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The St Valentine’s Day Massacre

In just 29 days the most out-dated, archaic holiday of the American year will be upon us, Valentine’s Day.

And once again American men, lured by the prospect of getting some sex, will be urged down to Kay’s diamond store (“Every kiss [and everything else] begins with Kay’s” Remember?) to buy more diamonds even before they have paid off the ones they got at Christmas with the hope of getting some sex they never got.

I humbly suggest that we American men stop to think this over.

First, there are a number of women who have changed Valentine’s Day to Vagina Day in an attempt to…well, there’s the first question: to do what?

If they want to vulgarize and cheapen everything that happens between heterosexual men and women they have certainly done that already.

Of course changing Valentine’s Day to Vagina Day will help do that as will chanting “The Vagina Monolgues” around a bon-fire of valentines.

The only people who will truly rejoice in the trashing of Valentine’s Day are the homosexuals (has anyone ever heard of a “homosexual romantic tradition”) and if anyone is thinking about squealing anything about “Homophobia!”, forget it.

The guilt days are over; the plain, blunt speech days have arrived.

What this means is that homosexuals will not be allowed to hide behind the fiction that what happened to them is the same as what happened to African-Americans or that homosexuality is merely an option to heterosexuality.


And if heterosexual women treasure anything about love and tenderness (frightening words, aren’t they?) between men and women, they will tell the lesbian women who are indulging in the demolition of Valentine’s Day to go to hell…and fast.

Second, let me pose a question to heterosexual men.

The “bribe” has historically gone like this,” If you give me something nice for Valentine’s Day, I’ll give you some sex (maybe)”. Well, it strikes me that this argument was workable back in the days of Queen Victoria (She died in the early 1900’s) but now, since we have discovered that women like sex too, a little re-negotiation is in order.

One of the most hilarious scams pulled off be the feminist movement was that men are worthless and unnecessary. Take a good look, I pray you, at the women’s magazine covers the next time you’re waiting in line at the super-market.

They are not about Martian exploration, horse-power or the state of the economy. They are most definitely about sex, being beautiful, love and MEN.

We men need to recognize that there is a strong possibility that women have not been totally up front with us in the recent past and start making the necessary corrections.

And if you don’t believe me, sex aside, don’t give even a valentine to a woman with whom you are really in a relationship with…and watch her eyes.

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Howard Dean Desparate! Begs Common Sense to Be His VP!!!

In a confidential exclusive from Reuters, CN’s spies have uncovered this unbelievable story. Apparently, a phonecall was placed to our own Common Sense by Howard Dean himself.

CS: Who the f— is this calling at 7:42 at night?

HD: Why Common Sense, old buddy, it’s your old college pal, Howard Dean.

CS: What? You’re like four hundred years old!

HD: Um, okay, it’s your Libertarian pal, Howard Dean. Listen, I have a proposition for you–

CS: You f—ing socialist! [Hangs up phone]

HD: [Redials] Listen, I know you, you’re a battler, just like me. Join the ticket and we’ll win the primaries. Without you I’m finished. Say you’ll be my Vice President.

CS: No way. You’ve fallen to 21% in Iowa. You’re as done as Indian food after I ordered four hours ago.

HD: Heh, heh, Indian food. Love that diversity! That’s the spirit. You’d look good in one of those white speedos.

CS: See, I knew you were gay and that’s what this was about [Hangs up phone].

HD: [Redials, sniveling] Please, please join the ticket. I need your charisma and charm.

CS: [Munching on a carrot while watching television] Nah, I’m in lawschool. I’m so far past that “Vice President” thing. Why don’t you grow up and quit politics?

HD: I will, I will. After we win in November. Say you’ll join.

CS: [Changes channel and has sudden epithany] Okay.

HD: Really?

CS: Yeah, but I’m now “Hot Deaniac Chick Supervisor.” I look after all the hot dumb college chicks on your staff and you, you sniveling dog, make sure their legs are shaved weekly–no! Every other day.

HD: Sure, sure.

CS: Yeah, yeah, yeah. I love it when a plan comes together. I’ll tell them they either be a part of the harem or you lose in November after I go public with the way they tried to use me due to my high status…Okay, I’ll fly out tomorrow after the morning cartoons are over. You have a limo with some ganga and four babes waiting for me at the airport.

HD: Done. I love Democracy.

CS: So do I, McGovern, or whatever your stupid name is.

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We’re Here for the Polish Knight and Bride Reception, which door is it?

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Whites Ruthlessly Raped in Prison As a Rule.

The horrors of this essay will give you gray hair. Please share with every juvenile delinquent you know.

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Thinness Does Not Equal Health. Exercise is Everything.
This is the second part of a great TCS

series on how exercise, not body fat, is the key to good health. I found it fascinating, as will everday workouters like our Gus (he’s a swimmer).

