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V-Day Article from the Standard

(I almost forgot to post it).

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Valentine Thoughts

Women treat men the same way they treat their gods: they worship them and they expect them to do everything for them.

Oscar Wilde, “The Perfect Husband”

Now they no longer worship us; just expect us to do everything for them.

Women undrestand our egos and our penises. They know nothing whatsoever about our souls.

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The Story of President’s Day.
This was surprisingly of interest.

It’s brief and does the job. It’s a time capsule back to the late sixties when they instituted the ritual of 3 day federal weekends. There’s all sorts of congressional personalities in it.

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NOW Part II.
Mike just put this one up.

It concerns NOW and a textbook I found. Hope you like it. It declares war on feminazis in general (just as you’d suspect).

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Romance Today.
Hudson strikes again

with this remarkable analysis on the situation between men and women.

Real romance can still be found in the current-day West, as a submerged social feeling bridging high romance, long-term commitment to a person one loves both erotically and spiritually, marriage, and the desire to raise a family. It challenges radical feminism, materialism, and sterile promiscuity, and hopes for the return of “friendly relations” between the sexes. At the same time, such an attitude is not exclusively tied to any one religion or denomination. It will be interesting to see whether these pockets of resistance can develop into a new counterculture of civility, decency, and common sense in sexual relationships. A restoration of real romance to society could play a very important part in the restoring of Western civilization as a whole.

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The History of Hockey Night in Canada


One of my all time

favorite programs

, Common Sense and I spoke about it last night.

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Childhood Revisited.

I’m writing a piece about Don Cherry and I found one of my favorite childhood memories, Fort Malden, online.

Take a glance and see the past.

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Valentine’s Day

Surely we cannot let this most out-moded of holidays pass without comment.


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Shut The F*@# Up!
PETA has written the town of Slaughterville, OK asking for it to change its name.

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You Don’t Have to Sleep Alone Tonight
Reports show a 300 percent increase in calls about bedbug infestation in homes and commercial buildings from 2000 to 2001 and 70 percent increases in both 2002 and 2003.

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“Summertime–and the Ho’s Are Drinking, Fish are Jumping…”

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Joanne Jacobs Blog.
She’s a pretty famous writer

who reports mostly on education. She also was on Fox News and the Fox News Blog before. It’s a good site. I just found it yesterday after the piece I wrote.

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From the Latest National Review:
Thank God We Live in America!
“I witnessed a whole family being tested on suffocating gas and dying in the gas chamber — the parents, son, and a daughter. The parents were vomiting and dying, but till the very last moment they tried to save [the] kids by doing mouth-to-mouth breathing. . . . The glass chamber is sealed airtight. . . . Normally, a family sticks together and individual prisoners stand separately around the corners. Scientists observe the entire process from above, through the glass.” These are the words of North Korean defector Kwon Hyuk, who was formerly chief of management of a concentration camp in that country. Hyuk is only one of many defectors bringing eyewitness accounts, and in some cases smuggled documents, testifying to the practice of trying the effects of poison gases and liquids on live prisoners. When a North Korean is arrested for political “crimes,” his family goes to the camps with him; this accounts for the availability of entire families as test subjects. These unimaginable horrors have been going on for decades. They are going on now, as you read. Anything the U.S. government does that prolongs the life of Kim Jong Il’s vile psychopathic regime by even one day is an act of complicity in his horrible crimes. North Korea is a blot on the human race, an outrage to the conscience of the civilized world. We should do everything we reasonably can to bring an end to his monstrous despotism, not only for our own security, but also for the relief of North Korea’s too-long-suffering people, and in the name of humanity.
Thank God We Live in America II!
If my dearest wish is to kill and eat a fellow human being, and if your dearest wish is to be killed and eaten, and if we should chance to meet and confide our desires to each other, and if I should then, with your eager consent, go ahead and kill and eat you, has a wrong been done? Such are the ethical conundrums of the early 21st century. In the particular case of Armin Meiwes, who killed and ate a person he had contacted via the Internet, recording the entire horrid process on video, a German court gave a verdict of manslaughter and sentenced Herr Meiwes to eight and a half years, of which he will probably serve about five. The mild-mannered anthropophage had methodically bagged, labeled, and frozen the flesh of his victim (collaborator? “partner”?), and consumed more than 40 pounds of it during the 21 months between the killing and his arrest. From the point of view of modern rationalist ethics, it is hard to see any objection to Herr Meiwes’s hobby. As the video record makes plain, nothing happened that could not be fairly described as agreed transactions between consenting adults. In order to see the mutilation, killing, and eating of a fellow human being for what they are — appalling aberrations of the human spirit — you need to have some conception of that spirit as more than a mere bundle of carnal desires requiring satisfaction. Herr Meiwes has no such conception. To judge from the state of our culture, in fact, Herr Meiwes is in this respect, if not in his culinary preferences, unremarkable.

