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Big Cost, Little Benefit | Amy Alkon on MND – Penny Stocks Company

Big Cost, Little Benefit
Nursing home psychologist Ira Rosofsky writes in the LA Times that billions of dollars are being spent on medications that offer only marginal benefits for Alzheimer’s sufferers:

Examine the documents supporting the Food and Drug Administration’s approval of Aricept, and you will see upon what a slim reed this drug’s empire was built. Those taking the drug scored, on average, three points better on a 70-item cognitive assessment scale. That’s about a 4% difference, mostly reflecting a slower decline rather than positive improvement. And the differences disappear when the drug is discontinued — indicating that the drugs “do not represent a change in the underlying disease.” At best, these effects may be only marginally more effective against dementia than garlic was against the Black Death in the 14th century.

…Even on Aricept’s website, the claims are sketchy on the drug’s effectiveness when it comes to cognition: “People who took Aricept did better on thinking tests than those who took a sugar pill.”

How much better? The company doesn’t say.

Many studies of the effects of drugs for dementia also speak about statistical significance, but statistical significance can be highly overrated if the differences aren’t meaningful. Take my extremely nearsighted wife, for example. Suppose a drug enabled her to read the giant E at the top of an eye chart without her glasses, but none of the smaller letters. Her eyesight would show statistically significant enhancement, but — despite her being a much better driver than me — I’d still refuse to ride in a car she was driving if she wasn’t wearing her glasses.

There are similar effects at play with anti-dementia drugs.

In 2004, Richard Gray of the University of Birmingham in Britain compared hundreds of patients with mild to moderate dementia who were taking Aricept or a placebo. The drug did improve mental functioning, but at disappointingly small levels — about one point on a 60-point scale. More important, there was no delay in the dementia’s progression or the rate of patients’ institutionalization. And there were no significant differences in mood, behavior or cost of care.

…Could the thousands of dollars spent annually per patient and the billions overall be better directed?

Yes, says Gray: “Doctors and healthcare funders need to question whether it would be better to invest in more doctors and nurses and better social support rather than spending huge sums of money prescribing these expensive drugs.”

A survey released in 2002 by the Kaiser Foundation found that the staffs in a typical nursing home spend a total of about two hours and 20 minutes a day with each resident. For the remaining 21 hours and 40 minutes, residents are left to their own — mostly medicated — devices.

…But why not admit the failure of medication and instead spend some of those billions of dollars on more staff to hold the hands of both patients and their families? Beyond nurturance, much of the savings from giving up on cost-ineffective medications could be diverted to basic research that might yield not only statistically significant but meaningful and large improvements — even a cure.

There is some comfort in believing, as our medieval ancestors did, that a tangible nostrum — like a pearl-hued donepezil tablet — will do some good, but it may be more comforting simply to comfort.

Instead of drugs, I’d bet many patients are wishing someone would just say the words of another ancient rock anthem: I want to hold your hand.

Accused Alabama Shooter Killed Brother in 1986, but Was Never Prosecuted – Penny Stocks Company

Chief: Ala. prof held in 3 killings shot Mass. kin

By JAY LINDSAY, Associated Press Writer Jay Lindsay, Associated Press Writer
Sat Feb 13, 3:53 pm ET

BRAINTREE, Mass. – A University of Alabama professor accused of fatally shooting three colleagues at a faculty meeting this week shot her younger brother dead at their home in the Boston suburbs more than 20 years ago, but records of it are missing, police said Saturday.

Amy Bishop shot her brother in the chest in 1986, Braintree police Chief Paul Frazier said at a news conference. She fired at least three shots, hitting her brother once and hitting her bedroom wall, before police took her into custody at gunpoint, he said.

Before Bishop could be booked, the police chief back then told officers to release her to her mother, Frazier said.

The shooting of the brother, Seth Bishop, was logged as an accident, but detailed records of the shooting have disappeared, he said.

“The report’s gone, removed from the files,” he said.

He said people who worked for the police department then remember the shooting and he planned to meet with the district attorney over the possibility of launching a criminal investigation into the report’s disappearance.

A University spokesman said Bishop, 42, had been denied tenure before she was held Friday in a shooting at the Huntsville campus.

As Bishop was being taken to jail in handcuffs she said: “It didn’t happen. There’s no way.”

Attempts by The Associated Press to track down addresses and phone numbers for the previous police chief and Bishop’s family in the Braintree area weren’t immediately successful Saturday.

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Bankrupt, Decaying And Nearly Dead: 24 Facts About The City Of Detroit That Will Shock You

If you want to know what the future of America is going to be like, just look at the city of Detroit.  Once upon a time it was a symbol of everything that America was doing right, but today it has been transformed into a rotting, decaying, post-apocalyptic hellhole.  Detroit was once the fourth-largest city in the United States, and in 1960 Detroit had the highest per-capita income in the entire nation.  It was the greatest manufacturing city the world had ever seen, and the rest of the globe looked at Detroit with a sense of awe and wonder.  But now the city of Detroit has become a bad joke to the rest of the world.  Unemployment is rampant, 60 percent of the children are living in poverty and the city government is on the verge of bankruptcy.  They say that Detroit is just a matter of “weeks or months” away from running out of cash, and when Detroit does declare bankruptcy it will be the largest municipal bankruptcy in the history of the United States.  But don’t look down on Detroit, because the truth is that Detroit is really a metaphor for what is happening to America as a whole.  In the United States today, our manufacturing infrastructure has been gutted, poverty is absolutely exploding and we are rapidly approaching national bankruptcy.  Detroit may have gotten there first, but the rest of the country will follow soon enough.

