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More than 50% of managers are women. We have lost any reasonable idea of what productive work really is. R. Zupaty.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Happy Birthday, Mr Lincoln

Since February has been taken over as “Black History Month”, I think it is up to white heterosexual males to reming people that it is also the birth month of two of the greatest leaders this world has produced: George Washington and Abraham. You have to really hunt to find any recognition of this fact. The super-market I go to mentions black history month as does the day-care center I volunteer at but nothing about Mssrs Washington and Lincoln.

This, combined with the trashing of Valentine’s Day into Vagina Day and the war on Christmas (No, Mr Kristoff of the NY Times. The “War on Christmas” is real and not inconsequential. Get your butt out of “21” and the Upper West Side and try to find any decorations for Christmas or President’s Month) are a good indicators of the kind of society the far-left wants.

Pardon me while I puke.

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Thought for the Day

American women understand men’s egos and penises but not, by any means, their souls.

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Saturday, February 11, 2006

E Television, gotta love it!

Just after E Television comes up with the season finale of The Gasineau girls where the daughter rejects her mother’s glamourous life in New York for the dream of becoming a housewife, next comes “Hit Single”.

Hit Single is about Lisa Loeb, a popular singer, who finds herself single at the age of 37 and looking to start a family. FAST! You more or less get the story from there. But there’s a twist: She doesn’t appear to be a nasty, bitter, overdemanding person. It’s more as if she went to sleep for 12 years with 2 boyfriends and woke up as Rip Vanna Winkle. But she woke up in the worst place of all: NYC.

She goes to a variety of places seeking advice including the worst source of all: Her spoiled, materialistic woman friends who advise her to stick men for money on dates and look out for her interests. She’s advised to be passive-aggressive. They take her to the book store and give her a copy of “The Rules”. She ultimatley goes to a relationship therapist who gives her mostly fuzzy advise, but some of it good: That she’s no longer a 20 year old and cannot just party and have a good time.

This week, she goes out on a date with a pleasant young man of 30 who meets her reasonable criteria: “At least as tall as her.” He’s a wimp: He goes out with her on a date, get this, shopping at the Container Store. Wow! Can it get any more fun than that? Then he forks out $300 for garbage cans and organizers.

She worries that she’s emasculating the dude by holding open the door for him and paying for dates. Later, she decides that she feels she’s taking advantage of the poor sap but pays him back just before she dumps his butt to the curb because she feels he’s too young. So the message she sent him overall was: “She pays, but only because she didn’t like you.” (Her “rules” friends would be proud.)

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World War III ?

Ahmadinejad: Israel ‘will be removed’ Tehran (dpa) –

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said on Saturday that the Palestinians and “other nations” will eventually remove Israel from the region. Addressing a mass demonstration in Tehran – one of many organized throughout Iran to commemorate the 27th anniversary of the Islamic revolution – he once again questioned the Holocaust “fairy tale”. “We ask the West to remove what they created sixty years ago and if they do not listen to our recommendations, then the Palestinian nation and other nations will eventually do this for them,” Ahmadinejad said in a ceremony marking the 27th anniversary of the Islamic revolution. “Do the removal of Israel before it is too late and save yourself from the fury of regional nations,” the ultra-conservative president said. He once again called the Holocaust a “fairy tale” and said Europeans have become hostages of “Zionists” in Israel.

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Friday, February 10, 2006


The Funeral of John Paul II

“Yesterday, the huge bronze doors of St. Peter’s, where the pope lay in state since Monday, were closed to the public. In four days, some estimates say nearly 2 million pilgrims passed by his remains to say their farewells in the few seconds they had in front of their bier.”President Ronald Reagan

“More than 100,000 people, including Democratic presidential contender John Kerry, visited the flag-draped casket Tuesday at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library.”

Betty Freidan

“I truly believe that Betty Friedan was the most influential woman, not only of the 20th century but of the second millennium,” said Muriel Fox, one of the co-founders with Friedan of the National Organization for Women.

Colleagues from the women’s movement as well as her three children and their families were among more than 300 mourners at the funeral for Friedan.