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Getting Our Priorities Straight

It seems that there are some yahoo’s who are still ranting and raving about the Superbowl halftime show. So some washed up egomaniacal entertainer found a way to get people to talk about her before her album comes out. So what? Are people forgetting about the streaker? The streaker was pretty darn funny, but he represented a HUGE security lapse. Janet Jackson didn’t endanger a single person. But in the midst of terrorist concern, an unauthorized person found his way onto the field. If that person had a bomb strapped to his body, the consequences would have been a hellava lot worse than seeing a little nipple. People need to get their priorities straight.

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Happy Birthday, Mr Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln is like the Sistine Chapel, Beethoven’s 5th or Hamlet.

Everyone knows their great but from time to time we really experience them and know how great they really were.

One of the things we forget about Lincoln is that he is one of the great writers in American Literature.

The Gettysburg Address and his 2nd Inaugural were not written by speech writers. Whether they were written on the backs of envelopes (for PR reasons as Bob Newhart wittily contended or not) they were his words, noble, to the point and clearly thought out.

Whenever I despair of the use of words, I re-read The Gettysburg Address.

There is a little 18th century school house up the street from where I live.

When I visit it from time to time, I realize that the essentials of education are not the gadgets, gizmos and techniques that clutter our educational scene today but a teacher who cares about his pupils and knows what he is talking about and a pupil who wants to learn.

It was in a little school house like this where Lincoln learned to think and write.

A point worth remembering.

Lincoln was also unique combination of wisdom and realism. We hear about the “binding up the wounds” part of his character and it was indeed noble and truly enlightened.

But that would have been impossible had he not had the relentless determination to win the Civil War. What that meant in concrete terms was telling Grant to win battles and that meant killing Rebels, and in 1865 that meant a lot of Rebels at Cold Harbor, Sharpsburg and The Wilderness and suffering the losses to his own troops.

Finally Lincoln’s spirituality. I wonder how CBS or the New York Times would handle a tribute to Lincoln today. If George W Bush’s Christianity bothers CBS and the NYT, Lincoln’s deeply-held religious convictions would have sent the 60 Minutes crew through the ceiling of Black Rock, the CBS headquarters on 52nd St in New York.

The Bible was always on Lincoln’s desk. He read it frequently, advising that we take what we can by our understand and take the rest on faith. The rhythms of his writing come straight from the King James Version.

By any measure he was our most religious president and any analysis that neglects that is, quite frankly. dishonest.

So here’s to the kid who went from backwoods Kentucky, Indiana and Illinois to become a world figure.

“He was 6 feet 4 inches tall” as Aaron Copland says in his work on Lincoln, head and shoulders above the men of his day.

And this.

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Government Allowing Financial Security.

We hope so anyway.

Valuable short entry from Heritage

on proposed government exemptions of tax to enable citizens to save for their own futures. The Democrats would call this radical baby.

