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Vargas Girls, Cha-Cha-Cha.

I always loved the pinups pictures of Vargas. I downloaded what follows from a website and I’ll try (try with this blog you never know) to put up some of his work.


He became well known for his portraits of Follies stars. The Peruvian artist was born Joaquin Alberto Vargas y Chavez in 1896. The son of a famous photographer, the young Vargas learned that art from his father. In 1911, he went to Zurich to study photography, and he began an apprenticeship in 1915 at a Geneva studio. Vargas was to begin work at Sarony Studios in London but wartime restrictions kept him in Paris. He decided to head home via New York but immediately fell in love with New York City and remained there.

Vargas, for the first time in his life without family financial support, worked in a studio retouching photographs; then he went to work for Butterick Patterns. In 1917, he began selling freelance work and by 1919 was was drawing only women. Sam Kingston, Ziegfeld’s general manager, saw his work in a window display and asked Vargas to bring his samples to Ziegfeld’s office.

Ziegfeld like Vargas’s drawings and hired him to paint cast portraits for the theater lobby at $100 per painting. Vargas worked for Ziegfeld from 1919 to 1931, painting at least twelve portraits for each edition of the Follies during those years for for Show Boat.

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Feminazis Hate Feminine Art.

Look here at what some

low grade academics

said about our guy Vargas in the context of a huge exhibition of his work:

For others, the Vargas Girl is another symbol of a long history of oppression of women and of socially sanctioned pornography. She joins Barbie as evidence for many of a nation lost in its own vanity and materialism. Essayists Susie Bright, Andrea Dworkin, Maureen Honey, and the exhibition curators, Buszek and Goddard, address these and other issues in writings available on the museum’s web pages.

That’s when I reach for my revolver!

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Vargas Girls, Cha-Cha-Cha.

I always loved the pinups pictures of Vargas. I downloaded what follows from a website and I’ll try (try with this blog you never know) to put up some of his work.


He became well known for his portraits of Follies stars. The Peruvian artist was born Joaquin Alberto Vargas y Chavez in 1896. The son of a famous photographer, the young Vargas learned that art from his father. In 1911, he went to Zurich to study photography, and he began an apprenticeship in 1915 at a Geneva studio. Vargas was to begin work at Sarony Studios in London but wartime restrictions kept him in Paris. He decided to head home via New York but immediately fell in love with New York City and remained there.

Vargas, for the first time in his life without family financial support, worked in a studio retouching photographs; then he went to work for Butterick Patterns. In 1917, he began selling freelance work and by 1919 was was drawing only women. Sam Kingston, Ziegfeld’s general manager, saw his work in a window display and asked Vargas to bring his samples to Ziegfeld’s office.

Ziegfeld like Vargas’s drawings and hired him to paint cast portraits for the theater lobby at $100 per painting. Vargas worked for Ziegfeld from 1919 to 1931, painting at least twelve portraits for each edition of the Follies during those years for for Show Boat.

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The Rape of the Masters.

Yes, it’s the title of Roger Kimball’s new book. I’m going to ask him if this is the introduction for it [that doesn’t mean he’ll answer].

It just came out in the December New Criterion issue.

This is a quick reading synopsis of how PC and post-modernist chic have destroyed art history. Art history used to be about what you read; now it’s about what you can make up. Listen to one of these fools:

Homer’s ironic tone carries with it the masculinized aura of the Victorian male who admired risk-taking situations remote from the realm of “ladies,” but it also signifies the opposite of what he stated… . [How does Profesor Boime know this?] Homer’s black man is both hero and victim, collapsing the old categories of triangular formalism into a powerfully condensed metaphor of implicit power blocked.

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Should the Government Fund the Arts?

Well, it’s a lot less of a waste of time when they’re putting out Shakespearean plays that aren’t set in a gay bar or brothel; which is figuratively what was going on before Bush’s guy came in.

This is a reason why I won’t vote Libertarian even though I despise all the big spending out of Washington.

Bush’s man at the NEA knows what he’s doing. MacBeth for the troops? Very commendable. Read on to see why Gore Vidal really is the world’s biggest fruit loop.

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Time to crush Iranian’s fascist regime

The time is now. 😀 😀


Iran forces quell

massive uprising

Protesters gunned down as people resist Revolutionary Guard assault

“Iranian Supreme Revolutionary Guard forces under the Ayatollah Ali Khamenei reportedly killed a 10-year-old boy in the country’s minority Baloch region yesterday, touching off a massive uprising against the Islamic regime countered by a deadly crackdown and imposition of martial law, according to sources on the scene. “

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Zionist Rap

A 24 year old Israeli has hit the big time – at least by Israeli standards, by making pro-Zionist rap songs. It’s an interesting story if nothing else. The guy is probably the only right wing rapper alive.

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Santa on the Down and Out:
It’s not Geneta Codner. A south Florida teacher, Ms. Codner upset some parents at A.C. Perry Elementary School this week when she told a class of six-year-olds that Santa was make-believe. According to the Sun-Sentinel, Santa came up in a discussion that started with the tooth fairy and ended with Ms. Codner questioning parts of Santa’s story–e.g., how a fat, jolly man could fit down a chimney. But the paper quotes the principal saying that there will be no punishment because no rule was violated. “We have no Santa clause,” quipped the principal. “We would think that teachers would use better judgment.”

From the Opinion Journal.

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The Last Samurai.

I’ve had 20 people tell me they want to see this. Tom Cruise will never die–at least at the boxoffice.

Here’s a review.
THE LAST SAMURAI” begins with Cruise as Nathan Algren, a decorated Civil War officer who once served under George Custer. With the war over, his ennui and alcoholism have reduced him to shilling for the Winchester rifle company. Algren is approached by a former commander and convinced to take a job as a consultant in Japan, charged with modernizing and training the Imperial army.

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JFK: Conservative.
Yeah, he was–at least on taxes and national defense.

Nothing makes me madder than when the porcine likes of Ted Kennedy try to pretend that JFK was a Democrat in the sense of today’s Democrats. The Republicans, in the spring of 2001, used a recording from one of his speeches to support the tax cut. The Kennedy family was like, “that’s not fair.” Why not? He said it. JFK was worth more than every other Kennedy to follow put together. F— them.

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Susan B. Anthony.

Art LeMasters is running a new series on the early feminists.

Here’s his latest installment.

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It’s Thursday Night, Where’s Your Goth Chick?