Back during the boom years, Detroit was known for making great cars.  Today, it is known for scenes of desolation and decay.  It is full of vandalized homes, abandoned schools and empty factories.  The following description of what Detroit looks like at this point is from an article by Barry Yeoman…

It’s hard to describe the city’s physical landscape without producing what Detroiters call “ruin porn.” Brick houses with bays and turrets sit windowless or boarded up. Whole blocks, even clusters of blocks, have been bulldozed. Retail strips have been reduced to a dollar store here, a storefront church there, and a whole lot of plywood in between. Not a single chain supermarket remains.

So what caused the downfall of one of the greatest cities on earth?

Well, here is a hint…

Between December 2000 and December 2010, 48 percent of the manufacturing jobs in Michigan were lost.

When you are a manufacturing area, and you lose half of your manufacturing jobs over the course of a single decade, of course things are going to get really, really bad.

So just how bad have things gotten in Detroit?

The following are 24 facts about the city of Detroit that will shock you…

#1 Detroit was once the fourth-largest city in the United States, and it was once home to close to 2 million people.  But over the last several decades people have been fleeing in droves.  According to the 2010 census, only 713,000 people now live in Detroit, and city officials admit that the population has probably slipped under 700,000 at this point.

#2 The population of Detroit has declined by about 25 percent over the past decade.  The last time the population of Detroit was this low was all the way back in 1910.

#3 Today, Detroit is only the 18th-largest city in America.  It is now smaller than Austin, Texas and Charlotte, North Carolina.

#4 Back in 1960, the city of Detroit had the highest per-capita income in the United States.

#5 Today, the unemployment rate in Detroit is more than 18 percent, which is more than twice as high as the nation as a whole.

#6 According to a report that was just recently released, approximately 60 percent of all children in Detroit live in poverty.

#7 Approximately one-third of Detroit’s 140 square miles are either vacant or derelict.

#8 The city government of Detroit has closed dozens of schools and has decided to cut off public services to the “heavily blighted areas”.

#9 According to one estimate, there are 33,500 empty houses and 91,000 vacant residential lots in the city of Detroit today.

#10 The median price of a home in Detroit is just $9,000, and there are some areas of Detroit where you can still buy a house for $100.

#11 There are more than 85,000 streetlights in Detroit, but thieves have stripped so much copper wiring out of the lights that more than half of them are not working.

#12 Mayor Bing has announced a plan to reduce the number of streetlights in the city of Detroit to just 46,000.

#13 According to one very shocking report, 47 percent of all people living in the city of Detroit are functionally illiterate at this point..

#14 The murder rate in Detroit is 11 times higher than it is in New York City.

#15 There were 377 homicides in Detroit in 2011.  In 2012, that number rose to 411.

#16 Justifiable homicide in Detroit rose by an astounding 79 percent during 2011.

#17 In one recent year, the rate of self-defense killings in the city of Detroit was 2200% above the national average.

#18 Ten years ago, there were approximately 5,000 police officers in the city of Detroit.  Today, there are only about 2,500 and another 100 are scheduled to be eliminated from the force soon.

#19 Due to budget cutbacks, most police stations in Detroit are now closed to the public for 16 hours a day.

#20 Crime has gotten so bad in Detroit that even the police are are telling people to “enter Detroit at your own risk”.

#21 At one point, 100 bus drivers in Detroit refused to drive their routes because they were afraid of being attacked out on the streets in broad daylight.  The head of the bus drivers union, Henry Gaffney, said that the drivers were literally “scared for their lives”….

“Our drivers are scared, they’re scared for their lives. This has been an ongoing situation about security. I think yesterday kind of just topped it off, when one of my drivers was beat up by some teenagers down in the middle of Rosa Parks and it took the police almost 30 minutes to get there, in downtown Detroit,” said Gaffney.

#22 There have been reports that gangs of young men with AK-47s have been terrorizing gas stations all over Detroit.

#23 Detroit was once known for making some of the greatest cars in the world.  Now, it is known around the world as a dumping ground for the dead…

From the street, the two decomposing bodies were nearly invisible, concealed in an overgrown lot alongside worn-out car tires and a moldy sofa. The teenagers had been shot, stripped to their underwear and left on a deserted block.

They were just the latest victims of foul play whose remains went undiscovered for days after being hidden deep inside Detroit’s vast urban wilderness — a crumbling wasteland rarely visited by outsiders and infrequently patrolled by police.

#24 Detroit’s public schools are an absolute nightmare.  The following is from one of my readers that actually attended one of the “best” public schools in Detroit…

The school was a new seven story building just a couple of years old. The bathrooms would often lack toilet paper & soap beyond the second floor (the main floor), the bathroom sinks would often not work. The water fountains on north side of the building on from the third floor & up did not work. The elevators would constantly break down. I even got stuck on the elevator before. I almost tripped down a half a flight of stairs because the elastic seal (it was the metal bar at the front of a treader of I don’t know the name of it.) the stairs was not properly installed.