The idea behind creating these accounts is sound. Providing individuals with better incentives to build their own wealth is exactly why the free market has proven superior to “planned” economies. It is precisely because LSAs, as well as the simplifying RSA and ERSA plans, would provide good incentives for individuals that they should be put before Congress.

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Chick Lands Sucker.

Ah, an attractive girl gets her fiancee to agree to let her keep her last name.

Read her story

here if you need examples of whiner ladies no one should marry. Joseph sent this one over.

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Bruce Springsteen.

He’s a man claimed by all sides in the culture war.

Continetti shows him

to be a liberal but not a leftist, which is something to be grateful for when speaking of modern musicians. Personally, I wish I could hear “Rosalita” right now.

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Hot Chick? Iguana? Chapin Nation!

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Short Shrift to Mortimer Adler?

A reader thought I’ve been guilty of this for the past year. Why? I really have no idea. Why did he make an issue of this? Again, I’m at a loss, but, as the subject of his complaint was a great man, I will post his

biographical entry from an intriguing site

that offers up some strong history. Furthermore, anybody with the balls to title a work, “How to Read a Book,” is worth cyberremembrance.

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Hot Hot Heat.

Fire, you’re not going to try to indoctrinate us with your silly musical tastes are you? Absolutely. I was walking through Tower last week and

heard this 2002 CD

in the store and asked about it. This is f—ing Elavil! “Intoxicated by a quarter to ten.” It’s like a digital biography of Common Sense. I defy anyone to be bummed out in the presence of this Hot Hot Heat album. This is some peppy stuff. Brothers, I highly recommend it.

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Scuzzy Joe Eszterhas’s Attack on Hollywood.
This is a Slate review

that tries to save its readers the time of having to wade through Joe’s muck. I’m ashamed to admit it but I wanted to read the book after I finished the summary.

Pages 359-66: George Voinovich, the Republican governor (and now senator) from Ohio, asks Eszterhas to keep an eye on his Hollywood-bound daughter, Betsy. Eszterhas, who is married, immediately begins an affair with her. He dumps her a few months later.

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The Budget is a Disease and the GOP Has a Blood Addiction.

Wish it weren’t so but

Jacob Sullum sums it up well.

I haven’t blogged Reason in about two weeks and its about two weeks too long. Sorry for the neglect, Mr. Welch.

The fiscal recklessness carries over to bigger-ticket items. Do multimillionaire retirees need help paying for their prescription drugs? It didn’t matter. The president was determined to give it to them, and two months after his wish was realized the official price tag for the first decade was already a third higher than we’d been told.

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Sex Trade Scare.

Apparently The New York Times is once again guilty of hysteria.

Here Cathy Young

takes them apart on their overestimation of the disease that is the sex trade.

There is no doubt that Landesman’s article was a well-intentioned effort. But its unraveling illustrates some common pitfalls of which all journalists should beware. One is the temptation to sensationalize the plight of sympathetic victims. Another is checking skepticism at the front door when confronted with the claims of activists for noble causes, be it homelessness, domestic violence, or sexual slavery.

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A School Engineered to Fail.
A grim story

and it’s mostly because I’m living it. I think this could be a little ammunition for the homeschool and voucher side, but I doubt anyone will listen in the establishment though. Mike just put it up. Also, congratulations on MND having an article read aloud on Limbaugh today. I’m sorry I missed it.

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I don’t know how many of you guys know this but Margaret Mitchell, The Chief Justice of the Massachusetts Supreme Court which recently violated the Constitution by appropriating to itself legislative power by legalizing “same-sex marriage”, is married to Anthony Lewis, the radical columnist for–who else?–the good old New York Times.

I have no idea what is going on with these people but I do know that they have to be stopped.

And to do that they need to be exposed.

The source on this item by the way is, a conservative alert on a book entitled “Libel”.

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Thanks Fire for the warm welcome. Thought I might make a first post here. Hope you like it, enjoy.