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Unemployment and Dating

Here’s my unemployment experiences and insights:

I have an attitude similar to CommonSense: When I’m on unemployment, I view it as a time to reflect on life and career goals. The only exception being my last bout of unemployment: Almost 2 years (on and off). Due to 9-11, work in IT has been incredibly slow and competitive. I didn’t realize it at the time, so when I met my fiance for the first time I joked “I’m unemployed!” because it wasn’t a big deal for me. She was worried because, in Europe, unemployment is a big deal. There are people who commonly go years without finding work in their chosen profession.

Yet, during those last 2 years, she stood by me. She loves restaurants and shopping, but didn’t mind me being frugal and having to look after money. She even helped. She’s an exceptional woman, but this behaviour is common in more traditional societies and I remember it from my childhood as well.

Dating in the states, for me, was similar to what CommonSense described: The man is a servant to the woman and is expected to beg for treats. This was especially common with the late 20/30 something white-collar types. I’m curious: How old was the woman in his story? I cannot imagine wanting to be in such a woman’s company. I suspect that it’s partially men’s fault for how such women act because some man must have tolerated this attitude for them to believe it was acceptable. Perhaps fewer men are now tolerating it which is why such women are still single? That’s why I’m especially curious about her age.

If Fire is interested in experiments, I’ll be happy to share some of mine that I did when I was playing around: Try announcing your unemployment or unwillingness to pick up the check AFTER they’ve settled on a second date. This exposes their motives. Also, if you go on a dinner date for heaven’s sake, go FULL! Nothing is more fun than watching a woman squirm when the check hits the table after she’s stuffed herself and you’ve just sat around sipping coffee. Women sometimes run to the bathroom when the check arrives. If you want to have some fun, try doing this too!

If she appears REALLY bad, CommonSense, you can always try this one (I’ve heard of it but not attempted): Bring a recently expired or maxed out credit card and no cash and stick her with the check and offer to pay her back.

If she appears to be a nice girl (a gem), I would avoid this whole dating routine altogether. It was designed by rules girls and playboys from the start. Perhaps a nice picnic would be more relaxing, romantic, and private than displaying one’s sexual needs in a public place with someone checking up every few minutes.

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Reason’s Article on the Men’s Movement.
Long awaited to come online for free; here it is!

Hurrah. Everyone’s mentioned including, Baskerville, Blankenhorn, and Sylvester. All of your favorites. Why didn’t I post it on Monday for you? Because I forgot. Sorry.

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A Step Towards Fiscal Responsibility

Governments at all levels are strapped by cash. Many chicken littles are crying that governments, whether they be the local water commission or the big boys in Washington, will not be able to perform their functions. With how much government has grown in the last 100 years, that is not necessarily a bad thing. In fact, we may actually experience some good governance coming out of this “fiscal crisis.”

Chicago is no different than any other city that is looking at ways to cut back spending. One proposed way is to have the major sports teams start paying for the police they use to control traffic flow on game days. The City has two major league baseball teams, one basketball team, one hockey and football team (but many fans would argue about their “professional play”), and one major league soccer team. Together, those teams have over 260 separate events that require Police officers.

The City currently pays between $4 million and $5 million per year to control traffic flow at those events. Shifting that burden from the taxpayers to the entities that create the burden would be a tremendous savings for the Chicago taxpayers. Of course, this being Chicago, no change in policy would be complete without someone in government also benefiting. A “Traffic Management Authority” is to be established, headed by two $75,000 per year project managers and an unspecified number of staff, to coordinate traffic management on game days with the Police and the sports teams. All told, the Authority will probably eat up $1 million per year. But if it saves $3 million to $4 million, then it is worth it.

Additionally, the Fraternal Order of Police has weighed in on the matter. The FOP is concerned that using on duty police officers for traffic patrol takes cops out of the neighborhoods where they are needed. Therefore, the FOP is proposing that off duty cops be used in an overtime capacity to control traffic. That way, no neighborhood will ever experience a police presence shortfall because of a sporting event.

The end result of all this is that the citizens of Chicago will benefit. Chicagoans will save money and still experience the same level of police presence that makes us feel safe (barring the West Side of course that has helped make Chicago the murder capital of the country – but that’s for another blog). So maybe the current governmental budget shortfalls aren’t all bad. At least in Chicago, it’s making government act fiscally responsible.

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Agenda Driven

Because I’m unemployed and have nothing better to do, I find myself driving around Chicago late at night and listening to Bill O’Reily’s radio show, “The Radio Factor.” Truth be told, “Love Line” was having a commercial break but that’s besides the point. When Howard Stern retires in two years, I think Adam Corolla should replace him. Damn, that man is funny.

Anyway, a women called into “The Radio Factor” to complain about Proctor and Gamble. It seems that P&G; pulled all its advertising from the since canceled Dr. Laura show because, according to the Company, they support diversity and are against the hate speech that Dr. Laura promoted. However, P&G; was apparently a major advertiser on the pulled CBS movie about Ronald Reagan which was paramount to slander.

The caller correctly identified this as hypocrisy. Both Dr. Laura and the Reagan movie were considered hateful, albeit by opposite political factions. But what bothered me about the caller was that she identified P&G; and “liberal” politicians, without naming any, as being “agenda driven.” She obviously intended “agenda driven” to be a pejorative.

My question is, what the hell is “agenda driven?” I’ve heard that charge levied before, yet, I still do not know what it is meant to connote. Is having an agenda bad? Dr. Laura’s agenda from my understanding, having never heard the show, was to advance conservativism. P&G;’s agenda is to make money. Is one of those good and one of those bad?

The “agenda driven” charge is hurled most often at politicians. But aren’t those exactly the people we want to have an agenda? Whether it be simply to enter government and preserve the status quo or to reform government from within, as most politicians insinuate nowadays, both are agendas. The last thing we want is to have a politician, or a publicly traded company for that matter, to have no agenda and simply flounder in the public eye to the detriment of everyone connected.

So why did that one phone call get under my skin? Because that caller seems to be indicative of the American public. She was throwing an accusation around without really knowing what she was saying. She was emphatic that an agenda is bad. However, we are entering election season and people will be choosing who they want to be the next leader of the free world based on a proposed agenda. I don’t want that decision made with the same ignorance that the caller displayed.

We may or may not agree with an agenda, but having an agenda is generally a good thing. I fear that in the next year though, people will be making decisions not knowing what a particular candidate’s agenda is. (I can imagine Howard Dean being elected this way.) I hope that those who take the time to learn a candidate’s agenda also take the time to try to teach others, whether you support the agenda or not. Otherwise, if we reject everyone who is “agenda driven,” then we’ll be left with no one to lead.