Students would often have sex on the stairs & throughout the school. Parents actually called the school many times & reported kids having sex on the stairs because all of them had glass windows 270 degrees.

Even over in Europe they write stories about the dramatic decline of Detroit.  For example, the following is how one British reporter described his visit to Detroit…

Much of Detroit is horribly dangerous for its own residents, who in many cases only stay because they have nowhere else to go. Property crime is double the American average, violent crime triple. The isolated, peeling homes, the flooded roads, the clunky, rusted old cars and the neglected front yards amid trees and groin-high grassland make you think you are in rural Alabama, not in one of the greatest industrial cities that ever existed.

For those that want to read even more about the horrifying downfall of Detroit, there are some amazing charts that graphically show the decline of Detroit right here.

So what is the solution?

How can we fix Detroit?

Well, why don’t we just build a monorail!  Of course that sounds ridiculous, but the federal government has actually committed $25 million to construct “a streetcar line” that nobody really wants and that very few people would probably actually use.  Perhaps they could be excused for wasting so much money on a bad idea if there had not already been 24 failed attempts to develop a successful public transit system in Detroit over the past four decades.

Well, why don’t we just build a bunch of theme parks instead?  After all, tourists would just flock to Detroit, right?

It has been suggested that Detroit would be ideal for an “automotive theme park”, and there is actually one group of investors that wants to turn some of the worst areas of Detroit into a “zombie theme park”.

What will they think of next?

Actually, a much better idea would have been to not allow millions of our good paying manufacturing jobs to be shipped to the other side of the world, but it is too late for that at this point.

But once again, please do not look down on the city of Detroit.  Instead, let the city of Detroit serve as a warning for the rest of us.

The truth is that the entire U.S. economy is in an advanced state of decline…

-The percentage of the civilian labor force in the United States that is employed has been steadily declining every single year since 2006.

-An astounding 53 percent of all American workers make less than $30,000 a year.

-Amazingly, there are hundreds of thousands of Americans with either Master’s degrees or Ph.D.s that are enrolled in the food stamp program at this point.

We are a nation that consumes far more wealth than we produce, we are a nation that is constantly bleeding jobs, businesses and wealth, and we are a nation that is going deeper into debt with each passing day.

Yes, Detroit may have gone over the edge into economic oblivion first, but the rest of the nation is steamrolling down the exact same path that Detroit has gone.

Is it too late for us to change direction?

Please feel free to share your thoughts on that question by leaving a comment below…

10 Reasons why Sen. Barbara Boxer will Soon be Toast – Penny Stocks Company

Yesterday we launched the “Adopt-a-Politician: Clean up Washington!” campaign, listing 20 Senators and Representatives we are targeting for defeat on November 2. Every one of these lawmakers has been unsympathetic to our repeated requests to reform the Violence Against Women Act.

And one politico is the undisputed champion in terms of her long-standing, unwavering, and dogmatic support for anti-family domestic violence laws: Senator Barbara Boxer of California. That makes Ms. Boxer the numero uno target for our Adopt-a-Politician campaign.

These are 10 reasons why we must remove Barbara Boxer from office in November:

1. Barbara Boxer is a committed gender feminist.
2. As a member of the House of Representatives, Barbara Boxer sponsored the original Violence Against Women Act. In 2004, she bragged:
“Nearly 14 years ago, the two of us first introduced the Violence Against Women Act – Joe Biden in the Senate and Barbara Boxer in the House. That landmark legislation has been an enormous success in reducing crimes against women, changing attitudes about violence against women, and establishing a zero tolerance policy.” (
3. In 2010, she was an original co-sponsor of the International Violence Against Women Act (S. 2982).
4. Boxer sponsored the Domestic Violence Identification and Referral Act, which would have provided funding to schools for health professionals who work to prevent domestic violence. (
5. She introduced the Boxer Amendment on Rights of Saudi Women in 2005 that ignored domestic violence against men. (
6. In 2009 she co-sponsored the Mikulski-Harkin-Boxer Amendment to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act: “The Mikulski amendment addresses this critical issue by requiring that all health plans cover… screenings for domestic violence, annual women’s health screenings, and family planning services.” (
7. Boxer has never acknowledged the existence of male victims of violence. For example, this September 30, 2008 press release was worded to completely ignore the existence of male victims: “Domestic violence affects all of us and can strike anyone regardless of race, age, sexual orientation, religion, socioeconomic status or education level.” (
8. Boxer has been a tireless advocate for California domestic violence programs to receive VAWA funds (see, for example: , ,, and
9. Barbara Boxer speaks like a female-supremacist. At a February 4, 2010 press conference, she claimed chauvinistically: “Women are engines of peace and prosperity.” (
10. On her web contact page, Boxer lists “Women’s Issues” on her list of topics, but not “Men’s Issues:”

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Barbara Ehrenreich Is Full Of It – Penny Stocks Company

Barbara Ehrenreich Is Full Of It
She isn’t the only journo to take a job at Wal-Mart, but Wired’s Charles Platt tells a different story on BoingBoing than she did in her book Nickel and Dimed. An excerpt from Platt’s version of working for Wal-Mart:

The job was as dull as I expected, but I was stunned to discover how benign the workplace turned out to be. My supervisor was friendly, decent, and treated me as an equal. Wal-Mart allowed a liberal dress code. The company explained precisely what it expected from its employees, and adhered to this policy in every detail. I was unfailingly reminded to take paid rest breaks, and was also encouraged to take fully paid time, whenever I felt like it, to study topics such as job safety and customer relations via a series of well-produced interactive courses on computers in a room at the back of the store. Each successfully completed course added an increment to my hourly wage, a policy which Barbara Ehrenreich somehow forgot to mention in her book.