It’s now recognized that the fitness needed to enjoy health benefits means “metabolic fitness,” not being an endurance performance athlete with maximum oxygen capacity and muscular strength. Aerobic, flexibility and strength components are valuable parts of every exercise regimen, but it’s much easier to reach fitness than most people think. “To be in better physical condition most people…just need to get out there and engage in the kind of activity that brings a stronger, fitter body,” said Portnick. Anything physically active that you enjoy counts — be it dancing to gardening, walking to skating. It should be fun, not punishing.

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Ozone Al Gore.

[“mea” sent this over–thanks!]

“Former Vice President Al Gore delivered a speech on the theory of global

warming yesterday, the coldest day in New York City in decades, calling

President Bush a “moral coward” for adhering to policies that put the planet

in catastrophic peril of overheating. The speech, sponsored by the liberal

advocacy group, came when the mercury was expected to dip to

minus 1 in New York City, shattering a record low temperature that has stood

for 47 years, and notching just a few degrees higher than the coldest day

ever recorded there.”

Washington Times

, 1/16/04

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I simply don’t understand the anti-gloablization movement

Today’s Chicago Tribune has an article on how

India is moving towards becoming a developed nation

. Much of this of course has to do with the IT sector moving over there in droves. Yet, as Indians rise above the poverty level, the anti-globalization folks seem to want to drive them back down again.

There’s an anti-globalization meeting currently going on in Bombay

. I just don’t get it. The easy answer is that that anti-globies are socialists/communists/anarchists. Sure, they don’t like capitalism, but does that mean they want people to live in poverty? It certainly appears that way. Something else that completely perplexes me about the movement is that apparently is used to be funded by the Ford Foundation which I’m presumming is affiliated with Ford Motor Company. Why would an international company like Ford fund people who want to destroy them? Man, the world sure is a weird place.

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Is Dean Finished?

Man I hope not. We’d melt that guy like snow atop a furnace.

Podhoretz called it

last week. If Kerry is President…why even consider it.

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Labash on Mindless TV Shows.

Friends, pardon my latency (intentional misuse) today. I had to finish an interview before work and had no time to blog. I read this earlier and

it’s the best prose

of the week by none other than the excelsior, Matt Labash. Here’s a heckuva paragraph!

CONSEQUENTLY, when anything slightly different comes along, critics tend to wildly overpraise it. Take HBO’s “Sex and the City,” a critical darling. I have seen several episodes, and would rather watch puppies get railroad spikes driven through their eyelids, than to be subjected to Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Cattrall seeing who can out-blue-streak each other in the forced patter some have called the Vagina Dialogues. It is a show written by gay men who think they know how straight women talk. If straight women actually talked that way, I’d probably become gay, too.

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pic taken down

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Your Tax Dollars At Work
PENSION AGENCY DEFICIT: Taxpayers may have to bail out program

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Let That Be a Lesson To You!
Streakers stranded as thief takes car

SPOKANE, WASHINGTON — Three men who went streaking through a Denny’s restaurant were chilled and chagrined when they spotted a thief driving off in their getaway car, their clothes inside.

Naked in the 20-degree weather, the three young men huddled behind cars in a parking lot until police arrived.

The three entered the restaurant before daybreak Wednesday, wearing only shoes and hats. They left their car running intending to make a quick escape. No charges were brought against the streakers

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American Women

Hello Everyone! My fiance arrived safe (via that famous British Airways flight that seems to be grounded every other day) and I’ve just gotten a little free time just now.

Here are some thoughts on the feminist movement and the future choices of women and men. In all fairness, consider what many young women have been going through: They are told to work and earn a living. I know few men, including all here, who would disagree with this. I believe we all want our women to be happy and fulfilled. The problem is that women have to do something men don’t: “Balance work and family”.

Feminists don’t like that term. They prefer to “balance” these things by dumping them on someone else. Have some-guy-behind-the-tree foot the bill. (I love Homer Simpson’s political slogan: “Why can’t somebody else do it?”) Life is about choices and balances and it’s difficult sometimes to manage them: Take a job that pays a lot in the city and pay higher rent? Or marry young and have kids or wait until later and accept loneliness in the meantime? These are not easy or sometimes even obvious.

Young women have few adult figures warning them honestly about life’s pitfalls. I’ve tried to act as surrogate father for many young girls I encounter who clearly want to do the right thing but don’t have anyone to advise them. They’re just told: “Get whatever you can!” and this has caused problems not only in their own life, but society in general. It would be nice to blame the feminists, but many young men also bought into this feminist nonsense to try to get their way into women’s pants.