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pic taken down.

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The Courting Adventures of Unemployed Man!

[If low on time, scroll down to list first]

Some of our readers are already familiar with my friend and collaborator, Yakov, also known as Common Sense. Truly, he is a man of all souls and few would question that a bright future awaits him. Therefore, imagine my disappointment to hear him say, two Fridays ago, that he had been laid off from his job.

I immediately tried to console him but found that he didn’t need it. He was euphoric. Yakov’s angle on the pink slip was, “Nah, this is great. I’m guaranteed unemployment checks for twenty some weeks. I could have kissed those Japanese guys’ feet. It’s like 2002 all over again! I’m going to have the time of my life. Christmas has come in November this year.”

On Sunday, however, his voice was different. His mood was somber. I asked him if something was bothering him, and he said he was worried about a first date he had scheduled for later that night. He suddenly fathomed that he’d have to explain to women why he was on the dole.

He asked me, “What if she asks about what I do for work?”

“She will,” I answered. “That’s why you have to lie. There’s no way around it. Just say that you still work for the last guys. It’s only a two week distortion. As far as distortions go, this one is pretty minor.”

“No, I’m not going to do it. I will not lie. It’s my code. I try to lead a falsehood free life.”

Now, I admire my friend’s stance and agree with his outlook, but I’d say I was still on salary if I were him. “Well, CS, you’re going to need to make an exception in this case, buddy.”

“Bern, no offense, but I’m better than that. I’m not going to lie to get chicks.”

“That would explain a lot.” I told him.

“Shut up. You can do whatever you want but I’m going to level with her. Don’t worry, I’ll tell you what she says good or bad.”

“It’ll be bad” I warned.

Then, a strange thing happened. I had an epiphany. It was as if some quasi-scientific spirit entered my ear and whispered “this would make a great experiment. The world wants to know.”

“Wait a minute,” I announced. “We could turn your dates into a study to see how girls react to the fact that you don’t have a job. This will be huge. It will rock the academy, and maybe even the rock and roll McDonalds. Then, next year, after intensive analysis, we could present our findings at an alternative reality science conference.”

“You know of a lot of alternative reality scientific conferences then?” He asked.

“Don’t mock me, Yakov. This is good stuff. Everyone will want to know the results. Then they’ll test, retest, post-test– ”

“The results are going to be me getting rejected.”

“So? You’re the one to doubt it. As for me, I fully expect a bloody house-o-rama. This is going to be worse that when the Russians took East Prussia in 1945. But regardless, let’s have some fun with it. Since you’re going down you might as well make a joke out of it.”

“What if things go well on the date even after they hear I’m unemployed.”

“Listen Common Sense, at age 32, it’s time for you to lose a few illusions. None of these chicks are ever talk to you again if they find out you lost your job.”

“That’s a pretty shallow thing to say. How do you know that?”

“Okay, man you just keep waiting under that tree for Santa and say hi to the Easter Bunny for me the next time you see–”

“Look, I’m just saying there’s a chance that they’ll like me anyway.” Suddenly, Common Sense had an epithany too. Wait a minute. This will be just like Joe Millionaire–except I’m not tall or model underwear. I’ll go out with these girls and find out which ones really like me for who I am as opposed to what I’ve got.”

“Yeah, but with you and I on the show it would have to be more like Joe Twenty-buckonaire. Listen, how many girls you got lined up right now or are talking to on the phone?”

“This one’s it.”

“Let me see if I can’t drum another one up.”

“What about those two girls from last month you were going to hook me up with.”

“Oh the better looking one fell through. Apparently she realized you were friends with me which damaged your reputation beyond repair. Next time when I introduce you to a girl tell them that I’m your pool cleaner. Oh, that’s right, you can’t say that because it would be a lie.”

“Shut up. What about the other one?”

“She wouldn’t let me forward her number to you because you told her you like twenty-year-olds best.”


“She’s 35.”

“That chick has to lighten up.”

“Fine. Look, what I’m saying here CS, is that we must conduct this experiment. If things go well on your dates then you say nothing silly, but, if you can tell you’re going to get knocked out of the box anyway, let’s have some fun. We’ll make up a bunch of crazy things for you to say or do and then we’ll observe how they react.”

“Bern, it’s a tough sell, but for science, I’ll do it. The project’s bigger than the both of us.”

Thus, the madness began, and for the next hour on the phone we came up with timeless “buzzkill” behaviors in response to his dates getting nasty about his lack of work. Ideally, he should display only a few behaviors on each particular date. Then, the next day, he’ll write down what he did and how they reacted. Then, if we’re on to something and derive good data, we’ll then ask our friend, Johnny Q-bacca, to replicate it on his own. There was no telling where it could all go. Below are the 20 ideas we thought up.

Our Comprehensive List of Low-Status, Omega Man Behaviors.

After informing her that you don’t work, look into her eyes, grab her hand tenderly and say, “I support the women’s movement. Don’t you?”

Add if needed: “I quit working so women could get a chance at the top. In this way, my inactivity empowers you.”

Continue along same lines, “it’s time women developed self-efficacy. Put me in my place by pampering me and buying me stuff. I’ll even let you pick out the color of the lingerie you want me to wear.” Then, slap her back and exclaim, “You’ve come a long way baby!”

Get a large blue suit with cape and put a block “U” on your chest. Then cruise around restaurant yelling, “It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s…Unemployed Man.”

Make the date a musical experience to make up for what little else you’re offering. Warm her heart with the seasonal:

“Well the weather outside is frightful

but your hips are quite delightful

I’m so broke I can’t even pay attention

Pay the check, pay the check, pay the check!”

It’ll be as if Bing Crosby entered the room and spit up on her ear.

Then, if she gets lippy, run out of the restaurant leaving her with the bill. Yell,

“unemployed man violated by rich heiress! Police! Police! I can’t be bought–for

that little money.”

Tell her that you always wanted a woman as a breadwinner and that your favorite

song is “I was born a coal-miner’s daughter.” Hum it under your breath and

inform her that you’re planning on living the same kind of life Loretta Lynn did in

the movie.

Pretend to read an article from Time Magazine documenting how cabana boys are

back in demand for women of all ages. Discuss how the film, “Cabin Boy,”

changed your life.