Ms. Friedan’s private life was also famously stormy. In her recent memoir,
“Life So Far”(Simon & Schuster, 2000), she accused her husband of being physically abusive during their marriage, writing that he sometimes gave her black eyes, which she concealed with make-up at public events and on television.

Mr. Friedan, who died in December, repeatedly denied the accusations. In an interview with Time magazine in 2000, shortly after the memoir’s publication, he called Ms. Friedan’s account a “complete fabrication.” He added: “I am the innocent victim of a drive-by shooting by a reckless driver savagely aiming at the whole male gender.”

Mssssss. Friedan, history will judge you and your cohorts harshly. Very harshly.

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Thursday, February 09, 2006

An Interview With Kate O’Beirne

Kate O’Beirne:

Far too many people think that feminism is a spent force. If you talk about feminism nowadays, it sounds so 1970’s. You know, didn’t that all die with the Equal Rights Amendment 30 years ago?

The point of this book is no, it didn’t. The equality goals were met decades ago. So the more destructive premises of the modern women’s movement are very much alive. They have enormous influence in our culture, in our schools, in our universities, in our politics. They’ve had a destructive effect on our institutions.

People ought to know who these women are. I name them, I quote them. They ought to appreciate what the agenda is and then they should decide whether or not they want their federal tax dollars funding this agenda.

The fundamental approach of these women, their fundamental conviction, is that there are no innate differences between men and women. So when they see any differences in attitudes or attributes or ambitions, they attribute it to discrimination. They have to continue seeing widespread discrimination, insist it exists, because that fuels grievance feminism and in turn that fuels the countless programs they receive funding under.

They also receive a lot of corporate funding that are only given by corporations to a host of feminist groups who all want to look good on so-called women’s issues. I think the point in this book – there is no monolithic woman’s vote and there are no monolithic views on so-called women’s issues. American women have diverse opinions.

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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

America’s War on Boys

“We are very aware that Newsweek has been a principal advocate behind the efforts of psychologists at Harvard Medical School and Wellesley College to make boys act like girls. That is also the goal of the extreme feminists at Harvard, Wellesley and NOW.”

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Monday, February 06, 2006

Wife Swap

Kraut/Hardin families swap and teach a lesson about materialism.

My wife found this show and I have to say that I like it a lot. Usually what you find is a neat freak vs. a slob but tonights episode featured:

A glitz and glamour-loving mother who lives a life of excess and luxury swaps places with a devoutly religious, country mother of eight who lives the stark and simple life.

The gimmick of the show is that the wives swap places for two weeks The first week they must live by their counterparts rules. The second week the interloper sets the rules. To the Hardin’s credit they agreed to this but on the condition that it did not violate their religious beliefs.

The Hardins being the religious family, they homeschooled their eight children and had them do chores around the house and small farm for which the children were given an allowance. From that allowance the kids were to give 20% to G-d, 20% for taxes (back to the parents), and they could keep the balance to spend as they saw fit. This was to teach them the value of money and that they must give something back. Given the size of their house and the fact that the family was on a pretty tight budget the family seemed very happy together. They accepted used clothing from their church and entertained themselves by being together. Very Waltonesque.

The Kraut family was another story. Mrs. Kraut was a self professed fashion hound spending $70,000 a year on clothes. To fund her extravagence she worked at night selling lingerie and “marital aids” at small parties for local women. She has three sons and a doormat for a husband. The poor guy cooks for the kids and was complaining that he never got to see his wife. The children spent most of their time in front of the TV when not in school. Even when they return home from school they were greated by a babysitter. Mrs. Kraut said she was spoiled as a child and it showed. During the time she was reading Mrs. Hardin’s instructions she scoffed when they said that it was a privilege to cook for her children. That was the first time I wanted to jump through the TV and slap this woman. There were many more to follow.

The majority of conflicts came from the Hardin household when Mrs. Kraut tried to dress the nine year daughter up like a Australian’s nightmare. Mr. Hardin kept asking her how much stuff was enough. I thought Mrs. Kraut was going to have a fit when she had to wear a handmedown dress. Her reaction to the Hardin household was she could not believe people lived like that, a very red state attitude to people who were nearly self sufficient in food and who valued family life more than material goods.