Interesting statistic (I will try to verify): A Washington Post article about the gender voting gap claims that most Republican voters were women about 30 years ago. I would love it if this were true because we may be on the verge of a turnaround. Young men were sold the “Playboy” lifestyle of lots of great “hookup” sex as James Bond. I talked with a woman from this period and she told me she HATED those films for that reason because it depreciated the ability of kind, responsible women to attract mates. The young men all wanted to get nookie fast. Don’t forget that a close majority of men, including white men, voted democrat until recently!!!

Kobe Bryant’s case may help illustrate the fallacy of the left’s claim of caring for minorities. If they have to, they’ll take Kobe down to keep their greater voting bloc (angry, single and aging, married baby boomer women.) Then it will become apparent to many minority men that they are getting less than they are giving. But until then, most men refuse to wake up and take back their, well, gonads. That’s their own fault is it not? Should women be blamed for this?

It’s possible that the internet has a disproportionate share of women who fit the P.C. model precisely because these women are materialistic and driven to achieve as much as they can grab. I believe many kind women are out there but need a firm, honest opinion from men. I really have seen some come to grips with reality.

Gus, don’t wait for women to assert their equality. Women’s best traits are derived from their femininity just as men are defined by their ruggedness and uncouth style. I’ve been admittantly angry with women, but I never hated them. They can afford to be emotionally driven but us men have to set a different example and even lead. The men who write on these issues are ahead of the curve in observing these issues. Let’s not blow the opportunity to contribute to a major social change.

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An Islamic Reformation and Its Resistence

I’m sure Martin Luther’s “heretical” ideas didn’t take off over night way back in the day. But the reformation had to start somewhere. The same can be said for Islam, which in its 1500 years has never gone through a period of critical introspection and may be why we’re dealing with what we are today.

However, there is a new book out in the U.S., “The Trouble With Islam” that is calling for muslims to get their act together. The author is a lesbian, muslim, Canadian feminist and if she were American, would probably be employed in some great pillar of academia and be busy driving UberBern crazy. Fortunately, she lives in the Great White North so she’s safe from his scorn. But she’s not safe from radical Islamic extremists who ironically are calling for her head because she’s telling muslims to reassess a faith mired in anti-Semitism and backward ideas about women, sex and relations with the West.

As Martin Luther had his detractors, so do the Islamic reformationists. There’s another rennaciance muslim author who has written a book telling men how to beat their wives and get away with it. In the book “Women in Islam,” published in 2000, recommends that in the case of a “rebellious woman” a husband should attempt “serene dialogue” and if that fails, refuse to sleep in the same bed. If rebellion persists, the woman should be struck in a “symbolic” way and “without excesses.” “If one needs to use blows, they should be administered to specific parts of the body like the feet and hands, using a light and thin stick so it will not leave scars or bruising on the body. . . ”

In a blow to what I’m sure the ACLU would say are 1st Amendment rights if it happened in the United States, a Spanish court has sentenced the “Women in Islam” author to 15 months in jail, fined him $2700, and confiscated copies of the book. The author contends that his book is based on Koranic scripture.

No wonder that the muslim world is a mess. Some peope want to embrace Western Civilization while others are trying to remain in the 14th Century.

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The Collapse of the Feminist Movement

Yesterday I wrote that feminism is a foundering movement.

Well, it has significantly foundered a little more over that past 24 hours.

The lead story in today’s MND is about Gen X and Y men in transition, basically rudderless men, members of “The Fatherless Generations” who were authoritatively told that “Fathers were merely sperm donors” and that men were basically jerks by the women of the past 35 years.

They are like men trying to build a house without a blue-print.

Please note that I am not saying “the feminists” here because you would have to hunt far and wide to find a woman who dissented from the vitriol of the past 35 years.

The other hole in the SS Feminist was bigger and more significant. It appeared on Fox News in the Asman Report who said that a pro-Dean magazine had said that Dr Dean’s popularity is based on the fact that he is (sit down for this, those of you old enough to rememeber the horror and contempt attached to the word “macho”) “a man’s man”!

They tweaked it a little by saying that Dean represented “progressive masculinity”

thereby making it a little easier for Dems not to choke on when they read it.

But “progressive” or not, the patterns are emerging more rapidly that the Women’s Movement of the 60’s whatever gains it brought for women, did nearly catastrophic damage to societyin general.

It was a failure.

American women right now in my opinion should sit down, shut up, listen and do some hard thinking.

What I am saying by the way is not meant as “woman-bashing”, misogyny or abusiveness.

It is merely plain, blunt even loving speech.

As Confucius said, “The beginning of wisdom is to call things by their right names”.

We have had more than enough of the word games; we need to get down to brass tacks.

American women today basically have two courses of action:

They can continue their lesbian-driven and oriented approach whose ultimate result will be another generation of emotionaly stranded women, abandoned children, disgusted and disinterested men and the notion of the family in ruins or they can do some serious re-thinking of what the situation of American women was and what they did about it.