This one is Common Sense specific. Heavily and teary eyed relate to her how much pressure you are under from being unemployed. Confess to her how difficult it is to get through the day–awake. Our man Yakov sets his alarm for 6:30 am just so he can hear Howard Stern until 10 am, but he added with lament, “I never really get quality sleep during the program so I snooze afterwards until 2 pm to make up for it. Then, with traffic beginning to get nasty, I realize they’ll be no errands for the day so I mosey over to Starbucks to survey the talent.” Friends, have pity for CS. You, nor I, understand the pressure he’s actually under.

If that story doesn’t give her the puppy eyes, begin sobbing heavily–that’ll work for sure (at least when we laugh about it later).

If she lets you into her apartment, excuse yourself and then go into the living room. Once there, rummage hysterically through her sofas for loose change. Jump up and down like Tyrell Owens if you find a quarter, and pocket it in front of her saying, “finders keepers.”

If she orders an alcoholic beverage on the date, inform the bartender that she’s pregnant and that he has to cut her off or he’ll be harming the love child of the local football team.

If she orders a coke, howl “What do I look like, a Rockefeller?”

When you get to the diner, say that your full as you just ate the day before, and don’t want anything. Stare at her disapprovingly if she orders anything over $1.80. Then, when her food comes, eat all of it.

Bump into her while walking down the street in old pickpocket fashion. Then say, “Sorry, I guess you don’t keep your wallet in your back pocket. Can I see your purse for a minute? I was thinking of getting one for myself.”

Scream, when she tries to leave, “I’m not a bum! I’m merely underserved by the economy. You’re doing Allen Greenspan behind my back. Why deny it?”

If a neighboring table gets up to use the facilities, frugally begin to eat the food off their plates. Inform your date, “it’s cheaper this way. Why don’t you do it too?”

Tell her with a knowing smile that “Gimme Some Money” is your favorite song off the Spinaltap soundtrack.

Confide in her about what you regard as a little know secret to the good life, and that is that sex is always better when you pay for it. Say that the patriarchy has prevented women from enjoying the fruits of paid intercourse for years. Tell her with pride that your body is worth at least a $1.50 per month on the street and that, if you say that you love her, then it doesn’t count as prostitution.

Rub her shoulders, tease her hair, and then tell her it’s not about sex. It’s actually about her floating you a few fins so you can get back your heat, electricity and cable. Oh yeah, and getting the car back from the repo man won’t hurt either.

Date Number 1.

Well, he had the playbook, now it was time to execute. Our man, Yakov, was pretty nervous before his date due to all the stuff he had to remember. The night did not begin auspiciously as he had to pick her up in his beater, but when he got there she looked divine. He was quite enthused. We’ll turn to him for the play-by-play:

“The first thing she did was make fun of my car a little. Then she noticed that I had kitty litter in the back seat and said it was too bad because she’s allergic to cats. Then she made a joke about how she might not be going home with me that night anyway so it wouldn’t matter. When I heard that I was like ‘Schwing!’ Man, after that comment I was really into it.

We ended up at a sushi place where she excitedly talked about herself for an hour. I, of course, pretended to listen. Things were going great. Then, she popped the question: ‘What do you do?’

I cut to the chase. I told her that I was unemployed. She got nervous right away. She asked me how I could afford dinner, and I missed a chance to joke about her paying for it so I wasn’t worried. I told her about my going to law school and that I had unemployment insurance to keep me above water along with my savings.”

“What happened then?” I interrupted.

“The date was over. She then talked about a boyfriend she had never mentioned before [and probably does not exist] until I took her home.”

Here, I felt obligated to remind CS of his duty. “Did you use any of our behaviors?”

“Not a one. I was too bummed out.”

Gee, I can’t say I blame him, but now at least the two of us have done a little research for the next guys who wish to stand on the shoulders of giants and provide the world with data concerning this completely obvious phenomenon.

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Polish Knight and Common Sense At the Chapination July Fest.

Now that’s what I call a candid shot! I’ll thank the FBI for loaning me the picture.

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Oh yeah? You like long red hair too?

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Everybody Bad Mouths Bush.

In this report,

CNN was careful to present his trip in only the harshest of political lights.

I love the other stuff I’ve read about how the troops had to be forced to go visit Hillary. I don’t blame them. You couldn’t get me to go to her hotel either.

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The Most Bizarre Feminist Ever!

I know what your thinking, “Uncle Fire is pulling my leg.” No, I’m not. This has to be the goofiest academic of them all. Who the hell pays somebody like this.

Read this NRO review of The Sexual Politics of Meat.

My Lord what a twit!

The last possibility never occurs to Adams, who manages to find misogyny in the most curious places — such as, for example, a photograph of a filet mignon with a bite cut from it. Just what she sees in that filet is something I shouldn’t reveal on a family website, but I will say that it makes you wonder whether she, and not the steakhouse’s ad man, is the one obsessed with sex.

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The Obesity Epidemic.

Blame it all on refined sugar if you ask me,

but here’s a strong piece by conservative hero, Irwin Stelzer.

It’s a bad situation and will only get worse and more expansive (that’s a joke boy!). The biggest barrier, not race, between me and many of the kids I know. Why the hell do they despise exercise? Well, at our school though part of the blame must be placed strongly on the shoulders of marijuana. A J-bird in the morning does not make for strong PE participation.

OBESITY IS HAVING profound effects on many American companies, not all of them in the food sector. Automakers and theater owners are struggling to redesign seats to accommodate the more ample rear ends of drivers and passengers (airlines continue to provide seats about five inches narrower than do theaters), health care providers have launched expensive obesity-prevention programs, doctors now offer bariatric surgery to children and teenagers to permanently reduce their stomach sizes, clothing retailers now earn almost one out of every four dollars by selling so-called “plus sizes” to the fatties they once ignored, and, adds the Washington Post, casket makers are turning out increasingly wide models.