Was Dr. King Acting Too White? — Reflections on Martin Luther King Day

Martin Luther King day came and went, which meant that all the children were off of school presumably to reflect upon and celebrate Dr. King’s accomplishments. The day following Martin Luther King day, a crying female student was brought down to my office. Being the school psychologist, having emotionally distressed students sent to me is not uncommon, however why this student was upset was of great concern.

After the student had calmed down, we began to discuss why she was crying in class. She replied, “I do well in school, I just got an “A” on a big Algebra test and my friends told me to stop acting so white”. She went on to say that the other students tease her all the time about “acting white” because she does well in school, doesn’t speak “black enough”, and thinks she is better than the other students. As I spoke with this student, it became quite clear that this was a very smart girl who was destined for college and most likely a successful and productive career in whatever area she decided to excel in. Unless she succumbed to peer and community pressure to stop acting so white and gave up.

Over the past 12 years as a school psychologist, I have had many black students share this same tale with me. It being the day after Martin Luther King day, I began to wonder why succeeding in academics became associated with selling out in the minds of my young black high school students and what Dr. King might have thought of all this.

In my public high school career way back in the late 1970’s, I seem to recall that I had learned that Martin Luther King was a man of great academic accomplishment. I recall that he studied very hard and graduated high school early (with honors) so that he could attend college with his older sister. As I also recall, he excelled in college and earned a doctorate degree. By the standards of some of the youth today, would the Rev. Doctor Martin Luther King have been acting “too white”?

It would seem that Martin Luther King’s dream was that black students would excel and demonstrate academic excellence in all areas. In my school and many just like it across the nation it is now Black history month. During black history month in the schools there are posters on the walls and daily announcements which present to the students example after example of great accomplishments by Black Americans in all areas of science, medicine, agriculture, music and the arts. I believe it is thought that by seeing the accomplishments and struggle of great Americans who were black, it would motivate the students to higher achievement. Yet somehow there seems to have developed an ideological disconnect between the accomplishments and hard work of these great Black Americans of the past and academic success now. This attitude seems to have permeated (or is co-influenced?) many levels of society as anyone who listens to the current offerings of Rap pouring from the Radio knows that there are many Rap artists that preach in their songs that succeeding in school is selling out.

This is greatly troubling and a perversion of Dr. King’s dream. If accomplishment and hard work are not rewarded by the community and individuals have a sub-cultural disincentive to success, then no amount of federal money/pressure, pandering by educators, re-inventions of history, Martin Luther King days off, or black history months will have a pronounced effect on the behavior of students who equate success with selling out.


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Sex in the City: Urban Fantasy.
BUT DOES REAL LIFE often work out this way for hardened women who party and sleep around until they’re 40? Do wealthy, debonair men come out of nowhere to whisk an aging party girl away to Paris? Would a working class boyfriend you dumped because he wasn’t good enough take you back (dumping his own loyal, good-looking girlfriend in the process) when you decide you’ve made a mistake? Can women really be this promiscuous with relatively few costs and still wind up happily settled down in the end? Do the happy endings validate the lifestyle?

Let them try–oh that’s right, that’s what they’ve been doing already.

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Sorry Gov’ner, No Execution.

Given the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals’ past record it should come as no surprise that

Kevin Cooper isn’t dead

. In an 11th hour stay of execution –after denial by Governor Schwarzenegger- the court ordered a literal reopening of the case against Mr. Cooper. Forget the fact that this violates the justices’ own laws against last-minute federal intervention in executions, forget the fact that every opportunity has been provided over the last 18 years to prove innocence (including request from -get this- the victim’s relatives), and that all failed. Even the application of penal code PC §1405 for DNA investigation proved futile, indeed, this condemned Cooper further. His DNA was firmly established to be at the murder scene (randomly speaking: 1 in 310 billion- yes, Billion,) he was across the street… do the math). In 2002, Attorney General Bill Lockyer stated, “The purpose of the state’s innocence law is to give prosecutors and convicted felons the opportunity to use previously unavailable DNA evidence to determine guilt and innocence. In the case of Kevin Cooper, though it certainly wasn’t the result he sought, the law worked.”