Many times in life it’s not the mistakes you make but what you do afterwards that affects the outcome of a situation.

Back in 1979 a great baseball player and a fine man, Willie “Pops” Stargell, made an error in a game against the Cubs that could have wrapped up the pennant for the Pirates. Instead he lost the game on a bad throw into left field.

In the locker room after the game the media crowded around him asking what went wrong? An injury? The sun?

Stargell’s reply was typical of him and the kind of man he was, “I made a horse-shit throw.”

The next day he hit two doubles,knockedin4runs and the Pirates went on to win the pennant and to upset the Orioles in the World’s Series.

It is not up to American men to make excuses for American women or to save them from their follies. I am tired of reeling off lists of silly feminist writers like Andrea Dworkin & Co and I magine that everyone is tired of reading them

I am also tired of listing the mistakes, sins and follies of the Women’s Movement: Title IX, the divorce and Custody Courts, Male Bashing in the media: everyone except the wilfully ignorant knows them.

It is up to Americanwmen to assert their equality and do something about what they have done.

And I hope they remember Willie Stargell.

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Mom kills 4 Israelis in suicide attack

My initial reaction to reading that Hamas struck again was that the Palestinians are doing everything possible to insure that they will never gain independence. But after letting it sink in that a Palestinian mother of two blew herself up I thought “good, I hope more Palestinian women follow the lead.”

A central tenant to the anti-Israel movement is giving the Palestinians a “right to return” to a land that historically they have no ties to. In allowing Palestininians the “right” to live in Israel proper, the hope is that through demographics, Jews will become out numbered, thus erasing the Jewish state’s exisitence. Bluntly, the Palestinians are having babies at a rate that is astonishing even for a third world country and soon will vastly out number Israelis. If more Palestinian women decide to become suicide bombers, that should mean that fewer terrorists will be born.

The time bomb is ticking.

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This Is Awesome

I had a teacher is highschool get high with some students, or so the students said after I saw them toking on a one hitter in the back of the class. But nothing like


ever happened. As Bill Murray said in Stripes “I wanna party with you.”

A 7th-grade schoolteacher has been suspended and faces disciplinary action after he allegedly showed up for work drunk.

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Create a Patriarchy Today!

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Beer: A Labor of Love.
I was so pleased to see this one.

I enjoyed the piece and agree with Brad Edmonds. Wine is no replacement. I mean I it has its uses, but there’s nothing in the world like a Bell’s Amber Ale. Froth, I mean, read away!

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A Risky Scheme By Pete Mayer.
Anti-Gay Worker’s Firing is Upheld.

This bit of news prompted an epiphany, or a stupid idea, or just a juxtaposition of Three’s Company and Office Space – you decide. At work, I will come out of the closet and proclaim my gaiety. Tenant Robert will play the role of my-up to now-secret “life partner”, or whatever euphemism is finally decided upon. I will get him health and dental insurance- he will then pay me for it. 100/month should keep me in Marlboros and Michelob for at least a week. As a bonus, I will never fear for loosing my job, even if I stopped working altogether. Oh sure, I will still put in my hours, but doing basically as I please. My boss and co-workers will cower in fear of my sledgehammer of diversity. I will certainly put them through hours of sensitivity training should they dare step out of line. Or just have them fired.

As the wolf in sheeps clothing, women will find me comfortable to be around, and enjoy the challenge of seducing me. I will weepingly mutter phrases like: “I’m soo confused; you make me feel…strange, but somehow excited at the same time”. I will then turn my head, pretending to break down, and covertly pluck a few nose hairs, turn back – with crocodile tears running down cheeks – and blubber: “can I just have a hug?” Then take it from there.

The only down-sides I can see are the stares and glares, and that all conversation will cease whenever I enter a room. And there’s always that problem of looking in the mirror every morning.

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Two More Senate Seats in 2004?

Could be, but I’m hoping for a lot more and settling for the status quo.

John Miller’s analysis is intriguing

, yet ugly for Common Sense and I:

ILLINOIS: This election remains the Democrats’ best chance to pickup a seat currently held by a Republican and state comptroller Dan Hynes appears well on his way to winning his party’s nomination. The GOP’s best hope would be for state Sen. Barack Obama to upset him in the primary. LEANING DEMOCRATIC TAKEOVER.

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Democratic Candidates.

Well, it’s getting close in NH and Iowa. I suppose Dean is no longer a certainty. I’m frankly amazed that the Democrats might actually get something together–and disappointed too. Anyway,

Hugh Hewitt here weaves an overview

concerning their gaffes and inane ejaculations.

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Illegal Alien Crime Wave.