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The Californian Report

By Pete Mayer

Barbara and David Mikkelson of “snopes” fame

( recently opined on said

story. They (or rather she, Babs seems to have much more time on her hands

than Dave) comment with their usual none-judgmental, veiled judgment. It is

interesting to note that Mr. Sandoval never offers an alternative to the

offensive terms. Primary/Secondary was eluded to by snopes (that could

work), but in his demand for – well, whatever it is he’s demanding – he

can’t even come up with a complete set of instructions… is this any

indication of the intelligence level of Mr. S? Hmmm. I am still in somewhat

a state of shock and dismay – nonplussed by not so much the fact that this

could happen, but that I live here in sunny So Cal and this managed to sneak

under my radar. The news itself is not at all surprising considering the

source: not long ago the LA County Treasurer was proposing a property tax on

LA based Hughes for their – get this – Satellites! Think of the millions,

think of the revenue, think of the business-friendly incentive for Hugh’s to

move-the-hell-out-of Kalifornia! Anyway, I hope Mr. Sandoval is prepared to

ante up when he not only single handedly tries to change the entire Computer

industry, but the Automotive and Aircraft industries as well. He should not

stop with electronics, oh no. Think of all the vehicle maintenance manuals

that use the terms in brake and clutch systems. He should immediately stop

the county from purchasing any cars, buses or aircraft that use the newly

discovered racist words. All maintenance workers should set aside a few days

to return offensive literature, and receive counseling while the manuals are

being corrected. They should not have to endure another second of exposure

to the vile racism the hate mongerers of the transportation industry shove

into their collective faces. Indeed, compensation seems to be the only fair

conclusion to this heinous oppression. While he’s at it, Mr. S should

address one final industry… The Sex industry! Sadly, I believe that this

will eventually be the only industry left that is allowed to use the – up

until now benign – terms in the county of LA.

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Lesbian Backs Chapin Nation.

I couldn’t believe it either. It’s Tammy Bruce Syndrome–and I love it! To my shock and awe, this individual emailed me proclaiming to be gay and agreeing with me. Remember this day.

I caught your article about unisex bathrooms:

and was laughing thinking of my ex-girlfriend. She used to make me go to the

ladies’ room with her because otherwise, no matter where we were, people

would tell her to get out, that it was a women’s restroom. Sometimes they

were abusive when one of us tried to assure them that she is a woman.

I had to not only *go* to the restroom with her, but I had to talk to her the

whole time so that people in line saw that a “real” woman knew she was in

there, or she would be hassled.

Once, we were (initially) refused entry to a country club because “the

gentleman” (my ex) wasn’t wearing a jacket. She was wearing makeup, a

silk blouse, high-heel shoes and big earrings. The club member who invited us

was mortified when I said, “‘The gentleman’ is a lady.” The maitre d’ apologized

to him but not to us.

Anyway, now my ex has cut her hair into a scary crewcut and just uses the

men’s room. No one raises an eyebrow, everyone called her sir anyway, and

now her life is simpler.

I have to agree with you that the urinals are not the best part of a unisex

bathroom. Lots of gay bars have two unisex bathrooms instead of a men’s

and a women’s. I really don’t want to watch strangers pee while I wait in line.

😉 Anyway, thanks for the laugh.

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Our Readers Re-request!

Two guys wanted this one again so…We aim to please.

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Having It All

Somewhere in amongst the forest of football games I watched from Thanksgiving Day until Sunday, there was an ad of significance, almost a portent, if you will.

It was for a place called “Triology”, a retirement community pitched directly at the Baby Boomer generation with the hooks of it being a resort, a small town and…and this was the stunner…a community of awareness implying some kind of spirituality, the comfy cozy kind that has always been favored by the Baby Boomers.

Quite frankly the Boomers have always amazed me. Where other generations have gone through childhood and adolescence and then “hit the wall” of suffering, the pain of old age then the final riddle of death, the Boomers just seemed to stop at adolescence.

Thomas Merton, Eli Weisel, Dr Martin Luther King Sr and Jr. Malcolm X and the Dalai Lama go through the “Dark Night of the Soul” on their way to Truth while the Baby Boomers take the path that runs along South Beach.

It never ends. Frasier in his mid 40’s has the same adolescent concerns about getting enough sex as the characters on “Friends”.

And neither history nor the economy nor nature has challenged this. Where the generation born circa 1920 lived throught the Great Depression and WW II, the Boomers went through Viet-Nam, which was true hell for some and a lark for others then proceeded tp pursue their own vanity for the rest of their lives.

When your representative people are Bill Clinton, Jane Fonda, Hillary Rodham (mustn’t for get that can we?) Clinton and Bill Gates, you ‘re talking clever people; you are not talking Washington, Lincoln and FDR.

I must confess that from time to time I have found myself wishing that there would be an outbreak of some generation specific plague like Acne II that would ravage the whole 76,000,000 of them so that their faces would match their souls.

And then the generation that has always reminded me of a drunk in some miraculous walking the tight rope of life successfully would get theirs.

But no. My better side knows that that would not be right.

The truth, as the brilliant Yankee philosopher, Lefty Gomez, once said very eloquently is, “Sometimes it’s better to be lucky than good.”

The Boomers certainly have been lucky. As for their goodness, well, that’s another matter.

PS Alicia! How could you? Trixie and Bubbles meant nothing to me (although to be honest Suzette and Natasha were really something. And if you really want the whole story Violet was more than she appeared to be.)

But to run to Uncle Fire! The volcanic wounds that my fragile soul has suffered will probably never heal, or probably not until the SEC Championship game this Saturday night.

However, we’ll always have Paris, or wherever it was.

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ACLU: Boy scolded for using word `gay’

This is from Today’s Chicago Tribune. It seems that P.C. censorship is fighting the very multicultural lifestyle it endorses.

LAFAYETTE, LOUISIANA — A 7-year-old boy was scolded and forced to write “I will never use the word `gay’ in school again” after he told a classmate about his lesbian mother, the American Civil Liberties Union alleged Monday.

Second-grader Marcus McLaurin was waiting for recess Nov. 11 at Ernest Gaullet Elementary School when a classmate asked about Marcus’ mother and father, the ACLU said in a complaint.

Marcus replied he had two mothers because his mother is gay. A teacher overheard the remark and allegedly scolded him. A phone message left for the Lafayette Parish schools superintendent was not returned.

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Cincinnati’s Anti-Cop Sentiment

In Cincinnati, a 350 pound black man recently died after being beat by 5 white, and 1 black police officer. Two years ago Cincinnati was rocked by race riots after a young black man was shot fleeing the police. Activists in the community are saying that what is old is new again and that police brutality is still a problem.

According to preliminary autopsy results, the 350 pound man had an enlarged heart as well as PCP and cocaine in his system. Both of those drugs can cause bizarre, aggressive behavior. It’s important to note that L.A. police thought that Rodney King was high on PCP after he was unfazed by multiple hits from a TAZER gun. In other words, if someone is high on PCP, it’s very difficult to get them under control.

