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Drone USA Inc.


Drone USA, Inc. is the company dealing in research, development, designing, testing, manufacturing, distribution, exploring and integrated UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) systems and the related products. The company gives procurement and logistic services and caters to a wide range of public and government sectors. The company is headquartered in West Haven, Connecticut, United States and was founded in 1972.

Drone USA sells the best drones with the high-end technology and caters different segments in the best way. The company provides excellence in their field with customized designed drone programs for the competitive edge in their industry. The customer needs are immediately catered by the experts and they are given full training for the products and services they are undertaking by the company. The long-term commitment is undertaken with a lot of apprehension by the company experts.


The company majorly works for the following sectors:

  1. Law Enforcement: Police drones are very efficient in keeping the research and rescue, surveillance, crime scene investigations, criminal apprehensions and accident scene mapping.
  2. Search & rescue operations for fire-fighters: The company produces the drones for the location of the exact fire spots, forest fire locations and building operations. The research and rescue also locate the boaters in trouble, swimmers getting in the far direction from shore and troubled swimmers. Even with the search operation, the company aims at providing the rescue equipment to the needy people.
  3. US Industry: In the US industry, drone systems are useful in a variety of segments, including agriculture, construction, engineering, utilities and real estate for different uses.
  4. US Government Sales: The company has been selling products to the US government in the Department of Defense. There is a huge range of the products being offered and the drone training is also provided to the licensed pilots. US government can get help in training, designing drone programs, search & rescue, FEMA activities, surveillance, protection of borders and finding the right drones for different applications.

The company’s 52-week low and high prices are $ 0.0040- $0.2700. The market capitalization of the company is 1.171 M and it is looking for the enhanced funds for a better response. It is recently announced that Howco Distributing Co. (a subsidiary of Drone USA) has been awarded a 2-year contract from the US Government Defense Logistics agency. It is a great move for the company and investors are looking forward to buying the stocks to get better returns over investment.

The CEO Mr Michael Bannon even commented that they are delighted to get this contract and the team has attained this position with strong dedication and hard work. The strength of the company is teamwork and competitiveness which makes it exclusive from the other companies. It is expected that this contract will be renewed after the 2-year term and it will be a benefit for the stockholders and the company’s benefit. The contract with the US government is a great thing by itself and will probably give higher rates to the stock levels.