Now everyone (Mike Farrell, Jesse Jackson, and about 80 protestors) is on the “perhaps he’s innocent and black” band-wagon. The “Reverend” went so far as to say, “The state should not engage in state-sponsored murder, should not do legal lynching”. The question being one clump of hair that wasn’t tested. Test on! We got the money. I -like most- abhor the thought of an innocent man being put to death, but in our (say “real”) world, at least since 1976, the death penalty -whether you like it or not- is a viable option in the most heinous of crimes. Hacking, and stabbing to the point of dismemberment 2 adults, and 2 children would seem to meet that qualification. Perhaps the money spent is worth it in this case, and the torture of the roller-coaster ride of life (in prison) or death (game over), although cruel and unusual, is the best punishment.

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In this morning’s Chicago Tribune, there was an article discussing the economy under President Bush that stated “

Since the Great Depression, it has never taken this long for the economy to begin creating jobs after emerging from a recession


It may be a single line in a lengthy article, but that does not diminish the weight of its importance. By implication, the article is saying President Bush, a Republican, is doing a poor job on the home front. Conversely, Roosevelt, a Democrat, did a better job during what is considered the worst economic period in our nations history. As the election cycle heats up, subliminally we are being told that Democrats and their social programs will be able to solve our problems while Republicans will allow us to flounder in lazziz faire policies.

This of course is the great fallacy of 20 century American politics. As UberBern posted a few weeks ago, Roosevelt and his fellow Democrats failed miserably with their social programs known as the New Deal. The great depression ended for one reason and one reason only: World War II. An old warmonger such as myself would gladly like to see military action turned up a notch in the Middle East, but sadly, thanks to our economy shifting from a manufacturing base to a service base, a good ol’ fashioned war isn’t going to save us this time.

We can however, save ourselves from the government that wants to save us. We can become aware of the droplets of propaganda that are designed to curry favor for a leadership that doesn’t know how to lead. When we read ever so slight slights such as the one above, we can let our friends, families, co-workers, gas station attendants, or whomever, know that despite what we are being fed by the media, that come this fall, the Democrats are not the answer. We can not let the media tell us what to think.

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Attention! New Blood.

My long time pal and fellow school psychologist, Cyberstoic, will be joining us in the hopes of fermenting even more in the way of taboo libertarian and conservative commentary. Thanks for joining in, Cyberstoic.

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CBS: The Corrupt Broadcasting System

I think it’s time we took a good hard cold look at CBS which appears to be the sickest of the media institutions, or at least tied with the New York Times and the BBC.

Their coverage of the war last March stunk with Dan Rather intoning falsehoods like “Baghdad is burning”.

Sounds good. A nice alliteration but totally disregarded the fact that bombing and shelling was carefully done to minimize damage to the infrastructure and to minimize loss of life.

The atrocious coverage of the war was followed outrageously by a 4 hour documentary on Hitler! Gee Whiz! I wonder who they could be thinking of? (WINK)

And then there was the kiss among Madonna, Christina and Britney.

Which in turn was followed by Janet Jackson flashing her breast at the Super Bowl half time show.

To suppose that these were all gaffs is ridiculous.

But we’re not done yet.

Last Sunday there was a segment on “60 Minutes” about religion, presumably Christian since all the promo clips, including one of George W Bush, were in the “born again Christian” vein and there were a number of Southern accents.

To be fair and honest, I didn’t watch it.

The combination scowl and snear on Morley Safer’s face told me what the tone and content were going to be.

The implosion of the media industry was one of the biggest stories of 2003, unreported for obvious reaons, but crucial because the accurate gathering, transmission and assessment of information is vital in a complex socity such as ours.

And it’s more than time that the public who watch these clowns ask the relevant, pertinent and apt question, “Just who the hell do you think you are?”