My standard equipment included a handheld bar-code scanner which revealed the in-store stock and nearest warehouse stock of every item on the shelves, and its profit margin. At the branch where I worked, all the lowest-level employees were allowed this information and were encouraged to make individual decisions about inventory. One of the secrets to Wal-Mart’s success is that it delegates many judgment calls to the sales-floor level, where employees know first-hand what sells, what doesn’t, and (most important) what customers are asking for.

Several of my co-workers had relocated from other areas, where they had worked at other Wal-Marts. They wanted more of the same. Everyone agreed that Wal-Mart was preferable to the local Target, where the hourly pay was lower and workers were said to be treated with less respect (an opinion which I was unable to verify). Most of all, my coworkers wanted to avoid those “mom-and-pop” stores beloved by social commentators where, I was told, employees had to deal with quixotic management policies, while lacking the opportunities for promotion that exist in a large corporation.

Of course, I was not well paid, but Wal-Mart is hardly unique in paying a low hourly rate to entry-level retail staff. The answer to this problem seems elusive to Barbara Ehrenreich, yet is obvious to any teenager who enrolls in a vocational institute. In a labor market, employees are valued partly according to their abilities. To earn a higher hourly rate, you need to acquire some relevant skills.

As for all those Wal-Mart horror stories–when I went home and checked the web sites that attack the company, I found that many of them are subsidized with union money., for instance, is partnered with the Service Employees International Union; is copyright by United Food and Commercial Workers International Union. Why are unions so obsessed with Wal-Mart? I’m guessing that if the more-than-a-million Wal-Mart employees could be unionized, they would be compelled to contribute at least half a billion dollars per year in union dues.

Subsequently I considered writing about my brief experience, but a book defending a company that has been demonized does not have a large potential audience, and the writer tends to be dismissed as either hopelessly naive or bribed by corporate America.

He goes on to tell the tale of a guy who entered a homeless shelter with $25, worked as a day laborer and then for a moving company, and in 10 months, had $2,500 saved up, plus a pickup truck and an apartment. That story is Adam Sheperd’s, and his book about it is Scratch Beginnings: Me, $25, and the Search for the American Dream.

Platt continued in the comments:

“Is there an incentive for this level of decision making by “sales-floor level” employees?”

I spoke to a guy who took the initiative to order, I think, 100 tentlike carports during his first month on the job, just because he noticed that a sample of four of the things had sold out within a day, and several people then came in asking for them as a result of word-of-mouth.

His gamble was successful. As a result he was invited to some kind of annual Wal-Mart gathering at company HQ, he met the CEO, and of course was promoted. That’s a very unusual story but, yes, I’d say there’s an incentive!

The biggest sin at Wal-Mart is not to take initiative. It is to offend a customer. We were warned quite severely that each average Wal-Mart customer is expected to spend, as I recall, about $200,000 during the rest of their lives. If you terminally alienate one customer, you may have just lost the store almost a quarter-million dollars. The second-biggest sin might be to hurt yourself, since your reimbursed medical expenses will reduce the annual bonus for your coworkers.

Oddly enough, Wal-Mart reminded me of startups that I visited in Silicon Valley during the 1990s. Same informality, same devolution of responsibility to low levels, same gung-ho optimism, young-aged work force, willingness to innovate, emphasis on growth, and a sense of very smart management behind the scenes. But of course the work is MUCH more boring!

Also from the comments is another person’s perspective that’s in tune with mine:

“how can you raise a family on that money in a company town?”

You probably can’t. Starting a family is a decision that from a financial perspective should be delayed until one has a sizeable nest egg. Gratification can be delayed despite to protestation of young hormones otherwise. Most don’t wait and that’s their right but it doesn’t give them any justification to complain that entry level employment doesn’t cover the cost of maintaining a single family private dwelling with their one true love an a brood of entitled young ones. No legislation or labor union will ever prevent people from procreating themselves into poverty. Study hard, avoid unhealthy vices, keep your willy in your trousers or seated with a dime between your knees as the case may be and save up your money to start a family. Poor planning does not obligate Walmart to provide mitigation for bad decisions.

It’s like the idea that health care is a right — one other people should pick up the tab for, even if you’re mentally healthy and capable of working to pay your own way. An old boyfriend of mine does liver transplants. He spent years and bazillions on his education, worked insane hours during his training, and continues to work insane hours now, at one of the country’s finest hospitals. He makes a lot of money and the people whose lives he saves can tell you he deserves every cent.

via Kate Coe

“All Men are Pigs!” | Dr. Helen Smith – Penny Stocks Company

This is the greeting I received at the checkout line at the Bearden Earth Fare in Knoxville yesterday. After work, I was driving by, had a coupon and thought I would stop by to pick up something for dinner. At the cash register, the women who worked there were congregated around talking, and finally after a few moments, the cashier started to ring up my order and stated to me that she had to impart her words of wisdom that “All Men are Pigs!” to the younger female grocery bagger. The younger woman, a petulant looking twenty-something yelled back, “Yeah, all Men are Pigs!” and started to laugh.

