The Difference Between The Palestinians And The Israelis

The Difference Between The Palestinians And The Israelis
The Israelis are determined to build things; the Palestinians build only their hatred for the Jews. Consider the greenhouses the Jews left in Gaza, writes Holocaust survivor Si Frumkin in the Jewish Observer (scroll down at the link):

I am sure that at least some of the flowers, fruit and vegetables that cater to European sophisticates came from the more than 3000 Gaza greenhouses. They were all built on barren empty land by the Jews who, until a few years ago, employed over 12,000 Palestinians there. Since the start of the last Intifada and several terror attacks by the more demented employees, the number of Arabs working the greenhouses was drastically reduced, and they were replaced by Thais, Africans and Filipinos.

During the months of preparation for the Israeli withdrawal, there were many questions on what should be done with the greenhouses. They were state-of-art agricultural marvels with their own sophisticated temperature and humidity control systems. They turned out millions of dollars worth of produce yearly and they were a source of employment for thousands of people in an area, where close to 40% were unemployed.

Should these marvelous structures be destroyed or moved or just abandoned? Then a wonderful and heartwarming solution was found. A small group of wealthy American Jews decided to buy the greenhouses from Israel and donate them to the Palestinian Authority. One of the donors was former World Bank president James Wolfensohn who put up $500,000 of his own money. All in all, $14 million was collected, the deal was done and an appreciative Palestinian spokesmen announced that the greenhouses would become the cornerstone of the future Palestinian economy.

So where is the Schadenfreude, you say? Happy ending for all, right? Palestinians get the greenhouses, Israelis get $14 million and the small group of admirable Jews in America get the warm feeling of having made the world a more tolerant and loving place where Arabs appreciate Jewish kindness and are less eager to murder Jews, right?

Well, no, not really!

…Just an hour or so after the Jews left Gaza, thousands of Palestinians swarmed into the empty settlements.

The Palestinian police stood and watched the mob demolish the abandoned synagogues and set them on fire. They also watched with interest as part of the crowd turned on the greenhouses, breaking windows, taking plates of glass, wiring, computer and electronic parts, irrigation pipes and timers.

It didn’t take long and after a few hours or so the greenhouses that it had taken years to build were just so much junk.

And so I have Schadenfreude. The Palestinians will not export flowers to Holland or fruit to France. The greenhouses will not be rebuilt.

The Palestinian economy, such as it is, will continue to be mired in corruption, hatred and violence.

They will suffer–Schadenfreude –but still, they’ll never admit that it was their own fault.

I have been to Israel. I wrote an essay my senior year of high school and won a trip there. And I’ve seen that the Israelis live in peace with many Arabs — any Arabs who don’t have it as their mission to run all the Jews into the sea.

The Muslim Arabs really don’t care about other Muslims. Arabs are tribal people who, but for the Jews, kill each other (the Sunni and the Shiite, for example). And when black Muslims are slaughtered in Darfur, you only hear Arab Muslims whining about the conditions in Gaza. Who’s taken in the black Muslims from Darfur? The Israelis, of course.