Which is exactly what a video tape taken from a police cruiser shows. The 350 pound man was reported to police as being passed out on the lawn of a fast food restaurant. When he awoke, he became a nuisance according to police radio transmissions. Once police arrived on the scene, the video tape shows the man lunging at police, taking a swing at, and putting his arm around one officer’s neck. They hit him at least 6 times with night sticks yet he continued his aggressive behavior. He was then tackled by police and continued to resist arrest. Finally, six officers were able to subdue and handcuff the man. And after watching numerous episodes of “COPs,” I have to wonder, do people really think they’re going to get away by fighting the police?

So here we have a guy who essentially is strung out and attacks people. It doesn’t matter that he attacked cops because chances are he would have attacked anyone. And people are calling this police brutality? What were the police supposed to do, ask the guy politely to sit down and when he didn’t, run circles around him to tire him out?

Two years ago in the incident that spurred the riots, police were attempting to serve a warrant, the man ran, and was thought to have brandished a gun. The man had over ten convictions, was a career criminal, and potentially dangerous. Were the police supposed to wait to find out if the gun was real by taking a bullet themselves or stop any potential threat?

The point is, I question the motives of the community activists who keep crying “police brutality.” In both of the Cincinnati examples, the “victims” were the type of people who bring a community down. Their actions at the time of their deaths confirm that. Do the community activists want to clean up their communities by getting rid of criminals or get rid of the police so their neighborhoods and further decend into anarchy?

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Holly Patterson, 18, died after taking the abortion pill RU-486. She is the second person in the U.S. since 2000 when the FDA approved the drug for consumption. Monty Patterson, Holly’s father, is now on a crusade to have RU-486 banned.

Mr. Patterson will not reveal how he feels about abortion. He doesn’t want that to cloud the debate. What he wants is what he precieves as an unsafe drug to be taken off the market.

However, RU-486 is safe. There are only two recorded deaths in the U.S. as a result of the drug being used by over 200,000 women. About 11 women die of complications from pregnancy for every 100,000 live births. Less than 1 death is recorded per 100,000 abortions. (Please don’t write me about the “innocent life of the child.” That arugement will fall on deaf ears.) And about two deaths per 100,000 occur from a shot of penicillin. Based on those figures, experts at the Center for Disease Control say that while two deaths out of 200,000 RU-486 users are unfortunate, the deaths are not surprising. Afterall, medicine is not an exact science.

Holly Patterson died after a common side effect of RU-486 was misdiagnosed, not once, but twice. RU-486 did not kill Holly Patterson, poor medical care did. But as I said before, medicine is not an exact science. That is an unfortunate reality of our lives.

Some anti-abortion activists are now exploiting Holly Patterson’s death in their crusade to have all forms of abortion outlawed. Unfortunately, their argument falls short with RU-486. It is a safe drug and it is safer than many other legal drugs and medical procedures. RU-486 should remain on the market. If anti-abortion activists really care about the lives of the mothers using the drug, they should make sure doctors know how to treat the side effects from the drug.

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Gus? He’s Twenty-Timing Me? Post the Picture, Uncle Fire!

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The Greatest Walter Williams Piece Ever!

That’s not possible,” you say. “They’re all superb.” Perhaps,

but this one, entitled “Men Must Stand Up”

— to the radical feminists– is the prince of the fleet. I wonder if they’d call Williams a whiner…no, he’s got the wrong complexion. Although, who knows, I imagine he’s been called a lot of things in the past.

Quite frankly the behavior of some women has gotten out of hand, and it’s because we men have become cowards and wimps. The more men take of double-standards, ridiculous demands and just plain nonsense, the more these women are going to give.


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What is needed in the war on terror: human intelligence

This is a really insightful article not just on the war on terror but what steps are necessary to rebuild a nation afterwards. Basically it calls on the US to work with the people of these nations as there are democratic resistance groups in all these tyrannical nations. These groups would also provide valuable intelligence to our military. Check it out.

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Never at a Loss…

[Also Posted by Gus on the Other Site]

One of the great things about writing for this blog is that there is never any worry about running out of nit-wit things to hold up to justifable ridicule.

I could continue with Fire’s article on single sex bath-rooms but he did a pretty good job on that one so I’ll move along to a more seasonal topic.

Do any other guys feel a combination of humor and rage when the Christmas jewelry ads (“Tell her how much you love her) start spilling out all over after Thanksgiving?

“Every kiss (and everything else presumably) begins with Kay’s” begins one in my locality. Another says that you should get her something really boffo at Christmas because she has loved you all year long.

If she has, then I agree wholeheartedly, but when I scan my memory bank I don’t find many women in that category.

I do find a lot of narcissistic, infantile, manipulative women with enormous expectations of men (along with a low regard for them) plus no recognition of the hallowed truth, “If you want love, the best way to get it is to give it.”

But I have come to the conclusion that American women aren’t really interested in love. Control is the name of the game, one that invariably, one more time on that-invariably- leaves one angry and lonely. Love is a risky business. You have to put yourself on the line, not just your body but your soul, and you can get hurt.

It’s a lot easier and safer to play the Cosmo games about 26 New Ways to Turn Him On. Sterile, empty and safe.

And while I’m at it let me add one more thing. It occurred to me the other day that American women are enormously cold. I don’t mean non-sexy. American women are probably very good sexual technicians. I mean as human beings.

It is an absence of feeling for the rest of creation, male, female, children (especially children), animal, all of it.

There is a lot of talk about “sensitivity” which really boils down to the fact that men are supposed to follow women’s emotional lead; and “talking about feelings” which boils down to gossiping or “being in touch with one’s feelings” which really means being sentimental (a very different thing that being in touch with one’s emotions and being honest about them).

I am not writing this column as another “female-bashing” swipe at women. I am writing it because, sadly, it is what I have come to think when I go over my experience.

I do it with no joy.

I would like to say that some great change is in store but the truth is that American women (and their male drones) have no idea what havoc they have wrought over the past 35 years.

And when they do find out, they will try to lie their way out of it.

We are in for a bumpy ride.

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Crazy Title IX.

By Joda

This is hilarious!

Eleven Minnesota female hockey players are suing the State H.S. League to play in the same arena as the boys for the State Tournament. The funny part is that if they succeed, they will displace the Girl’s State Dance competition, which has 1,200 competitors and has been in the planning for 2 years. The arena the have been relegated to is home ice for the U of M Women’s Gophers team; it is suitable for one of the elite College Hockey programs, but not for these high school kids. Unintended consequences anyone?