If you have been reading this blog, you know I was not a happy camper. I said to the younger woman, “All men are not pigs” to which she replied,”Well, they are pigs…but I guess not all are, some are okay.” To which I replied, “I bet there is no way you would have stood here and said “All Women are Pigs! There is no way you would say that in public.” Her response? “Well, we’re all pigs.” Great, so she thinks her customers are pigs too.

I could tell the older cashier understood that they had made a mistake. But after all, they were in their comfort zone. A health food store where organic food spelled liberalism and an intolerance for those people male or conservative. Grocery bagger girl quickly changed the subject to “paper or plastic.” I stared at her as I got my bags and she looked at me with a mixture of intimidation, confusion and perhaps, hatred. I left. But I hope that next time these women feel free to play out their male-bashing meme at work in front of the general public, they will remember that not all of their female customers agree with the good old girl network.

Update: Earth Fare responds in the comments:

Dear Ms. Smith:

We are so sorry that you encountered this type of behavior in one of our stores. We respect all of our customers and are saddened that you had to deal with this sort of behavior.

We are dealing with the problem now. And, thank you for bringing this to our attention.


Misty Faucheux
Social Media Manager
Earth Fare

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All Of This Whining And Crying About The Sequester Shows Why America Is Doomed

If we can’t even cut federal spending by 2.4 percent without much of the country throwing an absolute hissy fit, then what hope does America have?  All of this whining and crying about the sequester is absolutely disgraceful.  The truth is that even if the sequester goes into effect, the U.S. government will still take in more money than ever before in 2013 and it will still spend more money than ever before in 2013.  So it is a bit disingenuous to call what is about to happen “a spending cut”, but for the sake of argument let’s concede that point.  Even if the budget really was being “cut” by 85 billion dollars, that only would only amount to a “cut” of 2.4 percent to federal spending.  It would barely make a dent in the federal budget deficit for 2013.  The U.S. government would still accumulate about as much new debt in fiscal year 2013 as it did in all the years from the inauguration of George Washington to the inauguration of Ronald Reagan combined.  Our debt to GDP ratio would continue to soar.  The sequester cuts would essentially only be a minor bump on the road to financial oblivion.  But if you listen to Barack Obama and his allies, they would have you believe that we are facing a great national crisis because of these impending cuts.  They would have you believe that hundreds of thousands of people will lose their jobs and that many government agencies will no longer be able to operate effectively.  They would have you believe that “granny won’t get her lunch” and “roofs blown off by Hurricane Sandy won’t get repaired”.  Well, if all of that is true, then what in the world would our country look like if we actually cut a trillion dollars from the federal budget this year and started living within our means?

Have you ever known people that are already hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt and yet go out and regularly blow thousands more dollars on wild shopping sprees?

Such debt addicts may be very proud of their new homes, their new cars, their new clothes and all of their fancy electronic gadgets, but it was all purchased with debt.  When a “day of reckoning” finally arrives, many debt addicts lose absolutely everything and end up in the street.

That is what America is like today.

Our politicians like to show off all of the stuff that our government is spending money on, but the truth is that we are spending gigantic mountains of money that we simply do not have.  We are literally stealing from our kids and our grandkids so that we can continue to enjoy a massively inflated standard of living that we have not earned.

But we can’t stop ourselves.  Americans are absolutely addicted to big government.  They want a gigantic government that sends out free money to more than 100 million Americans every month, but they absolutely do not want to pay for it.  They would rather steal money from their children and their grandchildren to pay for it.

This has got to stop, because we are literally destroying the future of this country.

If Americans really want a massively bloated government that takes care of everyone from the cradle to the grave then they should pay for it.

If Americans don’t want to pay for it, then they should reduce the size of the government to a level where they are willing to pay for it.

But stealing money from future generations of Americans to pay our bills is absolutely disgraceful.

As I talked about in a previous article, we are stealing more than 100 million dollars from our children and our grandchildren every single hour of every single day.

Is there anyone out there that is willing to stand up and defend that kind of theft?

But the vast majority of Americans don’t want to do anything to stop it, because they don’t want to harm “the economy” (i.e. our ridiculously bloated standard of living).

Will the sequester cuts hurt the economy a bit?

Of course.

Government spending cuts always hurt the economy.

If we raised taxes to help pay the bills that the federal government has been racking up, would that hurt the economy?

Of course.

Tax increases always hurt the economy.

But if we continue on the path that we are today, America is doomed.

The U.S. national debt is the biggest single debt in the history of the world.  It is now more than 16.6 trillion dollars, and it has gotten more than 23 times larger since Jimmy Carter first entered the White House.

If our politicians suddenly decided to go to a balanced budget today, our debt-fueled “bubble economy” would disappear and we would immediately plunge into a deep economic depression.

Do the American people have the character to be able to handle that kind of an “adjustment” to our standard of living?

Of course not.

That is why so many of our politicians are scared to death of doing anything about the debt.