I am one of those people who don’t watch TV anymore excepy for sports and even that is dwindling. I have my finger on the mute button a lot.

This country is being attacked by its own intellectual, artistic and professional elites and it’s time that we challenged them.

In conclusion I hold in special contempt people who do not have the integrity, the humanity or the decency to say what they are really doing.

I know where Billy Graham, Jerry Falwell and Chuck Colson are coming from.

Tell me, Mike Wallace, Leslie Stahl, Ed Bradley, Morley Safer and all the rest of you, where are you coming from and where are you trying to push us towards?

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pic taken down

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Reagan was Right–About Everything.

How couldn’t he be when Russia and China have adopted his free market reforms and supply-side theories?

Larry Kudlow on fire in this one.

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The History of Blogs.

[Thought you might like to read this, it’s by Mallory Jensen–the Whuppus sent it over.]

The growing power of Weblogs, or “blogs,” has hardly gone unnoticed. Bloggers have been credited with helping to topple Trent Lott and Howell Raines, with inflaming debate over the Iraq war, and with boosting presidential hopeful Howard Dean. Suddenly, it seems, everyone from Barbra Streisand (whose site is a lefty clearinghouse) to guy-next-door Bruce Cole (a San Francisco foodie whose blog is called Saute Wednesday), has been swept into the blogosphere.

But blogs aren’t as new as you may think. They have actually been around since the early days of the Internet. In the strictest sense, a blog is someone’s online record of the Web sites he or she visits. Today’s blogs, of course, are much more than that. In 1999 there were dozens of blogs. Now there are millions. What happened?

Simply put, some of the blogging pioneers — in an effort to make their own work easier — built tools that allow anyone, no matter how little Internet savvy he or she possesses, to create and maintain a blog. All you need to get started is a name, a password, and an e-mail address. The most popular of these tools is the aptly named, which was launched in August 1999 by Evan Williams, Paul Bausch, and Meg Hourihan and quickly became the largest and best-known of its kind. Part of’s appeal is that it lets people store blogs on their own servers, rather than on a remote base. This allows them to have a personalized address (like, whereas with other blogging tools your address starts at the remote server. — which was recently snatched up by Google from the owner, Pyra Labs, for an undisclosed sum — may be the biggest, but it wasn’t the first. That honor goes to Andrew Smales, a programmer in Toronto who launched the first do-it-yourself blog tool — — in July 1999. Smales, twenty-nine, sort of blundered into blogging as he was developing software that would allow him to more easily update his personal Web site and also facilitate the “online diary community” he envisioned. Personal sites such as his aren’t listed prominently on Internet search engines, and Smales thought it would be “cool if l could just click around to read what other people were saying,” rather than surf blindly for their sites. As Smales worked on the software, he posted updates on his site, prompting visitors to offer suggestions. It was a comment from a visitor that clued Smales into the nascent blogging community, and he set to work on a sister project to the diary software — a blogging tool that would become Pitas. Diaryland, Smales’s diary site, followed soon thereafter, and both have grown steadily since.

Smales says the explosion of blog tools was simply a matter of critical mass. “There were finally enough people online writing blogs and wanting to read them” that someone was bound to find a way to ease the process. In fact, he notes, the technology behind these tools was neither new nor terribly sophisticated. His own reason for starting the project offers another explanation: people like to peek into others’ lives. Reading a blog has a bit of the voyeuristic thrill of flipping through someone’s journal, no matter how mundane the content.

Today’s blogs have evolved well beyond the lists of links that characterized early efforts. They are diaries and soapboxes, where people can post everything from daily minutiae to manifestoes to sophisticated political and cultural commentary and reporting. The evolution of Diaryland and Pitas exemplifies this, because while Smales originally had different aims for each, their content is now indistinguishable. So if his dream for an online diary community has not been fully realized, it certainly has been adopted in spirit.

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Lionel Tiger vs. Barbara Ehrenreich.