I read this yesterday and have to say it’s

one of the best essays

I’ve read in a long time. Oh it’s depressing, real depressing, but Heather MacDonald is an outstanding writer. If you get a chance,

The Burden of Bad Ideas

, remains a personal favorite.

Illegal aliens and their advocates speak loudly about what they think the U.S. owes them, not vice versa. “I believe they have a right . . . to work, to drive their kids to school,” said California assemblywoman Sarah Reyes. An immigration agent says that people he stops “get in your face about their rights, because our failure to enforce the law emboldens them.” Taking this idea to its extreme, Joaquín Avila, a UCLA Chicano studies professor and law lecturer, argues that to deny non-citizens the vote, especially in the many California cities where they constitute the majority, is a form of apartheid.

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Pic taken down

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Seeing the Light

Angry Harry has an interesting piece today about the number of recovering feminists that are beginning to pop up all over the place.

I imagine that there was a similar rash of conversion experiences in Germany in 1945, the Soviet Union on Christmas Eve 1991 and in Iraq when Baghdad Bob stopped blathering long enough to see what kind of tanks those were coming across the bridge towards him.

Feminism is a foundering movement.

Sinking ships tend to produce a lot of swimming rats.

Bonnie Erbe, the columnist, chides the Gen X women for wanting to stay home instead of engaging in the ever exciting world of paper-shuffling, ooops!, excuse me, I mean of course, the career world.

There is a noticeable increase in the “How To Get A Man” literature.

But this is a phenomenon that men had best look at very closely.

Make no mistake about it: the feminist movement was a vicious, brutal and destructive movement directed towards children and men.

Being human, women are not going to be very willing to own up to what they did and said.

That’s understandable but makes any real reconciliation between heterosexual men and women impossible.

One area that heterosexual women need to lok at is the involvement of lesbian women in the feminist movement. It was deeply toxic.

There are probably a lot of women who are putting their heavily underlined Andrea Dworkin and Mary Daley books into the paper shredder as fast as possible in order to escape any hint of being connected with what they were totally immersed in not that long ago.

My own experience is to hear a lot in the beginning about sympathy with the sufferings of men then to notice a slow, barely perceptible slide into the old “Now here’s what you should do” routine.

We men have to beware of this. My experience has been that American women, particularly older women, have become obsessed with power and control.

All American women in my opinion need a strong dose os reality and limit-setting but the older ones in particular are in the greatest need.

Sorry to be so surly about this but as the great baseball umpire umpire Bill Klem once said, “I calls ’em the way I sees ’em” and I try to do the same.

I’ll believe these “converts” a lot more when I see them join forces with people like Glenn Sacks, who is doing one hell of a job attacking the degrading “Boys are stupid. Throw stones at them!’ t-shirts put out by Bon Macy’s and Tilly’s on the West Coast.

“Put your money where your mouth is” says the old adage and don’t try the Arafat gimmick of saying one thing in Arabic and another in English.

May we move forward.

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Pic taken down.

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The Democrats: The PC Anti-White Party.

Last week a long lost friend emailed me after coming across several of my internet columns. He said, “It sounds like you’ve become a Republican” and then nothing else. It took me a while to realize that he meant it as an insult because, in many parts of the country, the word “Republican” is a pejorative by itself.

I told him that not just I, but he, and every white person in the country should join the Grand Old Party, or, at the very least, resign their Democratic Party membership as soon as they can.

I often overlook the fact that I am descended from liberals. My parents and just about everyone I knew growing up voted Democrat. The same was true about the people I associated with in college. My father was a good man and an old school liberal but he made the mistake of thinking government spending correlates with helping people. He was wrong, but I am confident that if he were alive today and could hear the way in which the Democrats pander exclusively to their militant left wing, he would melt his party card.

Just to participate in the ranks of the donkeyites, you have to automatically embrace multiculturalism and diversity as your secondary religions. Many liberals have made the pursuit of diversity a replacement for religion as religion mandates judging yourself and others. To them judgment is as outdated a concept as property owners alone voting.

I can not bear to be around this crowd and they cannot bear to be around me as the “all cultures are valuable except the west” outlook runs contrary to the realities of the life on this planet. I have hated political correctness from the first moment it corrected me, but it took several years to realize that this anti-American, anti-male, anti-Caucasian plague originates from the left. I finally recognized that liberalism and PC are forever intertwined. I will have nothing to do with them and neither should you.

Luckily, others are slowly recognizing this as well. Voting trends illustrate that white men are beginning to see that the Democratic Party exists only to marginalize them: “In 2000, however, Al Gore lost too much white support to sustain this delicate coalition. George W. Bush beat him by 12 points among whites generally and by 24 points among white men.” [Jason Riley,, January 13, 2004]

That’s great news and I hope that the divide in white voters becomes even greater in 2004. Hopefully, there’ll be more scenes like at the 2000 Democratic Party convention, when a female Senator stood up and received a huge ovation for bemoaning the low overall number of female senators. Why would they equate gender with how one performed as a senator? They do this because, on the left, it is widely assumed that women are a fount of goodness in the world and men are a source of evil.