And even these small sequester “cuts” are freaking everyone out.  Many of our politicians and many in the mainstream media are openly declaring that “the sky is falling”.  Just check out the following short excerpt from a recent New York Times article…

The owner of a Missouri smokehouse that makes beef jerky is worried about a slowdown in food safety inspections. A Montana school district is drawing up a list of teachers who could face layoffs. Officials at an Arizona border station fear that lines to cross the border could lengthen. And if Olympic National Park in Washington cannot hire enough workers to plow backcountry trails, they may stay closed until the snow melts in July.

But that is nothing compared to what others are saying.  CNN is declaring that if the sequester cuts happen, “granny won’t get her lunch” and “roofs blown off by Hurricane Sandy won’t get repaired”.

And check out these ominous warnings from Barack Obama about what will happen if the sequester cuts go into effect…

“Emergency responders like the ones who are here today — their ability to help communities respond to and recover from disasters will be degraded.  Border Patrol agents will see their hours reduced.  FBI agents will be furloughed.  Federal prosecutors will have to close cases and let criminals go.  Air traffic controllers and airport security will see cutbacks, which means more delays at airports across the country.  Thousands of teachers and educators will be laid off.  Tens of thousands of parents will have to scramble to find childcare for their kids.  Hundreds of thousands of Americans will lose access to primary care and preventive care like flu vaccinations and cancer screenings.”

The Obama administration has even decided to release hundreds of illegal immigrants in anticipation of the cuts…

Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials have released “several hundred” immigrants from deportation centers across the country, saying the move is an effort to cut costs ahead of budget cuts due to hit later this week.

Announcing the news Tuesday, ICE officials said that the immigrants were released under supervision and continue to face deportation. After reviewing hundreds of cases, those released were considered low-risk and “noncriminal,” officials said.

The claims about the sequester cuts just seem to get more ridiculous with each passing day.  Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano is warning that the cuts will make the U.S. more vulnerable to terrorist attacks,  and Obama recently decided not to send an aircraft carrier to the Persian Gulf because of “budget concerns”.

Apparently he sees no problem with using the U.S. military to score political points.

And Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke says that the budget cuts will result in “less actual deficit reduction in the short run”.


How stupid do they think we all are?

Yes, the sequester cuts will have an impact on the economy, but they won’t cause the sky to fall.

The following is what the CBO says the economic impact of the cuts is likely to be…

The Congressional Budget Office estimates the cuts will cost 750,000 jobs and hit growth by 0.6 percentage points, assuming the cuts remain in effect for the remainder of the fiscal year. Some economists expect a slightly bigger impact.

Remember, these are actually very small cuts.

In fact, according to U.S. Representative Lynn Jenkins, the U.S. government will actually be spending more money in 2013 than it did in 2012 even if the sequester cuts go into effect…

“There’s a fact that says we are going to take in more money this fiscal year than we have ever taken in before,” Jenkins said.  “The budget this year, we will spend more money this year than we spent last year even if the sequester goes into effect.  We will spend more money even if the sequester goes into effect.”

So why is everyone whining and crying over such a very small amount of money?

If you want to get upset about something, why not get upset about things that are increasing our debt by trillions of dollars?

For example, according to a Government Accountability Office report that was just released, Obamacare is going to cause the federal debt to rise by $6.2 trillion.

Why aren’t more people getting upset over that?

Sadly, it is because America is a debt addict.  Most Americans don’t really care much when federal spending skyrockets out of control, but if anyone tries to slow down the spending a little bit they throw hissy fits.

And please don’t tell me that “the big government Republicans” are much better than “the big government Democrats” on budget issues.  The Republicans have caved in and have gone along with all of this wild spending every single time.

On March 27th, they will have another opportunity to do something.  That is when the current continuing resolution expires.

At that time, the Republicans could refuse to pass anything but a balanced budget.

Or they could at least refuse to pass anything except a budget that would cut the federal budget deficit in half.

But they won’t do anything once again.  They will cave in and go along with the status quo because they are cowards.

So we will continue to rip off future generations to fuel our current bloated standard of living.

Thomas Jefferson understood that government borrowing is theft from future generations.  He once made the following statement….

And I sincerely believe, with you, that banking establishments are more dangerous than standing armies; and that the principle of spending money to be paid by posterity, under the name of funding, is but swindling futurity on a large scale.

Shame on you Democrats.

Shame on you Republicans.

Shame on you America.

You are destroying the future of America for your own selfish reasons.

If future generations get the chance, they will look back on what you did to them and they will curse you for it.

For much more on our exploding national debt, please see the following article: “55 Facts About The Debt And U.S. Government Finances That Every American Voter Should Know”.

Not that living within our means would be easy.

Like I said, it would mean a deep economic depression, and it would also likely mean a tremendous amount of societal chaos.

Even now, while we are still living in the boom times, things are really starting to get crazy out there.  Just check out what is going on in Oakland…

Oakland’s crime problems have gotten so bad that some people aren’t even bothering to call the cops anymore; instead, they’re trying to solve and prevent crimes themselves.

KPIX 5 cameras caught up with a half dozen neighbors in East Oakland’s Arcadia Park neighborhood Monday as they walked the streets on the lookout for crime. The vigilance has never seemed more necessary than now; 25 homes in the neighborhood have been burglarized over the last two months alone.