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The Liberal Crack-Up.
Our old pal Joda sent us this one.

It was as good as advertised on why the left hates Bush so. I can’t believe that they try to pass him off as a right-winger or one who has a “dangerous right-wing agenda.” He, unlike Reagan, does not believe in cutting social service programs at all. This is first class analysis:

These explanations no doubt have something to do with why the Left despises Bush. But there is more to their hatred than is generally understood — something more fundamental is at work. Almost all modern liberal thought begins with the bedrock assumption that humans are basically good. Within this moral horizon something such as terrorism cannot really exist, except as a manifestation of injustice, or unfairness, or lack of decent social services. Whether knowingly or not Bush has directly challenged this core liberal belief — and for this he is not easily forgiven.

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Enough, Fire, Enough…

[Posted by Gus on the other blog]

You can imagine my total surprise when for the past week I have found rather suggestive pictures of the women I happen to be dating plastered all over this blog.

I had had the impression that the operator of this establishment was a man of honor but sadly this has not proven to be the case.

Tanya and Natasha are sensitive, nay, bashful, young women who do not like nosey camera people prowling around trying to sneak pictures.

Trixie, Bubbles, Roxie, Yvonne and Suzette, whom I also escort about town, are the same kind of women.

If, by some chance, I should find their pictures adorning this blog, I am afraid that I will have to call “Fire” out fo a duel at Wrigley Field!

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Getting Into the Christmas Spirit

Ah, Christmas – that magical time of year when the wanton American consumerism that fuels the economy goes hog wild. Is there any sweeter sound than the bing ding ching-a-ling ling sound of cash registers chiming away in the temples of greed known as strip malls? Probably not.

And the good people of Orange City, FL would most likely agree. At 6 a.m. on Friday, a siren blared signifying the start of the spiritual season. 41 year old Patricia VanLester considered herself a good parishioner. She had lined up at an the entrance of a Wal-Mart for her chance to worship at the alter of the Discount Consumer Goods’ G-D. And as the siren blared, Miss VanLester raced towards her sacrament, a $29 DVD player – a bargain of a deal.

Unfortunately, others were a bit more zealous in their devotion. Miss VanLester was pushed down and trampled by other pilgrims in their quests for deals. VanLester’s sister, Linda Ellzey said “She got pushed down and they walked over her like a herd of elephants. I told them, ‘Stop stepping on my sister! She’s on the ground!'” But thanks to the siren, like the faithful beckoning the call of a mosque, they would not heed the heretic trying to stop them from Christmas savings.

Paramedics found VanLester unconscious on top of one of the desired $29 DVD players.

A Wal-Mart spokesman called the hospital to inquire about VanLester’s recovery. They apologized for the melee, offered to put the DVD player on hold for her, and stated that they want her to return as a faithful Wal-Mart shopper.

I certainly wish Miss VanLester a speedy recovery. Afterall, there are only 24 more days left until judgment day. I wouldn’t want a nephew or niece to complain about a crappy gift after all their aunt has been through.

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P.C. Los Angeles Style

The level absurdity that political correctness rises to in our society has once again left me speechless. I literally don’t know what to say so I will simply summarize an article I read in yesterday’s Chicago Tribune.

Los Angeles County has asked computer and video equipment vendors to consider eliminating the terms “master” and “slave” from equipment because the terms may be offensive.

Joe Sandoval, of the county’s Internal Services Department says that he is not trying to dictate political correctness. Yet, he took the time to send an email to vendors stating “Based on the cultural diversity and sensitivity of Los Angeles County, this (the master and slave identifiers) is not an acceptable identification label.”

The County’s 39 departments were told to identify equipment with inoffensive labels. How’s that for your tax dollars at work?

In May, a black employee of the Probation Department filed a discrimination complaint with the county Office of Affirmative Action Compliance after seeing the offensive words on a videotape machine.

Like I said, I’m speechless. Political Correctness continues to amaze me with its absurdity.

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Introducing: Our New Bodyguard!

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Get Feminist Complaint Canals Off Our Urinals!

[Common Sense and Amber touched on this so I might as well]

The attempt on the part of the radical feminist and gay coalition to create unisex bathrooms at the University of Chicago immediately brought to mind my only experience with non-handicapped, desegregated restrooms back in the summer of 2001.

At the time I encountered them, I was on a date with a girl at a Chicago street fair called “Halsted Market Days.” The fair is demographically unique as it’s held in the homosexual neighborhood of “Boystown”, and half its attendees, at least, are gay. Despite the advertising, the neighborhood is quite mixed and features more than a few non-pastel, “straights” within its confines.

My date later confided to me that she selected the setting on purpose to see if I was a tolerant guy. Astonishingly, I passed with diversity flag colors as the sight of homosexuals frolicking in the road is about as unexpected to me as a runny nose in pollen season.

At any rate, a couple of hours in, she directed me to the inside of a restaurant/bar called “Roscoe’s” so she could use the bathroom. When she returned we had another round and I used the facilities. I did not think anything strange about the room as it had a few stalls, a sink, a mirror, and several urinals. I stood by the mirror doing what one does after swallowing four Miller’s, when suddenly I heard three girls talking behind me as they waited for a stall. I said, “Men’s room” aloud hoping they’d realize their mistake. They replied that the bathroom was for everybody. After remembering our neighborhood location, I understood, as we were tourists in a foreign land.

That foreign land may now be here though. It seems that activists at the University of Chicago are lobbying for the creation of multi-sexual bathrooms to combat discrimination against transsexuals and trans-gendered individuals. The rational is as follows:

“‘If a woman in a women’s-only restroom is assumed to be a man, there may be real threats to her comfort and even safety,’ warns the Coalition for a Queer Safe Campus

‘Students have faced gay-baiting comments in our university’s sex-segregated bathrooms.’”

How does one react to this? First of all, I do not believe the charge. Usually when people have to relieve themselves, that alone is the object of their concentration. Fittingly, no examples are given by the student. I do not presume the mass of heterosexuals to be anti-gay. In fact, from what I have seen, heterosexuals today are more tolerant of homosexuality than they are of their own heterosexuality (which is another column all together).

Second, I’m willing to grant that somebody, in some bathroom, in some truck stop somewhere once made a sarcastic or irritable comment to a human of ambiguous sexuality, but that in no way justifies desegregating bathrooms for men and women. The “oppressed” in this scenario need thicker skins as opposed to new sanctuaries.