Yes friends, stupid and repugnant ideas never die, they just fade away into the Democratic Party platform.

These minority worshipping aristocrats care more about chromosomes and skin color than they do in representing the American people on the whole. The other day, Wesley Clark stated that, if elected, he would provide yet more goodies for Native Americans. Who would this come at the expense of? Everybody else.

Howard Dean, in the last debate, stated that altering the flawed racial consciousness of white Americans was the way in which to improve race relations. Ah, it’s all our fault. Personally, I think getting whites to stop obsessing and deferring over the subject of race is the way to improve racial relations. Start acting you’ll like not morally inferior and soon we’ll no longer be expected to apologize for things we’ve never done.

The real source of racism is people like Dean. He’s willing to evaluate the worth of citizens based on external characteristics alone. We should be grateful that Al Sharpton was there the other night to illustrate to the frontrunner that those who sleep with dogs really do get fleas.

Apparently, Dean is not enough of a racial apologist for some of the other candidates. Sharpton argued, “It seems as though you discovered blacks and browns during this campaign.” Meaning, that he didn’t spend enough time obsessing about whether his cabinet, in a state with a black population of less than one, had enough diversity in it.

Aren’t these fireworks merely an attempt to cover up the fact that this party has no new ideas with which to impress the electorate?

While it’s nice to see Sharpton attack Dean, he could not be more wrong about their soon-to-be leader. Memorizing racial hierarchies is a prerequisite to obtaining a Democratic Party identification card. He could never have got as far as he has if he didn’t.

When General Clark obtained his official membership papers last year, I’m sure he had to repeat five times “I am a privileged white patriarch” while clicking the heels of his red shoes before they’d let him take part in the primaries.

The irony about the Democratic minority fetish is that none of their policies actually benefit minorities. The only groups who profit (and I mean profit in the economic sense) are the teacher’s unions, trial lawyers and government employees.

The liberals don’t even bolster those unions who tirelessly campaign for them in Iowa and everywhere else polls exist. What Democratic initiatives help America’s blue-collar workers? Increasing taxes? Putting social security in a “lockbox” and thereby not fixing the problem? When they advocate for the unmitigated flow of immigrants through our borders it only harms indigenous workers. Unfettered immigration cannot help them, but none of this prevents forty percent of the population from voting ‘D’ when it’s election time.

It’s even sadder that so many black Americans in particular pledge their eternal support to this party of race hustlers and shysters. While it’s true that Howard Dean might get 90 percent of their vote, a Dean presidency would only hurt this predominantly middle class subgroup of Americans.

Blacks are making it in this country and should be proud of the way they have prospered, but Democratic politicians deny their success the same way Marxist professors deny that the Soviet Union was an example of their theories being put into practice. I think it was Jay Nordlinger who once said that for liberals it’s always the Jim Crow era and the location’s always Selma, Alabama.

To the Democrats, some Americans will forever be more equal than others. People like me, under their reign, are destined for the back of the civil rights and employment bus. My advice to all Caucasians is that only if you’re a masochist should you consider voting for this race-monger chain gang. It’s time that everyone gets off the plantation. Let’s hope these racists get pummeled in 2004.

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Pete Mayer on Justice Served in California

The headlines read, “Montebello woman receives death penalty for poisoning husband.

Read all about it!

Her (Angelina Rodriguez) defense? Her husband poisoned himself. Ahhh, the famous “he committed suicide” defense. All I can say is the taste of antifreeze is oh, so sweet. I’m no expert in this field, but if I were going to “off” myself, (a permanent solution to a temporary problem is not an option) an oleander tea, followed by a Prestone chaser, would not be my method of choice. Apparently the jury agrees… thumbs down. 3.25 years is a long time to wait for a conviction, but this anecdotal evidence of juror’s wisdom is just enough to keep me goin’. “She’s a remorseless, cold-blooded killer” stated Deputy DA Doug Sorintino… somehow, I don’t doubt that.

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Lost Jobs and Misdirected Anger

Chicago is the Candy Capital of America. Who knew? I certainly didn’t and I live here. But recently, our sweet little factory town has lost some teeth.

A few weeks ago Brachs, the maker of amongst other things, those loveable cinnamon swirl hard candies, left town for good. Chicago lost $700 million in revenue and nearly 1600 jobs. (I wrote about this a few weeks ago, check the archives if you’d like.)

Now, Archibald Candies, owner of Fannie Mae Chocolates is leaving town as well. Chicago is going to lose $200 million in revenue and 625 jobs. Fannie Mae is also closing 228 retail stores throughout the country.