In a neighborhood that has started to feel like the wild west, people have even started posting “wanted” signs.

“You have to walk around in your house with a gun to feel safe here,” said Alaska Tarvins of the Arcadia Park Board of Directors.

If this is how bad things are now, how bad will they be when a day of reckoning for our economy arrives?

And a day of reckoning is coming.

Our politicians can try to keep kicking the can down the road for as long as they can, but eventually time will run out.  Just take a look at what is happening in Greece and Spain.  Meanwhile, all of this can kicking is just making the eventual crisis even worse.

We can borrow our way to prosperity for a while, but in the end there is always a very bitter price to pay for doing so.

I would love to tell you that there is a chance that all of this will be turned around, but the truth is that all of this whining and crying about the sequester shows that America is doomed.

I hope that you are getting ready.

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Opening Monologue

Ladies and gentlemen, lots going on today, but I have to lead off with this. It is the most unbelievable story about Michael Vick and how Atlanta is roiled over what has happened. The story is by Jack Wilkinson, and it says here, special to Jack Wilkinson is a guest columnist for He lives in Atlanta. His latest book is “Game of My Life — Atlanta Braves.” And of course it says here it’s in major bookstores now. May I read you some select excerpts from this Sports Illustrated story about Michael Vick and the indictment, the dog fighting and so forth? Quote, “‘I tell you, this is a big scar for the city,’ said Bill McCloskey, manager emeritus at Manuel’s Tavern, the venerable intown bar where politicians, journalists, cops, actors, sports authorities and neighborhood nabobs are either scratching or shaking their heads over the federal indictment of Vick. ‘This,’ McCloskey said, ‘is bigger than Ray Lewis.’” Bigger than Ray Lewis?

May we get serious here for just a second? Whatever Vick’s accused of doing — and, remember, these are just accusations so far. We’ve been here with the Duke lacrosse kids — this amazes me — and I have warned people, all of these indictments, these charges that come down from prosecutors, I have told you, we are inclined as human beings to believe what law enforcement says. They never lie. The Drive-By Media, “Sources close to the investigation say,” blah, blah — and we’ve seen in the Duke lacrosse case and a couple of other high profile examples in the last year or so that some of these charges never pan out. The Duke case ought to have everybody say, wait a second, just wait a second here.

But in Atlanta, this is bigger than Ray Lewis. Now, Ray Lewis had a double murder charge hanging over him after a bar fight or something that happened during the Super Bowl week in Atlanta back in the nineties, and he was on trial for it and he ended up turning state’s evidence against people. He was eventually acquitted or pled out of it, I’m not sure which, but a guy died, a human being died in the Ray Lewis incident, and Ray Lewis, the Baltimore Ravens, Art Modell, the owner, immediately went into action, I love Ray Lewis, Ray Lewis a great guy. Shannon Sharpe was a teammate, tight end, Ray Lewis a great guy, this is all bogus, blah, blah. Everybody surrounded the wagons around Ray Lewis, and he played. He played in that season following all of this. I think his trial was in the spring. He ended up playing.

Vick has been told to stay away from training camp, stay away from everybody, the Falcons were thinking about suspending him for four days, may be cutting him. Nike is going to hold off on the latest Vick sneaker. But to say that this is bigger than Ray Lewis, where a guy died — two people might have been stabbed in that incident. These were dogs in Vick’s case. Here’s another one. Brian Maloof, the proprietor at Manuel’s Tavern, “This is embarrassing to the city. It sure lets us know about Vick’s character. The wrestler? (Chris Benoit) That’s nothing.” That’s in print and it’s in Sports Illustrated. He killed his son; he killed his wife; then he hung himself. He said, “It sure lets us know about Vick’s character. The wrestler, that’s nothing. Don’t get me wrong; that’s not really nothing. There was obviously some mental illness there — the depression — that that man had to suffer from to take your own life, and your wife’s and child’s lives. Even with steroids. But this is almost like some sick Roman bloodsport. It’s just horrible.”

Hunter Maloof, he’s 12 years old, and he’s the son of Brian Maloof. “It’s enough to make Hunter Maloof change his wardrobe, too. ‘I kinda felt like throwing it away when I heard the news,’ said Hunter, 12, Maloof’s son and a rabid Vick fan who’d proudly worn a Falcons jersey bearing Vick’s name and No. 7. No more. ‘There was a picture of that cute little dog on the news, and they killed it ’cause it wouldn’t fight? That’s just evil. I like dogs.’” So you have two instances here, the Ray Lewis situation where a murder took place, and I don’t think we know who actually committed the murder in that situation, but Lewis was in the bar when it happened. It was very controversial, but a human being died. The Chris Benoit situation where three people died, one of the three killed the other two. The story in Sports Illustrated says, “Well, the Vick thing is far worse. It’s just far worse.” Now, can you come up, ladies and gentlemen, in your own minds with a reason why people are thinking this way? After all of these abortions in this country for all of these years since 1973, this Sports Illustrated story — and I think they probably think they’re breaking new ground — this is a testament. This is a illustration to the devaluation of human life that has occurred throughout our culture.