Insisting that the majority of Americans indulge over-sensitivity cannot be found in the Bill of Rights.

Yet, the university sees it differently and has to chosen to confuse student whines with social justice. One of the deans even stated that the activists complaint has done a great job in raising “community awareness.”

While I disagree with the dean about the beneficent nature of the coalition, I am pleased that they brought this scandal into the open. This enables a disinterested public to note the devotion in which “illiberal” liberals attempt to codify private behaviors.

If the reader has no previous knowledge of radical politics, then the request made of the university appears odd but not malicious. Yet, as one who’s been aware of the feminist agenda for many years, the demand for unisex bathrooms is in keeping with their enduring attack on our culture.

The Feminist Majority, one of the organizations involved in the discussion at the University of Chicago, considers the creation of desegregated restrooms to be amongst one of their great achievements. On their site they refer to a government branch that heeded their advice:

“The Coast Guard quietly did away with its regulations requiring separate bathrooms for men and women aboard ships. A spokesman for the Coast Guard confirmed that separate heads no longer are required as long as privacy is maintained.”

A UC professor affirms that desegregated toilets are a part of their ideology: “‘Some feminists might say that any sex segregation is problematic,’ said Mary Anne Case, a professor of law at the University of Chicago who has studied the early roots of feminism and the inequality in sex segregated bathrooms.”

Consider how bizarre it sounds to someone off the street that “Inequality in sex segregated bathrooms” is an area for academic study within our universities. Most normal people do not view this as being a topic worthy of scholarship. However, this does not stop the academy from spending millions of dollars each year to investigate twaddle and pronounce it platinum.

What the casual observer may not fathom about these radical feminists is that the bathroom is one of their favorite places in which to deconstruct. Indeed, they waged a War On Urinals in the past and will continue to do so in the future. To most of us, the urinal is a practical item, but, to the activists, it was forged with porcelain teeth stolen from the goddess herself.

In 2000, Swedish feminists wished to micromanage the way in which men biologically function within their Stockholm university so they tried to force everyone to take a seat. It seems that our standing is a “nasty macho gesture” that demeans women. If we extend their particular line of fallacious reasoning, we will soon discover, provided the peyote’s been swallowed correctly, that using the words “is” and “was” are misogynistic as well, and probably one day will be labeled criminal sexual misconduct.

What next? The size of a man’s shoes? I can only imagine the shrieks that will come from a campus brimming with androgynous Pats once they find out that men have bigger shoes than they do. “The injustice!” They may well, with their sophisticated minds, then consider male foot binding as a plausible solution.

Next we have my favorite quotation: “…along with creating more bathroom space for women — a typical problem in public facilities — the gender-neutral bathroom would also give men and women less reasons to separate in social functions.”

Well, this is total hogwash. While the new water closets will give men and women less of a chance to separate during organic functions, I do not see how it would directly translate to social situations.

What it does translates into is the undeniable conclusion that radical feminists are not remotely concerned about the welfare of women in general. The real people who’d benefit from this plan are not transsexual or trans-gendered but rapists. Without question, any rapist who heard about this new PC edict had to be quite enthused. A stall would be the ideal place for them to lurk and await their prey, and no one would think anything of their going into the duck blind as they swung open its door. Even though these feminists may not be consciously aware of this potential consequence arising, it is yet another instance proving that they never reflect on what the unintended consequences of their actions are.

More likely though, as rape is very rare, the likely outcome is that women would not use these bathrooms; hence, the activists would inconvenience the souls whose cause they usually pretend to champion. The reason women wouldn’t use unisex bathrooms is because men would attempt to expand upon the social and organic functions currently practiced within them.

Perhaps the activists have some knowledge of this and it pleases them. Then the dream of heterosexuals openly embracing the gay lifestyle could be realized. Yes, within time, it could degenerate into a heterosexual cruising zone–which would be fruitless as it’d only be a bunch of guys hanging out in empty bathrooms on Friday nights after women vacated that particular “playing field.”

No one should have any illusions about where all of this will end. It will not end by itself. The activists will take and take as long as we appease them. No convention or law will remain unturned in their pursuit to rearrange our culture and daily relations. If the full range of their totalitarian desires becomes better known, then these organizations will become widely associated with petty obsessions and pink cakes of disinfectant rather than “human rights.” It’s our responsibility to our country to make their opinions known, and to fight them vigorously–lobbyist by lobbyist and urinal by urinal.

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Arab Peace

For 56 years Israelis have been extending the olive branch to the Arabs. And for 56 years the Arabs have been slapping it away.

After 3 years of renewed Arab attacks on Israel, it almost looked like peace was going to be achieved this time.

However, Arafat once again proved to be the road block. It seems as the two sides were to meet at the negotiation table, Arafat with his inaction showed the only action he does approve of is war. Arafat failed to approve the meeting in writing so the Arab negotiators declined the meeting.

It looks like the Arabs are going to have to prepare some more graves thanks to Arafat’s inability to lay down arms.

Posted by CommonSense @ 10:04 AM

What Time Am I Coming Over?

Posted by Fire @ 7:52 AM

Our Man Taranto.
Here’s the best mini-blog on the web if you ask me.

It’s five days a week and thundrous. Here James analyzes the left’s bizarre response to Bush visiting the troops. “He lied! He lied!” So what? Should he have emailed Al Qaeda’s main website and told them what part of the airstrip he’d be landing on? Believe me, “Best of the Web” is worth your time today and most days.

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NEA Faces Audit.
I got this one from good old Ed out in Indy.

I wonder if it’ll be a Lloyds of London type thing and the IRS will even come after the likes of me. I doubt it. I think the rank and file will be considered the “victims” in this affair–if the 600 bucks they annually steal from me is any indication. In NEA-ese, “pro-education candidates” always means “Democrats.”

Mark Levin, president of Landmark, hailed the IRS audit and said Monday the NEA “has diverted tens of millions of dollars in membership dues to influence political campaigns, for which it hasn’t paid a wooden nickel in taxes.”

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Kissing Guys Instead of Shaking Hands.

What’s wrong with the handshake? I never had any problem with it for crying out loud. I guess, in these days of decadence, more “love” is needed. Like with many other issues, I’ll back the status quo here.

John, the stud, out in Australia from emailed this one to me.

I don’t know anyone who does it [thank G-D!] but it appears to be all the rage. Let’s be activists and put a stop to it on an individual basis.

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