Needless to say, people are upset. People are so upset that the Alderman and U.S. Representative that represent the Fannie Mae plant staged a protest yesterday. The protest focused not on why Archibald/Fannie Mae is leaving town, but on the compensation the workers will recieve. Apparently Federal law requires a plant to give 60 days notice if it is shutting down. If it doesn’t, then the workers are to recieve pay for those 60 days. The Alderman and Representative promised the workers that they would make sure the government would enforce the law.

That’s all well and good, the workers should get their money. But I’d think they’d be a little more upset with why they were losing their jobs in the first place. And it’s ironic that they are going to turn to the Feds for restitution when it is the Fed’s fault they are losing their jobs in the first place.

Federal sugar tariffs have made the production of candy in the United States too expensive. Therefore, Archibald and Brachs are moving to Mexico where sugar is at least 1/3 cheaper. The end result, in Chicago at least, is $900 million in lost revenue and the loss of 2100 jobs.

If the United States Government is going to talk about free trade, then we should remove our sugar tarriff. And if the workers in Chicago really want the Feds to help them, they’d ask for the same thing.

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Our Bankrupt State

The Illinois Governor just marked the end of his first year in office. It was a significant year because it is the first time a Democrat has been in the Illinois State House in over 25 years. While the Governor has recieved many high marks, especially in light of the man he replaced being indited in federal court a few weeks ago, he has made one major blunder that I find unforgivable. And that is his handling of state finances.

The Illinois Governor has bonded $10 billion in furture revenues. He took $2 billion of the bond proceeds and booked it to plug part of the current revenue shortfall that every state is experience. In another words, he’s not only gambling with future tax proceeds, but someone in the future is going to have to raise taxes to pay for the gambling in the form of the bonds. We’re going into debt to pay for our debt. Makes a lot of sense to me. Frankly, I’d rather have higher taxes now than pay for bonds in the future. The idea of the state going further into debt leaves me a bit uneasy.

Illinois has a 19 cent per gallon gasoline tax. It’s one of the highest in the country. The money raised is supposed to go towards road improvements. However, the Governor is diverting 7 cents of the gas tax to the General Revenue Fund. Now, Illinois doesn’t have enough to fix its roads. To solve that problem, the Governor is turning to the Feds to ask for more funds. But that won’t work either because the Feds know Illinois is effectively diveriting $400 million dollars annual. The end result will be a lot more potholes a lot more pissed off Illinois Drivers.

Good job Governor. I hope the next three years are as good as the first.

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In Honor of Common Sense Beginning Law School.

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Were the Old Cars Better?
Today’s cars are light years ahead of those 1954 cars in power, efficiency, roadability and durability. But cars back then had something that is largely lost today — something that is still sought through various “retro” efforts like Chrysler’s PT Cruiser, the new Ford Thunderbird and Chevrolet’s SSR convertible pickup. They had prodigious personality. Each make was instantly recognizable, not only by sight but often by sound.

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Duvall Stands Up to Spielberg and Leftists in Hollywood.

It’s such a rare treat finding out an actor isn’t a leftist dog. I guess we got some preliminary indication

about how “solid” he is

when he agreed to play General Lee last year.

Commenting on Spielberg’s 2002 trip to Cuba, Duvall innocently remarked: “Now I want to ask him (Spielberg) – and I know he’s going to get pissed off – ‘Would you consider building a little annex on the Holocaust Museum, or at least across the street, to honor all of the dead Cubans that Castro killed?’ “

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Gay Rights Movement Harms Blacks.
Star Parker right on all counts.

I have her new book but have not read it yet.

In a fashion quite the opposite of Dr. King – who challenged an unjust nation to return to the principles and traditions from which it had strayed – gay political operatives work to re-write our traditions to suit their own proclivities. They say their struggle is about equality, but it’s really about the exercise of political power and claims for entitlement.

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Foreigners Influencing Our Elections?

Why wouldn’t they? What’s a better use of funds for a foreign intelligence service? Gore would have been their choice and I’m sure that he received a fortune in contributions.

Blankley has some excelsior points.

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What’s in Store This Year For the Economy.
A bright outlook presented in this one.

Personally, I think the experts can say whatever they want to. It won’t have much to do with what the individual investor will be doing. I think considerable cash will shortly be flying into mutual funds this year and it will have to be spent.

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The Democrats Are Racist.
Here’s our hero, Taranto,

ripping to shreds the leftist cabal:

There’s something poignant about the Democratic Party’s continuing obsession with race. This was the party of segregation until 40 years ago, when Lyndon Johnson embraced the cause of civil rights. Today the Dems still practice a sort of segregationist politics. They think in terms not of what’s best for all of us as Americans, but what’s best for blacks as blacks, Hispanics as Hispanics, as well as gays as gays and so forth. Recent election results give little reason to think this strategy works. And, as Howard Dean found last night, it’s a mug’s game.