Now, I understand how people are upset with Vick if all this stuff is true. It was cruel to kill these dogs and hang them and electrocute them and this sort of thing. See, animals differ from human beings in the human psyche in that animals represent the essence of innocence, except pit bulls. One of the things that people are leaving out of this is a pit bull is not the essence of innocence. A pit bull is as much a predator as any dog you’re going to have could be. I’m not saying they need to be eliminated or killed, don’t misunderstand. I’m just saying we all have a tendency, we see a picture of animal and go, ooh, essence of innocence, like a baby. We feed pets. They can’t take care of themselves after we’ve domesticated them. They love us, give us unconditional love, how could you treat the essence of innocence that way? All fine and dandy, I understand that psychologically.

But to have a major sports — what have I told you about these sports media? They’re as every bit as liberal as the news Drive-Bys are. To have a story here where Atlanta citizens are quoted as saying the Vick thing is far worse than the Ray Lewis thing, the wrestler thing, “Why, don’t get me wrong, it’s not really nothing, but I mean there was mental depression going on and so forth and so on.” The whole story, and we will link to it at, is just over the top. Atlanta reeling, Vick’s alleged crimes are worse than Ray Lewis and Chris Benoit. Just shows you how human life has been so devalued in our culture.

Are gamers really “old,” fat and sad? – Penny Stocks Company

I just read an article from Reuters entitled, “Average gamer is 35, often overweight and sad: study.” The tease for the article was at another article I was reading and read, “Are gamers old, fat and sad”? From the article:

NEW YORK (Reuters) – Video games might be regarded as an obsession for youngsters but in fact the average player is aged 35, often overweight, introverted and may be depressed, according to a U.S. study.

Researchers from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention looked at the behavior of 552 adults aged between 19 to 90 from the Seattle-Tacoma area.

They found 249 of these, or around 45 percent, were video-game players, with men accounting for 56 percent of these.

The researchers found that the men who played video games weighed more and used the Internet more than other men.

Women who played video games reported greater levels of depression and poorer overall health than non-gamers with researcher James Weaver and his colleagues suggesting video gaming for adults may be a form of “digital self-medication.”

They said women in particular may immerse themselves in brain-engaging digital environments as a means of self-distraction.

First of all, 35 is not that old. And second, what’s wrong with being an introvert? Some of us are introverts, some extroverts, and frankly, I don’t think one is better than the other. Finally, maybe playing video games is better therapy than sitting around ruminating about one’s problems or doing something destructive. Maybe games are one way that introverts can exert some control over their environment. Maybe digital “self-medication” is not such a bad thing. Who is to say playing videos is harmful? Especially after this study showing that games are not related to violence.

Frankly, given the way that our society treats those who are considered “old, “fat” or not as extroverted as others would like, maybe video games are not such a bad idea.

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All The Fruits And Nuts Are At Their Keyboards – Penny Stocks Company

All The Fruits And Nuts Are At Their Keyboards
Got this e-mail from Scarlett Johansson’s “close friend Serge G.” Uh, make that “original Scarlett’s” “close friend Serge G.”:

In a message dated 3/29/09 3:14:07 AM, writes:

IT IS NOT A SPAM, but if you received that message second and plus time JUST CLICK ?DELETE? button and have a nice day. Don’t feel bad, please understand original Scarlett’s family very desperate to shut down that humiliating antichristian “actress” clones line career development.

Hello dear Ladies and Gentlemen! I would like inform you that Scarlett Johansson ?actress? actually is a clone from original person Scarlett Galabekian last name, who has nothing with acting career, surname Galabekian, because of adoption happened in 1992. Clones was created illegally by using stolen biological material. Original person is very nice (not d**n sexy),most important – CHRISTIAN young lady!

I’ll tell you more,those clones (it’s not only one) made in GERMANY – world leader manufacturer of humans clones, it is in Ludwigshafen am Rhein, Rhineland-Palatinate, Mr. Helmut Kohl home town. You can not even imaging the scale of the cloning activity.

But warning! Helmut Kohl clone staff strictly controlling all their clones (at least they trying) spreading around the world, they are very accurate with that, some of them are still NAZI type disciplined and mind controlled clones, so be careful get close with clones you will be controlled as well.

Original person is not happy with those movies, images, video, rumors and etc. spreading on media in that way it would be really nice if we all will try slow down that ”actress” career development, original Scarlett will really appreciated that.

Please remember that original Scarlett’s family did not authorize any activity with stolen biological materials, no matter what form it was created in it was stolen and it is stolen. It all need to be delivered to authorize personals control in Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. Original Scarlett never was engaged, by the way! Her close friend Serge G.


H.R. 534, the Human Cloning Prohibition Act of 2003, was introduced to the U.S. House of Representatives on February 5, 2003. After discussion, it was passed on February 27 by a vote of 241-155. It now moves on to the Senate for consideration.

This bill makes it unlawful for any person or entity to perform or participate in human cloning, or to ship or receive embryos produced by human cloning. The penalties are imprisonment of up to 10 years and fines of $1 million or more.

These now join other nations as diverse as Norway, Australia, and many other countries, which had already added cloning for any purpose to their criminal code. And in Germany where it carries a penalty of five years imprisonment they know a thing or two about unethical science.

Serge, honey, just say the word and we’ll send over the nice men from the…uh…spa.