This is a

sensational interview

which was set at a restaurant in New York in 1999 and Tiger does great work against the nasty socialist. You will enjoy it. I’m interviewing him now and that’s why I dug it up.

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pic taken down

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John Kerry in 1971.

He contributed to a book which will provide yet more ammunition for our side in the fall. The book is a collector’s item and you can

read about it here


“The New Soldier” commemorates the April 1971 Vietnam Veterans Against the War march on Washington. Kerry, not a longtime member of the organization, had become its impresario earlier that year. The theatrical protests included a staged “search-and-destroy” mission on the steps of the Capitol and, infamously, soldiers, Kerry included, throwing their medals at the Capitol. Kerry got to testify before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

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Is the GOP Becoming Corrupt from Power?

No, not in my mind, but

Billy Tauzin looks pretty unclean

and he’s the subject of this John Fund “On the Campaign Trail” Segment. Tauzin’s getting 2.5 million to retire from Congress and run Big Pharma. He had an offer for 1 million from the Motion Pictures Industry and he turned them down even though it would have looked like less a conflict of interest. Nobody’s going to feel sorry for this guy, believe me.

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The Effects of Fatherlessness.
Grand citation I found

while writing yesterday.

These statistics translate to mean that children from a fatherless home are:

5 times more likely to commit suicide.

32 times more likely to run away.

20 times more likely to have behavioral disorders.

14 times more likely to commit rape

9 times more likely to drop out of high school.

10 times more likely to abuse chemical substances.

9 times more likely to end up in a state-operated institution.

20 times more likely to end up in prison.

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Did Bush Sabotage His Chances Yesterday?

This column states that he definitely did. It is referring to his interview on Meet the Press. It depicts him as weak and vascillating before Russert’s questioning. I did not see the interview but I link to

Babbin’s analysis

because I wanted to blog this illuminous quotation about conservatives vs. liberals:

Remember one key fact: one of the main differences between liberals and conservatives is that liberals only want to feel morally superior to the next guy. They don’t care if anything is actually done about a problem. Conservatives are action-oriented. Solve a problem and move on to the next one.

Top shelf, man, top shelf.

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Buchanan on “Kissing the Old Nation Goodbye.”

Something you may not know, and the media won’t tell you, is that Buchanan advocates a 250,000 a year quota for immigration–not zero immigration. Here, he does

a thorough job of reminding us

what millions of unassimilated immigrants will do to our national fabric. What will the country be like in 30 years time? It’s every father’s nightmare.

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The Abnormality of Normal Gay Behavior

“I know plenty of gay people. Some of my best friends are gay. My father is gay. Not that there’s anything wrong with it.” – George Costanza on “Seinfeld.”

George’s humorous remark about accepting homosexuality shifts our thoughts away from the appropriateness of gay behavior to that of tolerance for gays. As the saying goes, “not that there’s anything wrong with it.” But after visiting with an old friend a few weeks ago who happens to be a fag hag, for lack of a better phrase, I have to wonder if there really is something wrong with gay behavior. I’m not talking about the act of homosexuality unto itself, but what the vanguards of the proletariats like to call “the gay culture.” If we are to tolerate gays, I have to wonder why we should tolerate a pattern of behavior that we don’t tolerate from the 98% of society that is straight.

The behavior that I’m primarily talking about is promiscuity. My friend told me about a gay couple she knows who live together as boyfriends but have an “open relationship.” That is, they have the freedom to have sex with whomever either partner chooses outside of the confines of their relationship. Disregarding the epidemiologist’s nightmare for the potential of spreading disease, this of course leads to jealousy, and ultimately dysfunction within the relationship. My friend brushed off the actions by saying “it’s incredibly dysfunctional. That’s just how gay relationships are.” I don’t mean to imply that all gays are incapable of having a normal, healthy, monogamous relationship, but my friend certainly implied that the vast majority does not.