You could really sense this by the comments made by the oldest Kraut son and Mr. Kraut. As Mrs. Hardin took control of the Kraut household and started to mother the children they responded enthusiastically. The boys initial reaction to the fact that their TV viewing was severely restricted was shock. The eldest said he had been watching TV since he was one. All three boys had TVs in their bedrooms and every current electronic gaming console. This substituted for parenting. Mrs. Hardin had the boys playing with something she created in the kitchen called goo that seemed a lot like silly putty. Then the eldest said he liked Mrs. Hardin because she spent time with him. Just heartbreaking. These boys were starved for motherly love. And it came from a stranger.

Towards the end of the show the wives go home and the two couples sit together and discuss what they learned. During the course of the swap Mr. Kraut grew a pair and told his wife when she interrupted him that he really enjoyed Mrs. Hardin because they could have a disagreement and talk about it instead of screaming past each other. When Mrs. Kraut asked the Hardins if they had learned anything from the swap Mr. Hardin graciously said he learned that the children worked hard; during her second weak Mrs. Kraut limited the children’s chores and gave them all to the husband, including cooking dinner, while she went back to being a pampered, spoiled princess. Mrs. Hardin said she learned to appreciate what she had at home. The end of the show had the Hardins living as they always had and Mrs. Kraut spending more time with her sons. I hope that continued and wasn’t an act. If not, I hope Mr. Kraut finds a good lawyer and leaves with his sons. When your own son recognizes that his mother is no good that should be a powerful message.

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American Women Suck


Came across this site recently. It’s heartwarming to see so many men in America seeing the true nature of American women.

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Gestapo American-Style II

“Almost everyone who reads the record of what happened to William Hetherington concludes that he was unjustly accused, unjustly convicted, unjustly sentenced, unjustly denied his due process and appeal rights, unjustly denied a new trial based on physical evidence of inaccurate testimony by government witnesses, and unjustly denied parole. A man’s life has been sacrificed, and three children have been denied their father by malicious feminists who have lobbied for laws that punish spousal rape just like stranger rape and deny a man the right to cross-examine his accuser. They have created a judicial system where the woman must always be believed even though she has no evidence, one in which the man is always guilty.”

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Sunday, February 05, 2006


Brothers, google Betty Frieden.

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When Matthew Shepherd, a homosexual, was murdered in 1998 by some heterosexuals (I have heard that there may have been drug activity in the murder which complicates it) there were 3007 stories about it printed not to mention the tsunamis of grief and anger in the electronic media.

When 13 year old Jesse Dirkhising was brutalized and then murdered by two homosexuals in 1999, the story appeared just



Admiration and honesty compel me to admit that this fact was unearthed by Andrew Sullivan, whom I believe is a homosexual and who writes for the New Republic.

I am sick and tired of people like the Muslims who butcher people at the drop of a hat complaining that their feelings have been hurt by cartoons of the Prophet.

I am also sick and tired of the mainstream press jabbering about child abuse and domestic violence when women are the leaders in child abuse and play an important incendiary role in domestic violence.

And I am equally sick and tired of the homosexuals squawking about being victims on the one hand while using every trick in the book to impose their value system on the rest of the country.

Denis made a good point in citing the article about The “Speech Gestapo”.

I never heard any complaints about white heterosexual men being called “male chauvinist pigs” back in the 70’s. I still remember it and I still loathe and despise it particularly considering the under-handed game that American women play with American men in relationships, marriages and the parenting of children.

With few exceptions like Midge Dichter, they fell into line behind the Pied-eyed Pipers, Betty, Gloria and all the rest, and now they find themselves alone with their cats and the “careers” which most likely turn out to be jobs.

Do I feel sorry for them?

Oh, yeah.

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Bad News for Hilary

ABC has announced that “Commander-in-Chief”, which it touted not so long ago as the most watched program of the new season, has been withdrawn from its time-slot for over haul. In plain English that means that it “tanked”.

Boy! Does that make me sad!

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