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Holiday Greetings For CS

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Twisted Deaniacs, Part 7892

Shawn Macomber is the Spectator’s man on the ground in New Hampshire and he’s doing a heck of a job covering the primary there. He goes to different events and puts the light on stuff we’d never know about.

Here’s his latest.

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No, Howard, now the Doctor is Really In!

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Interview with Ann Coulter.

Well, I’ve asked her five times and never got an answer, but then again, I’m small beer within the bigger conservative bar.

Check out what studly Glasov gets out of her.

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John Stossel, Enemy of the Left #1.
Now this looks like a great read!

I’ve know for awhile the way in which Stossel is hated and despised by his fellow journalists but now we’ll get the inside story–which will be ugly indeed.

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2004 Index of Economic Freedom.
I’ve used this site

to win countless arguments so you’d think I would have blogged it before but, for some reason, I have not. I think last year’s info is available for free and you should be able to hit the countries button and find out all you need to know.

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Canada, Axis of Evil Member?

Well, I don’t agree with all the names on this list and happen to like David Frum. I also worship the game of hockey but I had to

link to the article

not only because it’s a great idea but also because somebody has to say something about these socialists. It’s too bad this guy didn’t write a better column because the title can’t be beat.

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Common Sense’s Old Girlfriend in Iraq.

[I’m not kidding she sent this to him–cool view]

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The Sunday Funnies

Yes, I still read the comic page in the newspaper everyday. A guy needs something to do when he’s in “the office.” Here’s one that I think is

especially poignant considering today’s political climate

. Enjoy.

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In a stroke of genius, something dawned on me this morning. In this country, race is tied to present economic stature which is tied to education level. Racial quotas in college admissions, for lack of a better word, have drawn much criticism lately. Why don’t colleges, instead of being concerned with a person’s race, concern themselves with a person’s economic background? I think the end result would have the same desired effect, that is, an increase in minority enrollment, with out appearing outright racist.

Of course, the best thing to do would be improve the highschools of applicants but that’s probably asking too much. So, am I missing something in the desire to treat college applicants fairly?

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Pic taken down.

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VDARE on Immigration.
Well at least someone writes about it.

I can write on just about anything except immigration as it to profoundly depresses me for scribbling. In the current main article, Jared Taylor recapitulates the war against him and his magazine, The American Renaissance. He is one of the most hated men in the world and the only reason, it seems to me, is that he questions the multiculti diversity cabal. It’s quite a tale.

We long, of course, for the day when it will be old hat to note the connection between GNP and average national IQ, and when it will not be controversial to point out that “diversity” is a weakness and not a strength—and when VDARE.COM is considered firmly mainstream.

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The Democratics Are Now the Rusted Socialists of Europe.

This is by Stephen Moore, and, incidentally, did you see his Club for Growth ad they’ve been showing as a means to derail the Democrats? It’s absolutely hilarious. It’s got an old married couple saying Dean stands for everything that he really stands for including “body-piecers.” The press is outraged. Good! Oh, well,

in this, Moore

describes the liberal crack up which will leave them in the gutter–hopefully forever.

The party no longer bears any resemblance to the JFK Democrats of the 1960s who embraced free trade, sound money and fiercely anti-Communist positions. In the long run, conservatives would surely be better off if the Democrats came to their senses on economics and the two parties were in agreement on growth policies. That may not happen until the Democrats are routed in the 2004 elections.

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The Mounting Debt of School Districts.

And Uncle Fire, oh yeah, that’s not a part of this piece. I

mentioned this article in class

on Thursday. It’s a must read. This one puts the “e” and “n” in enlightening.

Four general factors can interact to create financial instability. [1] the dynamics of public funding and the budgeting process encourage school districts to spend their entire funding allocation, creating a cost structure that is difficult to adjust down when revenue drops or fails to grow at an expected rate. [2] districts are constrained in how they can spend money and in the financial engineering options open to them. [3] the lack of attention afforded to the nuts and bolts of financial management in K–12 public education can result in naïve oversight and inadequate management-information systems that can delay appropriate responses to emerging financial crises. [4] school district finances are lodged within a larger political environment.

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Neocon Testimonial.

That’s right, a piece from Richard Perle and David Frum–two of the biggest names in the neocon realm. Of course, I personally, like to refer to them as “conservatives” and anti-war paleo-conservatives as “whackos,” but we celebrate diversity here. They just released a new book and today address

the two differing approaches to foreign policy.
U.S. foreign policy will always be debated from different points of view. That is as it should be. But is it too much to ask for a little truth in labeling?

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