or hatred) for contributing to human ideals and thought. Karl Marx has had far more influence in this world than ANY individual politician, for better or worse. Albert Einstein changed the course of the world and warfare as we know it. Edgar Allen Poe introduced a character who became the prototype for Sherlock Holmes leading to a totally new approach to policing: Inductive reasoning.

And most of all, the “common man” whose theme song was the music for the Russians during the 1992 Olympic games. Ordinary men (and women) who perform their work, build stuff, pick up trash, raise families, fight in wars (on the right and wrong sides), and take individual risks for greater glory without recognition of any kind. If our society is going to hell in a handbasket, it’s because of a loss of individual morality. If the REVEREND MLK really meant anything, his supporters would be the first to argue that his monuments should be torn down and replaced with recognition of people of all colors and races who did something to improve all humanity even if it meant just cleaning up a park. But it isn’t going to happen, is it?

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A bitter lesson about sugar

To keep sugar prices artificially high, domestic sugar farmers have demanded subsidies and stringent quotas on the importation of foreign sugar. And the government complies . . .

But any industry that must pay twice or three times as much for its principal raw material as do its foreign competitors is at a serious competitive disadvantage. It’s a disadvantage, remember, that is not a result of natural market forces, but because of government’s preference for one sector of the American economy over another. It’s outrageous.

. . . maybe they can explain why a sugar beet farmer’s job is more important than the job of someone who works on the line in a candymaking plant. Maybe they can explain why the near-mystical need to keep uneconomical “family farms” in business is more important than the survival of urban manufacturing and urban jobs.

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Maybe this is what is wrong with America?
Freshmen goal: It’s money, not meaning

CALIFORNIA — A national survey of student attitudes has found that a record-low percentage of college freshmen said it is very important or essential to “develop a meaningful philosophy of life.” Meanwhile, interest in being “very well-off financially” was at the highest level in 13 years.

Those findings appear in the American Freshman Survey, an annual study being released Monday by the UCLA. The survey has been conducted for 38 years.

This year’s study surveyed 267,449 students at 413 colleges and universities and was statistically adjusted to reflect the 1.2 million freshmen in 2003.

Slightly less than 40 percent of current college freshmen said it was important to develop a meaningful philosophy.

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Notice I had to do a little editing to make this family viewing!

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Man Not

Oh, you hateful shrews. It’s already Monday so maybe readers should wait to check out

this site

until it’s more favorable on the work front. What the hell stuff don’t they allow when it comes to marginalizing males? Rob from STR sent this one over.

For years lesbian and single women have been denied the opportunity of using clinics for artificial insemination

–Oh how I lament the unmasterable past.

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Social Justice and the Left’s Misinterpretation of It.
The piece

restates their positions which worry the reader but then the writer crushes all of them–in a decisive way. I thank him.

It is misguided in disciplines such as mathematics, physics, chemistry, music, accounting, statistics, etc., since these callings do not typically address issues related to Social Justice. There is no “just” or “unjust” way to deal with a “T” account, a quadratic equation or an econometric regression; there are only correct and incorrect ways to go about these enterprises. To ask, let alone to demand, that professors in these fields concern themselves with poverty, economic development, wage gaps or air pollution is to take them far out of their areas of expertise. It is just as silly as asking a philosopher to teach music, or vice versa.

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Come and Hail Kerry.
Fritz Hollings

did and he gave a Jessie Jackson impression in regards to Dick Cheney. The point of the article is that only a total frontrunner could get away with something like that.

Why, Cheney is “the Jesse Jackson of the Republican party,” Hollings roared, mimicking an African-American accent: “He wants it allll! His tiiime has coooome!”

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New Hampshire: The Circus is About to End.

Thanks to

S. Macomber

at least we have a good bit of the inside story though. This conveys a quality smattering of the soon to be smattered. I guess Kucinich actually held and organized a circus this week. Ah, to have that kind of cash.

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Vietname Vets Too Good for Kerry.
Boy that’s true!

Apparently, Johnny Hero threw his war medals over the Capitol as a member of an anti-war Veterans organization…great. Then, the medals suddenly reappeared. What happened? He threw someone else’s medals over the wall.

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Pic taken Down.

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Crazy Maureen’s Testosterone Fetish.
Mike put this up yesterday.

I need to watch her more closely than I did in the fall. She’s madder than 3 mad hatters at a mad hatter’s convention. It’s amazing.

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A Panorama of New Hampshire


From the legendary

Matt Labash

. The best is the part with Kucinich where he gets him to use the codeword “spirit.” A must read!

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Being Single Rocks.


the column

that precipitated the one below by Steinberg.

Married people are always trying to convert their unattached friends. I’m not sure if it’s because they’re so happy they can’t believe anyone would want to be single — or they’re so miserable that they resent anyone who isn’t in the same boat. How dare we move about freely in the adult world without joining the married club? That’s not how it’s supposed to work! There’s an expiration date on the single life, and career bachelors and bachelorettes are flouting society by streaking past that expiration date without even slowing down.

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The Joys of Married Life.


fine column

by a local writer at the Sun-Times. Many of you may disagree, and I do regarding being married to about 95% of the female population. If you get a good one everything is different though.

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