Why not? Why is promiscuity so accepted in gay culture and why if we are to accept the gay lifestyle, should we accept something in them that we don’t accept in ourselves? If either party of a heterosexual relationship were to cheat, or the couple themselves were to be as open to having alternative sexual partners as gay couples are, the fact is the society at large would frown. We frown because we recognize that that behavior is inappropriate and leads to instability. Hell, there’s even a bad TV show called “Cheaters” that shows the repercussions of infidelities within a relationship.

If promiscuity within a relationship is harmful, and society at large recognizes it, but if the majority of gay relationships ignore that and remain dysfunctional, then there is something wrong with gay behavior. It is built upon a foundation of sand, doomed to fail. The promiscuity that leads to the dysfunction extends well past gay relationships. Chances are, gays cruise a city park near you for a quick anonymous hook-up. Gay bathhouses, the wonderful institutions responsible for the spread of AIDS, are often out in the open, as well as the leather bars and establishments with glory holes. The straight equivalent to these wonderful promiscuous activities, prostitution and sex clubs, are generally hidden and pushed to the underbelly of society. We recognize that certain behavior shouldn’t be accepted and if engaged in, is best left where no one can see it.

My point is that I don’t believe society is really anti-gay. Sure, there will always be those people who disapprove of gays on religious grounds, just as religious grounds can be used to justify racism and anti-Semitism, but by and large we don’t care if someone is a homosexual or not. We do care however, how someone conducts him or herself – straight or gay. If gays are to be accepted, gays culture needs to change. The promiscuity, not to mention the rampant drug use in gay clubs, needs to stop. Gay clubs are virtual buffets of chemical inebriants. Anything can be had from pot, to cocaine, to cat tranquilizers. Again, that isn’t accepted in straight culture. Why should it be the norm in gay culture? Especially when TV shows such as “Will & Grace” and “Queer Eye For the Straight Guy” are mainstreaming dysfunction.

In light of the recent Massachusetts court decision allowing gay marriage, we as a society are likely to become inundated with all things gay – well beyond the Oprah appearances and Entertainment Tonight gay celebrity appearances teaching us straight squares how to be hip. Considering what that inundation consists of, I don’t want any part of it. If we as a society are going to make a concession and let gays marry, then gays need to make a concession to society. Stop sleeping with every hard-on you come across, stop spreading diseases like meningitis and syphilis, not to mention AIDs, and stop with all the drugs. Marriage and what leads up to marriage involves responsibility. In short, if we are going to accept gays, then gays need to stop being irresponsible.

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A Valentine’s Day Thought

Whatever happened to the expression, “To make love”?

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100 Men in NYC Seek Right to Wear Skirts

I’m completely dumbfounded by this. Unless it has something to do with a cool summer breeze.

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Sunday Morning Relaxation.

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Will Kerry Beat Bush?

Man I hope not, but

one poll

has them currently in a virtual tie. I don’t know how the election will pan out but, to quote Aragorn, my heart tells me Bush will conquer. Then again I thought Dean would win the Democratic nomination so I’ll let everyone else speak for me.

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Lew on Goldwater.
This is a review

from a few years back on the Goldwater revolution. I guess Rockwell must have just received permission to reprint it–which is dandy with me as it’s a story that must be told. It’s too bad Barry turned into a lightweight in his later years, but they say having the media around all the time can do that to one.

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White House Savings Initiatives.

Finally, some

promising news

from the Big Spenders in Chief. I’ll take what I can get with these leviathan loving reelection types.

Tilling the fields of pension and investment legislation is always backbreaking work, but during this election year, the landscape is particularly rocky. For example, despite the value of saving incentives, some Democrats will charge that lifting the income limits is a “giveaway” to the rich. This “flavor of the month” class warfare argument is predictable and should be addressed head on.

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The Peter Principle II.

Here’s a

scholarly overview

that I enjoyed (but not the equations) on the phenomenon known as The Peter Principle. Be forewarned, this is a 38 page abobe file but, if you work with the same type of morons I do, you may find value in it.

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